Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 066 The Eldest Young Master Felt Jealous

Li Yiyi’s heart ineffably thumped!

Quickly casting a secret glance at Fan Mohan, his calm face didn’t respond.

Fan Mowei was still unwilling to drop it. “Tell me! Tell me clearly! Do you want to marry her? Do you want to marry this woman and bring her home to become Mrs. Fan?”

“Fourth young master, you’re overthinking this. The eldest young master and I only have a working relationship. I know who I am and have never even delusioned myself into wanting to become Mrs. Fan.” Since Fan Mohan wasn’t saying anything, Li Yiyi could only explain herself.

Fan Mowei immediately berated her. “I’m talking to my older brother and you rudely butted in? Who are you to do that?”


Li Yiyi’s body suddenly trembled.

Although Fan Mowei’s attitude towards her wasn’t good from the start, he still restrained himself. But right now, he didn’t hold back the icy looks he gave her. His two eyes were like sharpened knives, unbridledly stabbing her.

Especially with his final words, they were like a thousand deadly knives ferociously stabbing her heart. The chilliness quickly spread through her entire body, making her feel numb and cold all over.

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Wyd Ysbyd bye yzalyeu rskdvle yv vbl zyatl essa, “Nlyhl, yde esd’v ts wr yduxsal.”

“Fs usw’al pyukdt vbyv clvolld xl yde bla, usw oswze nbsspl bla?” G pdlla pweeldzu lxlatle qasx vbl nsadlap sq Wyd Ysolk’p zkrp.

“Zlp.” Wyd Ysbyd dseele bkp blye.

He unexpectedly admitted to it? Moreover, he also admitted it in such a decisive way!


Li Yiyi grew stunned as Fan Mowei’s face was shrouded by a layer of frost.

“Fine, I got it.”

He uttered these words coldly as he turned his head and walked out.

In the following days, he really didn’t appear in front of Li Yiyi again.

Hearing from Fan Moyi, he moved out of the Fan house. Coupled with the fact that he was also taking an internship in the Fan family right now, he was busy enough. So long as they diligently avoided each other, they would surely never see each other again.

Not seeing him was also fine. Li Yiyi quietly heaved a sigh.

Fan Mowei abhorred her. Actually, she also loathed her current self.

Especially when Fan Mohuan and Fan Moyi treated her so well. Although Fan Mohan was cold, he had never broken a promise with her. In the end, she enjoyed the benefits they gave her, but she also carried a secret motive… Speaking from the heart, Li Yiyi was internally conflicted.

There were several times where she almost wanted to tell them the truth!

But, when the words were about to reach her lips, she couldn’t say them.

Her heart was full of melancholy, and she couldn’t vent it out. She could only bury herself in her drawings, putting all her chaotic emotions into her art.

Ever since she was young, her drawings were the best way for her to express her emotions and were her only way of doing so without spending much money.


Now, she was following Fan Mohan. Every time he had a meeting, she would wait for him in his office, bored out of her mind, so she unwittingly grabbed a pen and paper and started to draw.

It was the same today.

But, as she immersed in a world of her own, free from everything, a muffled sound suddenly reached her ears——

“Are you drawing the Third?”

Li Yiyi was so frightened that the pencil fell out of her hand!

She quickly lifted her head, where she discovered that Fan Mohan had already come back for who knew how long. But, because she was so engrossed in her drawing, she didn’t have a clue!

“Eldest young master!”

She stood up at once, but Fan Mohan had directly taken the sketchbook in her hand.

He flipped through the pages, and the more he browsed through them, the more his expression turned dangerous.

Li Yiyi saw his eyes and couldn’t help but start shivering.

When he reached the last page, Fan Mohan closed the notebook, and the violent storm brewing in his eyes was about to surge forth.

“It’s all the Second and the Third, eh?”



At first, she assumed that he was going to reprimand her for not doing her work properly, that she was absent-minded when serving him, but she didn’t expect that he’d pay focus on this?

Li Yiyi blankly stared from her place, not knowing what to say after a little while.

Fan Mohan continued to say, “The Second has ten, and the Third has seven. Other than them, these were random objects… Do I not deserve to be in your drawings?”

“Eldest young master, I…”

“Strip.” The man suddenly changed the topic.

Although Li Yiyi was a little reluctant, she still obediently undid her buttons.

At this moment, the intercom suddenly rang.

“Chairman, the call will begin in five minutes. I’ve already sent the relevant materials via email. Please take a look at them in advance.” Secretary Tian’s voice rang through.

“Got it.” Fan Mohan replied coldly. He then hung up the phone and opened his email.

But, at the same time, he glared at Li Yiyi——

“Didn’t you hear me? Strip, strip for me right now!”



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