Chapter 008 The Young Master Wants You To (Backseat of the Car Play 3)

However, when he heard her cries from enduring the pain and saw her body tightening up, Fan Mohan felt his meat stick being clenched by her small cave, giving him more pleasure in an instant. The soft meat walls inside her passage involuntarily writhed, desperately clinging onto his large c*ck, doing everything it can to swallow it whole, and practically pushing his staff to twist and break.

He comfortably let out muffled groans, and instead of slowing down, his hand’s movements became more forceful than before.

Even while pulling Li Yiyi’s body down, he still actively rocked his waist up, his stick inserting faster into her honey pot and ramming it so hard, making a crisp ‘pa’ sound.

Under these two combinations, Li Yiyi’s legs were flushed red, while his body still rammed up into her, one by one. She immediately cried without letting out a sound, only lifting her neck weakly as she stretched her legs wide. Her hair playfully bounced up and down, and the tears flowing from her eyes were scattered in all directions.

After several hundred thrusts, Fan Mohan’s movements only slowed down a little.

“Have you taken medicine?” He finally asked.

Li Yiyi nodded in a daze. “Took… took it. I’m taking the medicine Uncle San gave me every day.”


The man nodded in satisfaction and immediately began pounding her faster.

She originally thought that he would finally let himself go, but after saying a few words, she didn’t expect him to become more intense, turning more violent compared to before.

Li Yiyi had once again burst into tears.

Her body helplessly moved up and down as the man lifted and pulled her down. Her poor little oyster has long been stretched thin, and the hole’s tender flesh was gradually drawn out by the ruthless thrusts, getting red from the friction.

Her little mouth above couldn’t help but shake uncontrollably as she cried out, “Young master, you’re too fast! I… I can’t anymore… I… Wuu~”

Amid her loud wails, the man thrust into her one last time, and finally, his essence was released, coming inside of her.

When the last drop of essence was shot, Li Yiyi had already gone limp on top of Fan Mohan’s body.

In a foggy state, she could feel the man pick her up and set her aside. He had also covered her with the skirt she had previously thrown away.

The car door abruptly opened, and Fan Mohan went on his merry way.

“Send her back.” The man’s deep voice echoed, and with a thump, the car door was closed.

Li Yiyi did her best to open her eyes. Without knowing it, they had already arrived at the airport.

Oh, she remembered now. Uncle San told her on the way to the car that the young master was promptly going abroad yet again. There was still some time on the way to the airport, so she was called over to make the most out of his time.

“He’s really getting the most out of me!” Li Yiyi slowly got up with a bitter smile on her face.

As soon as she moved, she could instantly feel a warm stream trickling out of her lower body. She lifted her skirt and saw white liquid flowing out of her cave.

Fan Mohan’s s*men.

It was a pity that she didn’t have any test tubes or incubators on her right now. She was now on her way to the Fan residence, and the journey was surely going to take more than 20 minutes, leading this essence to go to waste.

Li Yiyi lowered her eyes and sighed in disappointment.

At this moment, the door in the backseat of the car had suddenly opened.

A slender yet sturdy figure entered the car as if it brazenly didn’t need to ask for anyone’s approval and closed the door, “Old Liu, let’s drive home!”

The series of movements flowed smoothly and were overwhelmingly slick.

Li Yiyi raised her head in astonishment, and it just so happened that she met a pair of charming and slender eyes.

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