Chapter 003 Being Forced By The Young Master (Bathroom Play 2)

She also tried to actively contract her small cave, leading her meat walls to tighten up once again. Her cavity sucked on his staff, forcing the man into early ej*culation.

She picked the right move.

Her tight and narrow cavity had never before been this terribly invaded by a foreign object. The man’s pillar was excessively thick, so every time he thrusted into her, it proved to be difficult. Just this simple pounding was already immensely pleasurable, but the man solely relied on his strong willpower to prevent himself from coming too early.

The place was truly warm and comfortable, so he wanted to plunge himself in a little longer.

Nowadays, even if the pressure increased by only a small amount, the high it brought was not only doubled over, but it also accumulated to tens and hundreds of times!

As a result, when Li Yiyi took it upon herself to clench her core, the man’s staff was completely encircled, passing on immense ecstasy in a flash, while the sudden burst of stimulation went straight to his head.

He couldn’t help but increase the force he used, desperately pounding on the tightening passage ahead.

“Woohhh~ It’s too much, gentler… Please….” Li Yiyi’s body went limp from head to toe as her moist honey pot involuntarily squeezed him once again.

But, how could the man back down?

He gritted his teeth and violently rammed himself to the deepest parts of her abyss for nearly a hundred times before he finally relaxed and let his fountain open, spitting out a stream of thick liquid.

“Ah. You, you shot it inside!”

The tepid liquid coated her sensitive walls, while Li Yiyi shook uncontrollably and brought about sobbing sounds. 

“D*mn it!”

The man also realized it far too late. He didn’t have enough time to pull himself out before he came!

His face sank as he quickly withdrew his manhood.

Without the man’s support, Li Yiyi could only weakly lean against the wall for stability. Between her opened legs was his essence, slowly flowing out and gathering into a small puddle.

She got up at once with her hands and feet and immediately grabbed the showerhead to wash her hole.

After getting out as much as she could, she was finally able to wash her passage clean of the semen that easily got inside and heaved a breath of relief.

After relaxing for a bit, she instantly sensed—— two hungry wolf eyes staring straight at her!

She turned around quickly and met the man’s unrestrained and deep gaze from behind her.

Then, she watched the man stride forward, and as he walked towards her, he ruthlessly ripped off his shirt and threw away his tie, plainly exposing his strapping chest.

Along with him walking over, the fierce member had once again reared its massive head between his legs, his blood pumping, and making it bigger. Its blue veins popped out in anger from all around and the python’s red head swayed from side to side as if it were saying that it was about to break through the clouds and destroy everything in its path!

Her p*ssy still hadn’t recovered yet, but it started to ache dully.

Li Yiyi quickly drew back from fear. “Young Master, you… I…”

“I still want to do it.”

The man heavily spat out those six words and pressed her against the wall one more time. His c*ck was yet again pressed against her entrance. Regardless of her weak cries and her flailing legs, he viciously submerged himself into her body.

“Woo …… ah!”

Pa Pa Pa!

Soon, the loud slaps of flesh echoed in the bathroom along with the girl’s weak and soft sobs of mercy.

Through the translucent bathroom glass, if a person were to stand inside the bedroom, he would clearly see a dainty woman held by a robust man and being pushed against the wall by unrestrained force. He was wantonly plunging into her while she could only helplessly spread her legs apart, voicing out soft whimpers and letting the man’s thick c*ck do whatever it wants with her wet cave.

This scene continued until late at night.

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