Chapter 009 The Man Who Broke Into The Car


Li Yiyi screamed from fear and quickly grabbed her clothes to cover her bare body.

“You’re in the wrong car, leave now!”

But, her body shook in an instant, and she finally noticed that the car was already driving away!

“What’s going on? You…”

Li Yiyi looked at the driver and the stranger incredulously.

On the other hand, this man was also looking curiously at her. His eyes were like the expression of an eccentric person who had just found something new and off.

“Are you the boss’s woman who’s here for his long-term use?”

Li Yiyi paused.

Although this person’s words were suave, he also showed their meaning, loud and clear—— Indeed, Fan Mohan spent money paying for her, and she was his long-term c*m dumpster.

In the beginning, Su Qing forced her to accept this job offer with the ulterior motive to easily get Fan Mohan’s sp*rm. But without a doubt, the most important reason was… that this work paid well.

She was short on money.

Her mom’s hospitalization fees and operation fees weren’t a small sum, and just because she was a recent college graduate, the normal jobs she had found didn’t pay well. So for now, she had no choice but to take this side road.

When Li Yiyi was deeply immersed in her train of thought, her body suddenly felt cold. This man had unexpectedly lifted her skirt!

“What are you doing? Give me my clothes back.”

She quickly wanted to get her clothes back but didn’t expect this man to throw her clothes aside, use a hand to spread her legs, and use the other to gently tap on her swollen and bloodied petals.

“Ah… it hurts!” Li Yiyi curled up and shivered in pain.

“Tsk tsk. Boss sure has no sympathy! This worn-out skin is bleeding!” The man regretfully let out a sigh.

With that, he opened his toolbox, which he had conveniently brought with him, and took out a pair of tweezers and a cotton ball.

The tweezers clamped onto the cotton ball and slowly made it inside her hole.

“Ah, what are you doing? Get it out quickly and let go of me!” Li Yiyi drew back in fear.

“Don’t move.” The man unexpectedly held her down, “If you don’t want to be in pain for the next few days like before, you’ll let me clean you up quickly.”

How did he know that she had been in pain for several days now?

Li Yiyi was still a bit alarmed, but her body listened and didn’t resist his touch.

In all honesty, she also knew that her resisting was utterly useless. There was only a narrow space in the back seat, and if a girl like her were to confront a man, what were the odds of success? She didn’t want to jump out of the car and almost die, leaving him to do what he pleased.

“Good. Very good.” Seeing that she was staying still, the man was pleased and nodded his head as he earnestly used the cotton ball to clean out the essence from her flower.

Then, he took out a tube of ointment from his toolbox and applied it to her cave.

His touch was gentle, not even hurting her one bit, especially when he applied the ointment on her entrance, which was faintly painful. She immediately felt a cool sensation while most of the pain faded away.

Li Yiyi was comfortable and slowly relaxed her body.

When he was done, the man grabbed her underwear and carefully put it on her. He then gently covered her with her skirt.

“Okay. After we get back, you need to apply the medicine again a couple of times, and you should be almost good by tomorrow.” The man clapped his hands, his face filling with a sense of accomplishment.

She suddenly realized, didn’t she wrongly accuse him earlier?

“Thank you.” Li Yiyi shyly bit her lip, feeling self-conscious as she said her thanks.

“You’re welcome.” The man raised his head and gave her a dazzling smile.

With such a bright and confident appearance, Li Yiyi’s heart fluttered.

“But who…who are you?”

“Oh. I haven’t introduced myself yet?” The man’s lip immediately spread into a smile, exposing eight pearly white teeth, “My name is Fan Mohuan, and I am a doctor.”

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