Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 047 Playing with the Third Young Master (Play)

The shaking from Fan Moyi’s body was obvious.

“Yiyi, what are you doing?”

“Third young master, I still feel unwell down there, so I’ll use my hands to help you settle, alright?” Li Yiyi lifted her head and gazed at him with innocent eyes, but down below, she was gripping his c*ck with her small hand, already starting to move up and down.

Towards her lovely yet pitiful appearance and along with her hand’s sliding motion on his staff, Fan Moyi’s excited blood spread from head to toe.

“Okay, whatever you say is fine! But, can you move faster and use more strength? It’s still not enough!”

Li Yiyi playfully bit her lip as she dug deeper inside the quilt, opening her mouth to lick and suck on his turtle’s head a few times. With a lot of effort, she shoved his d*ck into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his staff and causing it to become dripping wet. Both her hands then continued going back and forth.

“Wuuu, so good! Yiyi, Yiyi…”

Fan Moyi’s eyes narrowed from the pleasurable feeling as he incessantly called out her name.

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“No, stay with me for a while, and after, let’s wash together.” Fan Moyi let out a light groan, still tightly holding her, the two sharing a rare intimate moment.

Li Yiyi sighed and could only say, “Don’t stain the blanket and bed sheet.”

“Got it!” Fan Moyi cheerily nodded his head and hugged her continually.

Experiencing enough affection, he then calmly pulled off the blanket and carried Li Yiyi to the bathroom, thoroughly washing away the essence on their chests.

As they were bathing, the two people’s bare bodies were in constant friction, causing Fan Moyi’s little brother to stand right up.

“Yiyi, it seems that once isn’t enough. Could you do it to me one more time?” He asked Li Yiyi in a sullen demeanor.

Li Yiyi laughed heartily. “Of course I can!”

Fan Moyi’s eyes instantly lit up, and he gave her another hug!

Hence, the two people’s naked bodies were once again embroiled in the bathroom, their lustful gasps filling the air.

In the next few days, Li Yiyi was forced to stay in Fan Moyi’s room.

“You haven’t completely recovered yet, and by no means will I let you fall into his hands and toss you from side to side!” He declared honorably.

In the end, this man, who repeatedly claimed to protect her, couldn’t help but get h*rny every time he ran into her. Yet, he couldn’t control himself from touching her!

As long as Fan Moyi was home, he needed to be at Li Yiyi’s side, guarding her, the two even slept close to each other.

So… During these past few days, he would use Li Yiyi’s hands, mouth, and the small hole at the base of her thighs to relieve himself for who knew how many times.

Gradually, the two’s relationship got better.

So much so that one morning, the two went down to have a meal. Li Yiyi drank her milk in huge gulps and had consequently gotten a milk mustache from the excess, so she quickly extended her tongue to lick it clean.

The cute pink tongue lightly touched the corner of her mouth, then speedily returning to its home, and the young woman’s face promptly exposed a satisfied smile.

Fan Moyi took it all in. His expression abruptly turned dark as his nether region became stiffer.

The scene was more than he could bear, so he pulled Li Yiyi to his lap and gave her a deep kiss.

Before Li Yiyi could process what was going on, she was already caught in his borderless passion.

The two people made out, producing sounds of water, and totally oblivious to the noises of the door opening and closing.

“Second young master, you’ve returned!” Aunt Liu suddenly shouted from the kitchen.

In response, Li Yiyi immediately jumped and pushed Fan Moyi away!


T/N: Fan Moyi is such a cutie! When I was first translating this chapter, I thought that he was going to mast*rbate by himself with Li Yiyi whispering sweet words into his ear while also teasing him, but oh well… Maybe there’s going to be a chapter like that in the future HAHAHA

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