Chapter 005 The Illegitimate Daughter

This was an emergency contraceptive pill, it was clearly shown in the packaging.

Li Yiyi remembered that last night, Fan Mohan came inside of her at least twice!

She was at risk from yesterday’s events.

Her heart turned cold and she quickly took the bill with one giant gulp.

Uncle San watched her with a satisfied expression on his face. He then went away and returned, handing over a card to her, “Inside this is 50,000 Yen, which is your monthly salary. As for your other benefits, I’ll get them to you as soon as I can.”

“Thank you, Uncle San!” Li Yiyi quickly received the ATM card, “Then Uncle San, is it okay if I take an hour off? I want to visit my mom at the hospital and pay for her medical fees on the way there.”

“No problem. It’s clearly written on the contract that all you need to do is serve the young master. Since the young master isn’t here right now, you’re free to do as you choose,” Uncle San bobbed his head as he said this.

Li Yiyi promptly thanked him, grabbed the card, and beelined straight to the hospital.

As she rushed to the hospital and entered the inpatient unit, a hand suddenly reached out and dragged her to the stairwell.

“Big sister!” Li Yiyi blurted out as soon as she saw the beautiful face in front of her.

“Shut up! You’re a personal maid, how do you even qualify to be my sister?” Su Qing forcefully pushed her away.

Li Yiyi clashed against the wall from the abrupt force then grunted in pain.

Su Qing slightly squinted her eyes and sneered harshly. “Little sl*t, there aren’t any men here, who are you showing off this weak little act for?”

Li Yiyi clenched her fists tightly and stood firmly on her feet, “I’m sorry, miss. I was wrong.”

Su Qing nodded her head in satisfaction. “Alright. Talk, what happened?”

“I… succeeded. I passed the Fan Family’s final interview and last night, Fan Mohan was pleased with me, so I became his personal maid that stays by his side.” Li Yiyi gingerly said, “So, you should feel at ease. Although I failed last night, I had the chance to get his sperm.”

“Frankly speaking, you’ve already slept with Fan Mohan last night?” Su Qing’s expression was cold as ice.

Her eyes were glaring daggers as she studied the uneasy Li Yiyi from head to toe, but in the end, she just nodded. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“How many times did you f*ck each other? Did he come inside you?”

“Sis… No, miss. I’ve already taken a contraceptive.” Li Yiyi politely answered.

Su Qing’s eyes immediately became more like daggers as if her eyes were about to poke holes in her body.

“Ah, I pegged you to be a little self-aware. Li Yiyi, you’d best know your place. You’re just an insolent illegitimate child. The Su family doesn’t want you, and no good man would ever will. I gave you a chance this time. Help me get Fan Mohan’s sperm so I could get pregnant with Fan Mohan’s child and marry into the Fan family, becoming the lady of the house. Then, I would agree to have your mother’s rotting corpse be buried in our Fan family’s ancestral tomb. But, if you can’t even do this right, then don’t blame me for being cruel and leaving your mother without a body!” 

Li Yiyi nodded at once. “I know. Miss, please rest assured, I’ll definitely do good.”

“You better be smart!” Su Qing snorted coldly,  “Also, don’t think you can marry Fan Mohan just because you’ve wh*red around with him a few times. The honorable Fan family name is not something a b*stard daughter like you can get into!”

“I know. It never crossed my mind.” Li Yiyi shook her head.

“It would be best for you to bear these words to mind!” Su Qing coldly left at once, carrying her purse as she went away.

Li Yiyi finally released a breath of relief. She helplessly leaned against the wall and closed her eyes to catch her breath.

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