Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 16 Helping the Fourth Young Lady massage her chest for treatment

After that day, he became aware of the eldest young master’s and the fourth young lady’s true relationship.

No servants were waiting in the fourth young lady’s courtyard, and it was especially tranquil when entering there at night.

And, every time the eldest young master would go to the fourth young lady’s chambers, he would also bring an incapacitating agent with him, rendering the servant on night duty unconscious.

Then, he would use various methods to make his own younger sister’s body leak out water and indulge in lust.

He had secretly listened through the walls several times, hearing those lascivious yet tender cries as well as those slurping and ramming noises. His mind would incessantly visualize Zhao Shuyu opening her legs, letting her beloved eldest brother pierce her to the point of life and death.


So long as he thought about that scene, his p*nis couldn’t help but ache from being too swollen.

But yesterday, the eldest young master impulsively went to Zhao Shuyu’s courtyard once again, and when the Gao family representative came, while searching for the eldest young master, he heard the nonstop lustful cries from outside the door.

Who would’ve expected that the respected dignified eldest son of the Zhao family would actually lure his own little sister to make love with him.

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  1. https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E5%B2%90%E9%BB%84%E4%B9%8B%E6%9C%AF

When Zhao Shuyu heard this, her face immediately shied away, “Did- did eldest brother tell you this?”


Huo Yikun slightly smiled, answering the question with another question, “Would the fourth young lady want to try it out?”

“Try it?” Zhao Shuyu’s face was red and asked in a small voice.

At this time, Huo Yikun extended his hands and modestly pointed at Zhao Shuyu’s chest, “The Tanzhong, Shenfeng, Tianchu, and Tianxi acupuncture points will greatly reduce the swelling and pain with the help of a massage.”

It was unexpected that Butler Huo comprehended the art of Qihuang, but when Zhao Shuyu heard this, she only half-understood. Thinking that, even if her eldest brother had told Butler Huo about her chest swelling, there was no harm in letting him try.

With this train of thought, Zhao Shuyu lightly nodded her head, but she still was somewhat bashful. Her lovable eyes shyly gazed at Huo Yikun, biting her tender flower lips, “Then- Then Brother Huo should try for the time being.”

Once Zhao Shuyu got the nod of approval, Huo Yikun’s breath sank, proceeding to use his hands to cover up Zhao Xingyuan’s chest.

Through the garments, he covered the not-so-big milk buds, starting to lightly knead them.

Now, Zhao Shuyu was sitting on Zhao Yikun’s(2) left side, her hands still holding the sweet almond pastry. Zhao Hikun rubbed a few times, but his movements weren’t efficient.

  1. The author used Zhao Yikun since Huo Yikun was the adopted son.

With some effort, he held Zhao Shuyu in his lap.

“Hou-Butler Huo?”

Zhao Shuyu was startled from sitting on Huo Yikun’s lap, causing her to wiggle her butt.

Huo Yikun’s hands covered Zhao Shuyu’s chest from behind, “Fourth young lady, don’t be scared, this way, you could continue eating your snacks.”


Zhao Shuyu just blinked her eyes as if there were two points of truth.

Moreover, compared to the carriage’s hard wooden bench, sitting in Butler Huo’s legs was more comfortable. This ride was especially bumpy, and her b*tt was already numb.

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