Chapter 004 The Young Maid Had Just Barely Taken Office

The next day, when Li Yiyi groggily opened her eyes, she discovered that she was resting on a soft and large bed.

After moving her body a little, an aching sensation immediately swept over her entire body, causing her to moan in pain.

Especially between her legs, it simply felt like a knife had entered her hole and was stirring around for quite some time. Her slightest movement would result in tremendous pain that could turn the sky and earth upside down, leading Li Yiyi’s tears to flow right out.

All of a sudden, last night’s affairs had flashed through her mind and she remembered—— Yesterday, she faced her final interview at the Fan family’s mansion and successfully became the personal maid of the Fan family’s eldest son, Fan Mohan.

A personal maid, as the title implies, took care of Fan Mohan’s every need. Anything that Fan Mohan wants, she must immediately satisfy, including those of sexual nature.

She was already well aware of this when she set foot on the Fan household. But, never in her wildest dreams did she think that when she entered the Fan’s mansion yesterday, saw Fan Mohan for the first time, and introduced herself that this man would immediately pounce on her, ferociously tearing away her clothes and pressing her against the bed, directly inserting himself in!

At that moment, she almost thought she was going to die under him.

She didn’t know how long the man had kept her in the bathroom last night. The last thing she remembered was her temporarily kneeling on the bathroom floor. The man pounded her from behind as his c*ck was incessantly coming in and out of her. No matter how much she wailed for mercy, he did not stop to take a rest. After that, she lost consciousness.

That man…

She couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of the ice-cold yet physically powerful man.

If she had known that she would be serving this kind of person from the start, maybe she shouldn’t have impulsively said yes in the first place.

Ding Ding Ding…

The phone on top of the bedside suddenly rang, so with great difficulty, Li Yiyi reached for it amid the pain. She pressed on the call button and immediately heard roars of the ocean from the other end of the phone, “Li Yiyi, where the hell have you been? What’s the progress on what I asked you to do?”

Oh right!

Li Yiyi immediately recalled something and quickly jumped out of bed. She staggered to the bathroom and opened the cabinet underneath the sink. Her heart dropped.

“It’s ruined. I forgot to store the test tube in the refrigerator last night. Now, it’s been far more than 20 minutes and the sperm can’t be used anymore.” She mumbled softly to herself.

Her gentle voice got through the other side of the call, and the voice of the woman from the other side became fierce in a blink of an eye.

“You really climbed in Master Fan’s bed? Li Yiyi, get your *ss over here now! Quickly! Or else, your mother’s bones will turn into ashes!”

Du Du Du…

After these words, the person hung up.

Li Yiyi weakly dropped her hands, but she still slowly supported her sore body to help herself up. She then put on her clothes and disappointedly walked out of the room.

Every step she took felt like a stab of a sharp knife. Not only did her body ache with pain, but her legs also felt as if they were torn apart.

“Are you up?”

As soon as she reached the door, an old-sounding voice rang from the side.

Li Yiyi hurriedly turned around and saw that it was the housekeeper of the Fan family, Uncle San.

She bowed her head with respect, “Hello, Uncle San.”

Uncle San nodded in reply. “The young master was satisfied with your performance last night. From now on, you can officially stay with him and serve him well.”

“Really? That’s great!” Li Yiyi’s mood became somewhat better, “Then… Uncle San, is it possible for me to get an advance on this month’s salary?”

“Of course.” Uncle San replied with a cheerful smile and a small nod, but he also took out an unknown pill, “But take this first.”

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