Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 081 Taken away by the Fourth Young Master

“Eldest young master!”

Li Yiyi quickly chased after him but was blocked by Secretary Tian.

“Miss Li, something happened in the company just now, the chairman needs to handle it right away.”

“But I…”

At this moment, Fan Mohan had also heard her voice and turned around.


He said a few words on the call before hanging up, his expression looking even more unsightly.

“The matter is a bit urgent, I must leave immediately.”

“Then take me with you!” Out of her own volition, Li Yiyi’s hands wrapped around his arms.

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“There’s no need.”


Fan Mohan refused her opinion without the slightest hesitation. He then turned his head and patted Li Yiyi’s hand, “I’ll have Secretary Tian send you home at once. Don’t be afraid.”

“Okay!” So long as she was able to go back as soon as possible, it would be good. Li Yiyi let her hands go.

Fan Mohan turned around to leave as Secretary Tian raised her head with a smile on, “Miss Li, are you sure you don’t want to sit there anymore? I saw that Miss Yan was interested in you, and many people want to get to know you more!”

“No need, I want to go back.” Li Yiyi shook her head with resolution.

An impostor was an impostor. She was calm in the face of good and bad when Fan Mohan was supporting her earlier. But right now, Fan Mohan was gone… She was scared that someone would see her true origins at a moment’s notice! She couldn’t drag down Fan Mohan’s leg!

Since she insisted on it, Secretary Tian didn’t say anything else.

When Fan Mohan’s car had already left, Secretary Tian brought Li Yiyi out to wait for the car to arrive, and a car suddenly stopped right in front of them.

The car window rolled down, slowly exposing Fan Mowei’s cold face.

A wide pair of sunglasses hung on his face, hiding behind the sunglasses was an icy glare towards Li Yiyi.

“Come here.”

“Fourth young master?”

Li Yiyi drew a blank, while Secretary Tian had already pulled the car door open for her, stuffing her into the front seat.


“Fourth young master, I’ll pass Li Yiyi over to you. I’ll go lend the chairman a hand!”

“Miss Tian, Miss Tian!” Li Yiyi shouted and considered pushing the car door open but didn’t expect that Fan Mowei to already lock the door.

He started the car. “Fasten your seatbelt.”

Seeing the car moving to the main road, Li Yiyi exasperatedly buckled her seatbelt. “Fourth young master, thank you.”

Fan Mowei didn’t acknowledge her, simply concentrating on the road.

Then, Li Yiyi gradually noticed something was amiss——

“This isn’t the way back to the Fan residence!”

“In which ear did you hear me say that I was bringing you back?”

Li Yiyi was alarmed!

However, at the same time, her mind was spinning all over, her consciousness also began to slip.

“Fourth young master, please, could you quickly bring me home? Or else, you, you will definitely regret it!”

“Ah, I’ll definitely regret it if I send you home. Did you really think that I would give you a chance to have you dupe my eldest brother into marrying you?”


“Fourth young master, you’re thinking too much. The eldest young master was only using me to block Miss Yan. There’s no way he would marry me. I also wouldn’t marry him. How about… You let me off the curb and let me fend for myself, okay?”

“Let you go and watch you ask for help from my second and third brothers? You must be dreaming!”

Li Yiyi felt powerless from the bottom of her heart.

After a long while, she then softly opened her mouth, “What do you intend to do with me?”

Fan Mowei shot her an indifferent glance. “What do you think.”

Li Yiyi took the initiative to undo her seatbelt and leaned forward, using her red lips to block his.


Immediately, the car made a sharp break, turning circles along the road, then narrowly stopping at the side of the road.


T/N: This is extremely dangerous!! Please do not distract the driver!!!!

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