Chapter 007 The Young Master Wants You To (Backseat of the Car Play 2)

Chapter 007 The Young Master Wants You To (Backseat of the Car Play 2)

“Hnnn, it’s too big!”

The turtle’s head had just entered the hole halfway through before Li Yiyi straightened her calves from the pain.

“Young master, please wait… I… I haven’t prepared myself!”

“Then, get ready now.”

Fan Mohan said in an icy tone and grabbed her slender waist with his hands, using his strength to push her down. Her small entrance was forced open and took him in whole while trembling from the shock.

His staff was already covered in her saliva from her performance earlier, so his pillar was generously lubricated. Now that the tip had broken through the entrance, the lengthy body smoothly penetrated the depths of the small hole through the residual moisture.

After three days of separation, the easily restored meat cavity had been once again expanded by brute force, completely stretching it out in an instant. Li Yiyi felt a sudden wave of searing pain, spreading widely across her whole body. Although the sharp pain she felt now lessened a lot compared to the first time, the pain was still enough for her to experience cold sweat.

As for Fan Mohan, the moment his member had treacherously invaded her hidden cavity, a sense of familiarity came over him, it was the tightness he had yearned so much.

That’s right, this was the feeling!

The small hole was delicate and narrow, but it tightly wrapped around his entire c*ck when it went in. The layers of her soft p*ssy were similar to her as a person, sensitive and bashful, but intentionally or not, her wet walls squeezed on the most sensitive parts of his staff, creating squeezing, licking, and sucking sensations to his sensitive little brother. The stimulation even led him to squint his eyes from pleasure. From his continuous work and his body not getting enough rest for the past three days, he has finally found an outlet for his pent-up stress.

His voice emitted a low moan and used his thin lips to coldly say, “Move on your own.”

Before Li Yiyi could adapt to his size, she had already received her next order.

She didn’t dare refuse these orders and could only grit her teeth as she moved her body up and down. Her miserable little c*nt began swallowing and expelling this excessively bulky life root inside of her.

Because it had already swallowed his jade pillar, her moist honeypot may have remembered his size. As she slid up and down countless times, her wet cave gradually adjusted to his enormousness. Although she still bore an aching pain, the rhythm she was following was entirely up to her, so she slowly felt that it wasn’t that bad.

It was just that… After going up and down for 20 to 30 times, her waist started to get sore and get swollen.

Secretly slowing down a bit, Fan Mohan immediately took his attention away from his documents and looked at her.

Li Yiyi trembled from fear, so she increased her speed at once but was soon utterly defeated.

“Young master, I don’t have any strength left. May I take a break?” She asked, using a quiet voice.

“I don’t have the time to let you rest.” Fan Mohan coldly retorted.

Li Yiyi begrudgingly bit her lower lip and was about to muster her last bit of strength to continue moving, when she heard a light sigh pass by her ears.

Then, two slender yet powerful palms captured her waist and started guiding her up and down.

“Ah… Ah… Ah… It’s too fast! Young master, don’t… Too deep… My belly will be broken…”

When the man moved, he was so much stronger and has a greater range of motion. Her body would often have to arch up high and fall heavily after. In a blink of an eye, she swallowed the whole stick, leaving nothing to be seen on the outside.

His thick rod broke her narrow cave wide open in the shortest time possible. Its head was being ruthlessly rubbed against her twitching walls, and when it was finally pushed until it reached its end, a small bulge protruded out of her stomach.

Li Yiyi burst into tears as she took him whole.

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