Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 17 Tearing her clothes open and exposing her t*ts

While Zhao Shuyu was munching on the sweet almond pastry, she also let her fantasy run wild, letting Huo Yikun’s hands slowly massage her chest. Gradually, Zhao Shuyu’s body felt as if Butler Huo’s breaths were turning heavier and heavier. Suddenly, the carriage jolted, and at the same time, she didn’t brace herself, completely leaning against Huo Yikun’s chest.

“It’s no bother, you can lean on me.”

Huo Yikun’s mellow masculine breath sprinkled onto Zhao Shuyu’s ear.

All of a sudden, Zhao Shuyu’s ear turned hot red, while her body also turned a bit limp and numb. She twisted and turned a little out of discomfort, yet the two hands covering her chest suddenly used more strength, firmly binding her in place, leaving her unable to break free.

“If the fourth young lady flails about, then the sweet almond pastry would fall all over your skirt.”


Huo Yikun’s tone was respectful yet cold. Zhao Shuyu merely bowed her head and saw that for who knows when the sweet almond pastry had already crumbled between her fingers and some of the crumbs had fallen on her dress.

At this moment, Huo Yikun extended a hand curtly brushing away the specks on her skirt, then hugging her waist tightly.

Almost immediately, Zhao Shuyu’s butt as well as her lower back closely rested against Huo Yikun’s lower abdomen. She clearly felt that her rump was sitting on a stiff object.

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At that time, she was still saying a few words, pleading with him to turn a blind eye and let her leave through the small gate.


In the next second, a person came in to report that the two boy servants were killed.

His eyes didn’t even blink. His face remained expressionless as he ordered some people to arrange the funeral.

For this reason, in Zhao Shuyu’s heart, Huo Yikun left behind a grim impression that was no less than Zhao Xingyuan.

Zhao Xingyuan was still her eldest brother, who treated outsiders with a serious tone, but he doted on her to an extreme.

But towards her, Butler Huo usually followed a predetermined pattern, handling her according to the rules, not allowing anything that wasn’t allowed. Even if she were the family’s fourth young lady, he still didn’t accommodate her whims just a little bit.

Zhao Shuyu was young when she saw Butler Huo Yikun’s imposing attitude. After he refused her request to go out and play, she didn’t dare bother Huo Yikun after that.

Even when running into each other, they were respectful, not lacking in etiquette.

Yet today, Butler Huo agreed to take time out of his busy schedule and accompany her outside the city to the horse-riding grounds. Although it was under her eldest brother’s orders, Zhao Shuyu’s heart was still extremely delighted.

So, as she was sitting on Butler Huo’s lap while he massaged her chest, she felt a bit shy, but with the thought that Butler Huo and eldest brother both wanted to appease her br*asts, she stopped wriggling around.

“Brother, Brother Huo, you should lighten up a bit-oh.”

A delicate hum, a soft body, a glutinous voice.

Huo Yikun could only feel the solid iron in his crotch. His hands trembled, using force to pull open Zhao Shuyu’s placket from behind and ripping off the goose-yellow undergarment covering Zhao Shuyu’s chest.


Suddenly, two plump and tender milk buds were exposed in the air, and her two small lovely cherry dots rapidly stood erect from the cold air seeping in.

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