Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 048 You Need to be F*cked Again to be Disciplined

Her legs had barely landed on the ground when Li Yiyi discovered that it wasn’t only Fan Mohuan who had returned. A 20-year-old boy also stood beside him.

“Second brother, little brother, you’ve returned!”

The warm and fragrant jade had suddenly disappeared from his hold, so Fan Moyi wasn’t too happy! But as he raised his head and saw the two people standing by the door, his mouth quickly perked up into a nice smile.

Fan Mohuan nodded his head in acknowledgment, “Little Wei is on summer vacation, so the boss told him to come back here to experience life in the Fan family.”

“Really? Then, younger brother, you should work hard. The Fan family is depending on you and our eldest brother!” Fan Moyi gave a lighthearted laugh, nodding his head, conveniently reaching out his hand to seize Li Yiyi’s waist.

Li Yiyi’s body slightly trembled.

“Yiyi, what happened? Are you cold?” Fan Moyi asked in the next second.

Li Yiyi shook her head. “It’s nothing. But third young master, didn’t you say that your practice room needed to be put in order? I’ll go there first to tidy things up, while you brothers have a good talk!”

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“Xjyu!” Wyd Ysolk nwazle wr bkp zkrp yde vbalo xyvvlap nsdnladkdt Nk Zkuk yv vbl cynj sq bkp xkde.

Li Yiyi practically fled from the second young master’s presence.

She also didn’t know why.

Obviously, from his appearance until her departure, he didn’t say anything. Even with her standing across his sight, he still cast her a faint smile, just as in the past, gentle and refined. However, her little heart swayed, suddenly feeling a sense of embarrassment like being caught in bed.

She was so scared of this feeling that she bolted.

Beelining straight to Fan Moyi’s practice room, she sat on the ground. Before her eyes as well as the top of her head, mirrors were all around, reflecting countless images of herself, making her unexpectedly let out a silent laugh.

“Li Yiyi, do you think you’re important? The second young master has been gone for a long time and showed no interest in you. He didn’t even do anything when he came back. This would mean that the time we slept together was just an accident and that he had already forgotten about it. It’s only you who remembered what happened and even hope that he’ll say something to you. But, what’s left for him to say? You already have the third young master’s warmth, is that still not enough?” 

However, why was it that when she was admonishing herself, she still felt a sour taste in her heart?

Li Yiyi found that she must have been becoming more and more unreasonable.

Just as her head was indulging in her flights of fancy, a creaking noise could be abruptly heard, and a person entered the practice room.

“Third young master!”

Li Yiyi stood up at once and saw that the person who had entered wasn’t Fan Moyi but Fan Mohuan!

Her expression transformed with fear, subconsciously wanting to turn around and run away!

But at once, Fan Mohuan hugged her.

Gracefully drawing this woman closer to him, his hands reached down to her waist and pinched it, “Why are you so thin? Didn’t the Third take care of you these last few days?”

Li Yiyi paused. “Second young master, please let go of me! This matter between us has already passed.”

As her voice fell, a burst of coldness suddenly pervaded her back, effectively making Li Yiyi feel ice-cold all over.

Immediately afterward, she was turned over and pressed against the mirror behind her.

Fan Mohuan exploited his strength and pressed against her body, their faces so close, almost touching.

And, the man’s gentle face was finally drizzled with a layer of icy frost.

“Little Yiyi, I see that each day that we’re apart, your small temper would become a bit more fiery. Tell me, is it because I didn’t f*ck you to obedience last time, or you need to be f*cked again to be disciplined, so you deliberately seduced me to come and f*ck you?”

“If it’s the latter, then I’ll satisfy you right now!”


T/N: Wuuuu, the second young master is back!!! Also, what do you think the fourth young master will be like?

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