Young Masters’ Little Maid

Chapter 041 Provoking the Eldest Young Master (Eldest Young Master is Jealous Play)

The third young master!

The misty spirit Li Yiyi had suddenly roused, sobering her up.

“Not going to scream anymore?”

Fan Mohan’s face was painted with disappointment when he saw her tightly biting her lips, completely intending to not make a sound.

A big palm swiftly hovered over to the place where the two were joined, and his fingertips eagerly rubbed Li Yiyi’s sensitive petals several times.


A low moan escaped her tightly sewn mouth, but she still determinedly gritted her teeth to not make a sound.

A dark shadow was immediately cast on Fan Mohan’s face.

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Xdl, vos, vball…

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Ekvb pwnb kdvldpl yde okze pvkxwzyvksd, pbl cypknyzzu nswzed’v dsv ulzz swv qasx vbl czkpp!

“Scream, come on scream. Little girl, look, it’s obvious that you already can’t handle it anymore.”

The man, who used his c*ck and his hands to wreak havoc onto her body, revealed an evil smirk. He even went as far as to lean down to her side and lightly blow against her ear.

Of course, it was extremely difficult to suppress the body’s senses, so as a result, this man, who bore a resemblance to Satan himself, continued to entice her. Li Yiyi’s heart violently trembled as the inside of her cave was running with her liquid, rushing out of her.

She knew that she was about to reach climax, and she couldn’t hold on any longer.

However, she still didn’t want him to get away with his sneaky ruse!

This man was so devious, she loathed him!

She raised her heavy head, and his cold smile greeted her eyes, causing her to spontaneously embrace his neck. Her upper body stuck closely to his, while her cherry red lips also stuck to his on their own accord.

In a blink of an eye, the brink of her climax was fast approaching, so she spent a great deal of effort to force her small tongue into the man’s mouth, nipping the tip of his tongue with her teeth and using the man’s lips as a way to block the screams that were about to escape her lips.


A sudden yet sharp twinge of pain spread from his tongue. Fan Mohan’s dreams never would have imagined that this little woman would become this bold!

By only wanting her to scream and nothing more, she unexpectedly fought him until this extent. So much so that she also started attacking him?


The pain he felt from the tip of his tongue made his heart abruptly beat more quickly, his mood unexpectedly turning into high spirits.

This little woman… was more interesting to him now than when she first started!

He was even more fascinated by her and even more eager to f*ck her to tears!

Pushing this stubborn woman to swallow her pride and make her beg him to f*ck her to death, thinking about these matters felt fulfilling.

After speedily concocting his plan, the man’s hand pressed against the back of her head, and while turning his passive self into an aggressive one, he started to tangle with her tongue. He even let the blood from the tip of his tongue pass through her mouth, resulting in the two people’s bodily fluids mixing together.

Then, he propped his hands on her round buttocks and suddenly carried her up!

Li Yiyi quivered from the action and subconsciously wrapped her arms and legs firmly around the man’s body.

Fan Mohan carried her away from the desk and pressed her against the nearby wall, his c*ck starting to madly strike her.

At the same time, his lips and tongue were still inexplicably tangled with Li Yiyi’s. After his palm steadied her against the wall, it once again captured her pearl playing with it more energetically than the last.


It hurts!

It hurts so bad!!!

Yet, amid her discomfort, there was also an indescribable sense of relief that followed with it.

The exhausted body that had just reached its peak simply didn’t have time to recover at all and was sent into another one by the man.

Li Yiyi’s delicate body was resisting this torrential high in its entirety. Her body shook uncontrollably as she wanted to yell at the top of her lungs!

However, the man obstructed her lips with evil intentions, continuing to French kiss her and forcing the scream stuck on her throat to go back down again, leading her to not make a single sound.

The pleasure was still rapidly accumulating, but with no way to vent it out, Li Yiyi’s body quickly became taut like a large drawn bow. She began to shudder as if her life depended on it as tears flowed across her face. 

She was wrong.

How did she ever think that her small thoughts could be able to withstand his power? For this man, these futile resistances of hers were similar to ant bites, they did not affect him at all.

But, since this man had a firm resolution to teach her a lesson, she only had one fate——which was to live a life that was worse than death!

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