Chapter 002 Being Forced By The Young Master (Bathroom Play)

“Hnnnn… It hurts!”

Her narrow passage was forcefully pried once again. Li Yiyi’s body grew rigid from the pain as two teardrops escaped the corners of her eyes.

Although she was already stretched out once earlier, her tight hole was undergoing the same excruciating pain she experienced for the second time. She still felt as if her body was about to rip in half, trembling from the pain surging forth her entire body.

However, after the man had invaded her cave with his giant staff, her small hole immediately started to wrap tightly around the member, too excessively.

Her passage trembled and began to tense the moment the foreign object entered her, trying to push this enormous thing out.

The unparalleled tightness led to a wave of pleasure rushing to his head, causing the man to let out a husky growl.

He couldn’t help it anymore, so he swiftly pulled out his member at once and slowly inserted himself again, inch by inch.

“Hnnn… It’s too big… I’m about to burst… I’m too full. It’s too much…”

Li Yiyi let out soft whimpers as she endured this suffering. Her tears kept falling like luminescent pearls on a broken string.

The woman’s painful cries, as well as her slightly quivering body, were exceptional aphrodisiacs, inciting the man’s blood to pump from excitement. Not to mention, the constant stimulation he got from moving in and out of her twitching walls as if they were trying to squeeze out all the sperm inside him.

It’s too good!

A layer of hot sweat slowly seeped through the man’s forehead.

He immediately increased the force of his thrusts. His manhood rapidly slid in and out of her cave, forcibly penetrating the wet hole to its deepest parts, countless times.

“Ahhh… Slow down, softer… Too much… I’m going to be pierced through!”

The meat stick wreaking havoc inside of her was far too thick and far too long. Li Yiyi felt her stomach being repeatedly punctured by it, so she subconsciously wanted to reach out her hand and push the rough man away.

But the man grabbed her softness and pressed her against the cold wall behind him.

“Don’t forget your place.”

As the man’s low and deep voice loomed into her ears, Li Yiyi’s body stopped moving, instantly giving up her struggling and letting this ferocious man do whatever he wanted with her body.

Without any hindrance, the man’s thrusts became more and more unrestrained. The squeezing of her soft cavity brought about immense pleasure over and over again.

Tak tak tak!

The showerhead above them was continuously spraying water onto their bodies. The water droplets fell onto the two’s bodies as the narrow shower cubicle was completely covered in mist, making the scene hazy.

She also didn’t know if it were her body starting to adjust to the man’s size or the drops of water had slowly entered her body, but Li Yiyi’s originally rigid body had turned softer. Even though her moist flower had ached with pain, the ripping pain had gradually declined.


Pa Pa Pa! Pa Pa Pa!

The firm meat stick didn’t stop drilling her small hole, reaching deeper and deeper with every thrust and pounding even harder. Li Yiyi’s body shook and slowly became pink as the stream of tears in her eyes never ended.

For how long has he been in me? It should be at least 10 minutes? He hasn’t shown any signs of softening. Instead, he viciously slammed into her deepest parts again and again.

His rough and burning head grinded against her flower core. Not to mention, the tingling sensation the coarse pubic hairs from the base of his staff had given her when they rubbed against her sensitive petals every time she was penetrated.

The pain she felt almost led her to tears.

If this continues, she would’ve already dropped dead against this man’s body before she had completed her mission. Li Yiyi fell into despair.

However, when she thought about her mother and thought about that matter, she reluctantly clenched her teeth and got a grip of herself, slowly lifting her weak and slender legs to the man’s firm and sturdy waist.

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