Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 070 The Second Young Master’s Gloating

After finishing work, the sleeping Li Yiyi, laying on the sofa, was awakened by Fan Mohan. Her entire body felt weak, and she was so exhausted that she couldn’t open her eyes properly.

But, when she finally opened her eyes after great difficulty, she saw Fan Mohan’s cold, handsome face. In an instant, her spirit quickly turned sharp, compelling her to immediately get up from the sofa.

Her body was already clean, and her clothes were also put on properly.

Did the eldest young master put her clothes on for her?

Li Yiyi’s heart was puzzled, but Fan Mohan, who was originally in front of her, had already turned around and left.


From then on, until returning to the Fan estate, this man only kept a cold and straight face, he didn’t even speak to her, nor did he glance at her!

A spell of iciness radiated from his body, causing her hands to feel numb.

Li Yiyi was sitting beside him, trembling as she felt freezing all over. For the life of her, her heart completely didn’t understand why he had gotten mad by her drawing portraits of Fan Mohuan and Fan Moyi? Could it be that he lacked an artist to make him a portrait?

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Fan Mohuan furrowed his brows, but he immediately pulled Li Yiyi to his room upstairs.


After taking off her clothes and seeing the bright red marks on her body, Fan Mohuan’s heart suddenly ached.

“My pitiful Yiyi.”

He hurriedly pulled her into an embrace and kissed her tenderly before finding an ointment and applying it to her.

As he was applying, Li Yiyi shared the entirety of today’s events with Fan Mohuan.

When he learned that Fan Mohan got upset because of the portraits, Fan Mohuan suddenly stopped moving.

Li Yiyi looked back, “Second young master, don’t you also feel that this is strange? The eldest young master has such a high status. If he wanted a portrait, there would be plenty of great artists and experts to draw him. How could he get upset over such a small matter?”


Fan Mohuan smirked.

“Don’t tell me that all this time, you’ve been using this expression to look at the Eldest?”

“Is my guess wrong?” Li Yiyi blinked her eyes.

Fan Mohuan really couldn’t help it anymore!

He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. He kissed her until Li Yiyi was out of breath before reluctantly letting Yiyi go.


“You guessed correctly! That person’s personality is too extreme! There should be someone to put him in order right now! Serves him right!”

Li Yiyi’s head was in the clouds.

“Second young master, why does it feel like you’ve evaded the question?”


Fan Mohuan couldn’t help but let out a hearty laugh.

He quickly hugged her. “Yiyi, how could you be so cute? The Eldest must definitely be furious at you today! I’m so happy!”

He laughed as he embraced her on the bed, inserting his hand between her legs, “Come on, let me look at your cave. He’s so angry today, he must have bullied you to an extreme?”

“Hnn~~ Second young master, you can already see it clearly!”

Li Yiyi groaned, but she still obediently listened and spread her legs, letting the man’s two long, slender fingers push open her petals, slightly exposing the sore and tight passage inside.

Seeing the petals on the cave’s entrance was still red, touching them lightly, the pitiful flesh shook. It was obvious how ruthless Fan Mohan’s c*ck was when entering her back at the office.

Fan Mohuan’s eyes darkened as his breaths turned heavier.

“Yiyi, you’re so beautiful down here. I want to do it with you.” He said with a husky voice.


With just his words, the tart little cave gushed out a stream of lewd liquid.

Li Yiyi bit her lip. “One time, alright? Any more and I’m afraid I won’t be able to take it.”

“Okay, one time!”

The man hurriedly nodded his head, his nimble fingers explored and aroused the depths of her cave a few times, then quickly heard the sounds of playful water.


An itch spread inside her passage, and Li Yiyi rubbed her legs impatiently.

“Second young master, come in quick! I want you!”


Fan Mohuan immediately responded, aiming his c*ck at her cave. His thick meat stick once again opened the overused cave wide.

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