Chapter 006 The Young Master Wants You To (Backseat of the Car Play)

She leaned against the wall for a long time to take a rest. She then slowly opened her eyes again and immediately walked over to the payment counter to pay for her mom’s recent medical fees as well as her other medical bills in advance. She went off to see her mother and chatted with her for a while before returning to the Fan estate.

Fan Mohan did not come back that night.

She heard from Uncle San that he went abroad.

This meant that she didn’t need to wait on the man’s hand and foot this evening.

This was great! Li Yiyi felt her entire body loosen up.

For the following three days, Fan Mohan didn’t come home.

Li Yiyi almost forgot about the man’s existence as her body slowly recovered to its previous state. In a flash, it was already the afternoon of the third day. At that moment, she was busy drawing in the room next to Fan Mohan’s bedroom when Uncle San abruptly opened the door and came in.

“Yiyi, the master is looking for you.”

Li Yiyi didn’t have the time to tremble and was already pulled away by Uncle San, who immediately stuffed her inside a car.

With a loud bang, the car door was shut closed. Li Yiyi lifted her head and saw the man, who had been the main lead of her nightmares for the past three days, quietly sitting next to her.

He wore a nice Western-style suit and the combed and neat hair was trimmed shorter at the back, giving him an eminent and steadfast appearance.

The sharp contours of his face, his thick black eyebrows, those slightly sunken eyes, that tall nose, and his thin lips pursed into a straight line… In all fairness, this man was incredibly handsome. But even as he sat there motionlessly looking over documents, a chilling air emanated from his body that made people not dare to look at him, let alone pay attention to his good looks.

Li Yiyi secretly caught a glimpse. She then lowered her head and voiced out, “Young master.”

Fan Mohan’s gaze was still fixated in his documents with thin lips. “Quickly, I need you to hurry.”

“Huh?” Li Yiyi didn’t have a clue by what he meant.

Fan Mohan immediately placed his files aside and coldly and sternly gave a side glance to her. “Do you want me to rip your clothes off?”

“No! No need!”

Li Yiyi shook her head right away. She obediently took off her skirt, undid her bra, and slipped out of her panties. She then reached out to remove Fan Mohan’s Western suit and pulled off his underwear, letting loose his tired manroot, which was previously tucked away.

As of the moment, his meat stick was still in a semi-soft state, but the size was good enough.

If she had waited for it to fully grow… Li Yiyi’s hole between her legs would experience inexplicable tearing once again.

“Hurry up.”

The man’s ice-cold voice pierced through, bringing out a bit of impatience.

Li Yiyi suddenly didn’t dare to ponder much more. She sucked a breath and closed her eyes shut as she swallowed the man’s tip, starting to suck and lick it gently.

Just like eating a lollipop. That’s right, right now, I’m eating a lollipop… She incessantly told herself this, over and over again. The tip of her small tongue continued to massage the man’s smaller head.

Fan Mohan looked down and stared at the girl who was between his legs, cautiously working hard. A hum escaped his lips.

Her technique was an utter mess. With one look, it was evident that she was lacking in experience just like a young bird.

However, this mouth was indeed small. While his pillar wasn’t fully hard, her mouth was already full and the corners of her mouth were stretched thin.

Her soft and flexible tongue was akin to a soft feather, and from time to time, it gently swept across his python’s eye, exciting him from head to toe and almost causing him to finish several times.

He couldn’t help but remember the feeling of the moist layers that had tightly wrapped around him three nights ago when he had buried his rod deep into her tight p*ssy.

Thinking about this, his eyes suddenly darkened and his jade stick turned hard and swollen.

He was never the one to treat himself badly.

So, with this in mind, he lifted the dainty woman and guided her legs apart. He then positioned his firm root in front of her small hole and forced his erect c*ck inside.

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