Chapter 017 The Third Young Master Came In Quickly (Inviting Play)

Since earlier, Li Yiyi’s body has already felt weak from this man’s unending and violent thrusts. Besides letting out weak and soft cries, she basically couldn’t do anything else.

She was now at Fan Moyi’s mercy.

After pushing her butt higher, Fan Moyi’s pounding became more convenient and more fierce.

Despite this position not being as deep as before, enjoying her soft buttocks gave him more pleasure. Fan Moyi was quickly absorbed in his actions, and the more he plunged himself in, the more force he exerted.

Pa pa pa!

The clear and crisp sounds of their bodies pounding together echoed in the narrow bathroom stall. The man’s tight lower area incessantly rammed into the girl’s plump bottom, making her buttocks turn red from his efforts.

And because of Fan Moyi’s excitement, his brown pearls were almost the size of two clenched fists. His balls were hard and occasionally hit her sensitive petals as he continued to ram her back. The sounds of his thrusts and their skin slapping layered above each other as if becoming even clearer.

The previously satisfied python’s hardness was not the slightest bit smaller. On the contrary, its endurance was even greater than before.

Li Yiyi could feel his meat stick sliding in and out of her flower to no end, not knowing how many times he had inserted himself in anymore. Her lower mouth started to turn sore, but towards the end, the unwanted feeling gradually faded away, leaving her numb. But, the man was still making ‘pa pa pa’ sounds with no indication of stopping.

How long could he keep doing it in this position? It’s been at least half an hour!

Her waist was aching.

“Third young master, aren’t you tired?” Li Yiyi couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m not tired!” Fan Moyi shook his head in great spirits while he kept vigorously thrusting.

“Then, your waist isn’t sore?”

When he heard these words, Fan Moyi quickly exposed a smile. “You’re asking the right person with that question. My waist has always been good. Even if I perform three successive one-hour ballets, it won’t be a problem!”

Li Yiyi suddenly wanted to cry.

How could she forget? This man was a dancer! Could an ordinary person compare to a dancer’s endurance?

But in this case, doesn’t that mean that she needed to maintain this position until he’s done?

She’d die!

Li Yiyi quickly shook her head. She bit her lip and took the initiative to turn around. Her misty eyes miserably gazed at the man behind her, “Third young master, I’m tired. Is it okay if we change our position?”

Although he thought that their position right now was already good, he still hasn’t thrust in her enough. But, Fan Moyi couldn’t resist the pitiful expression of the woman in front of him.


He reluctantly nodded and slowly but surely reduced his speed. At long last, his unending pounding had finally stopped, but he still hadn’t completely withdrawn his staff.

Li Yiyi didn’t have any hope for the man, who had put his animal-like desires first, to still have tender feelings for her. For him to even listen to her request just now, it was already so moving for her!

She immediately moved her body forward, breaking away from his member’s control. After turning off the shower, she promptly moved her soft legs and sat on the cover of the toilet.

She then took the initiative to open her legs wide, exposing her already violated p*ssy.

Even though she felt a sense of shame in her actions, for the sake of getting it over with, Li Yiyi callously placed both hands on her legs to keep them apart, inviting him over, “Alright. Third young master, you can come inside again!”

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