Chapter 016 The Third Young Master Came In Quickly (Standing Play 4)

The man whispered near her ear while his erect member rubbed against the small of her back. His big palms were fondling her orbs, carefully holding them in his hands.

Li Yiyi’s hole was still sour and contracting from its exercise from before.

Just now, she let Fan Moyi violently slam into her, and at the very end, she… did she reach her climax?

The earth-shattering stimulation led her mind to momentarily blank out as she went limp and numb from head to toe, almost making her forget who and where she was.

This certain feeling scared her.

This was merely a monetary transaction. Furthermore, this man treated her without any mercy, how could she reach her peak from that?

This was not right!

She didn’t want to experience this feeling again.

Moreover, the continuous friction made her flower become tart, surely unable to bear a second insertion.

Li Yiyi clenched her teeth as she pushed Fan Moyi away. “Third young master, I don’t want your money anymore. Please let me go!”

“No! I’ve finally found you after so long, I won’t let you walk away so easily! I want you!”

Fan Moyi exerted even more strength into his hold on her.

Li Yiyi struggled at once, but she was only a small girl. How could she be of any match to Fan Moyi, who was a sturdy man?

Not to mention, the two’s bodies were naked and entangled together. The man’s excited staff was rubbing at her soft body non-stop, becoming harder with each second.

Even when Li Yiyi used all her strength to swing her body and break away from his imprisonment, his meat stick was unexpectedly making sliding movements. The head was slowly nearing the entrance of her cave!

Li Yiyi didn’t dare move about.

“Third young master, you… please step back.”

However, Fan Moyi firmly shook his head. “No. Just now, it still isn’t enough for me. I still want to do it with you a couple more times.”

He still wanted to do it with me… how many times?

Li Yiyi wanted to cry, but she couldn’t muster any tears.

“Third young master, you——ahhh!!! Went in!”

She wanted to beg for him to let her go in a low voice, but God knows if this man was already unable to hold himself back with half of his rod burying itself in her p*ssy.

It hasn’t been ten minutes since their last exercise, so Li Yiyi’s oyster was still dripping wet. As a result, his member had effortlessly pierced her.

The familiar tight wrapping layers had once again invaded his senses, making Fan Moyi close his eyes in pleasure.

“It feels so good. I really like you.”

He said in a low voice and had yet again plunged his entire staff into her.

“You don’t ah… Don’t stick it in… Pull it out!”

Li Yiyi said softly, but the man behind her couldn’t be concerned despite her pleas. He was so wrapped up in her tight honey pot that her cries entered his ear and went out the other. His mind was solely focused on one thing——He still wanted more! He still wanted more and more!

Consequently, he continued to move his pillar, thrusting into her hole using his back.

The second time he plunged himself inside her cavity, Fan Moyi’s movements were still as deep and as wild as their first encounter. Li Yiyi was incessantly knocked by his body, leading her to lean forward. In a matter of minutes, she had been completely pushed onto the smooth marble wall.

All this time, Fan Moyi didn’t let go of her. He continued to pound her as she endured.

Slowly, Li Yiyi’s words of rejection transformed into unbearable cries.

“Third young master, please don’t… Wu… It’s too much! Don’t go in there anymore! Not there…”

Her weak whimpers like that of a small kitten entered Fan Moyi’s ears, leading him to lust after her even more, his gaze burning.

He went on with thrusting into her a few more times, but he still felt that it wasn’t enough, so he bluntly placed both of his hands on her waist and pulled her back a little, making her raise her lower abdomen to make it easier for him to penetrate her.

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