Chapter 014 The Third Young Master Came In Quickly (Standing Play 2)

Men are all b*stards! Big b*stards!

Li Yiyi’s hands strongly embraced Fan Moyi’s neck while her body followed the man’s unending thrusts, constantly moving up and down. The man domineeringly sealed her red lips, restricting her to make any sound. She couldn’t bear all of these and silently cursed in her heart.

Who was the one who declared his love for her and kissed and held her? After inserting himself in her, he instantly changed his mild and gentle rhythm and began to violently pound her raw. This enthusiasm was simply far more fierce than Fan Mohan!

Every time he inserted his python inside her, he would plunge right into her deepest parts, and when he took it out, he mercilessly left the tip of the head right at the entrance for her hole to desperately suck in.

After dozens of thrusts, Li Yiyi’s hole was already chafing, making it painful for her with each movement, while her insides were starting to turn numb.

However, Fan Moyi got more excited the more he pounded her.

While embracing the woman tightly in his arms and feeling how her tightness enveloped his staff whole, every time he plunged himself in, it was like him braving the wind and waves. Pushing through her soft layers was unlike anything he had ever imagined. As he was withdrawing, the honey pot seemed to reluctantly part with him, sucking on him like it was urging for him to stay. Every pore in his body was relaxed, and the long-accumulated stress and exhaustion he had built up took this opportunity to let loose and relieve itself.

Her supple bosom pressed against his strapping chest, while her two milk buds were continuously rubbing against his. From time to time, the points on their chests would collide against one another, bringing them unspeakable stimulation.

After thirty or so thrusts, the body in his arms already turned soft as a cloud, perfectly melding with his. Those petal-like lips urged him to taste them even more, but it was never enough.

As he explored deeper into her cave, her lips couldn’t help but utter weak sobs, leading the man’s blood to boil hotter. He wanted to bury himself deep inside her and never pull out!

Fan Moyi continued to shove himself in for a hundred or two more times before he finally loosened his grip.

Since earlier, Li Yiyi was already weak from his incessant plunder, making her feel light-headed as he went on.

Because of the sudden loss of force on top of her body, the dancing of their lips had ceased as well. She opened her eyes in confusion and saw a gleeful expression in front of her, “Are we done?”

“How could we be done? Before was just foreplay. Now, we move on to the main event!”

Fan Moyi showed her a bright smile and abruptly whisked her away.


Both her feet accidentally lost their balance. Due to their center of gravity being shifted, Li Yiyi’s body couldn’t help but fall clumsily, and in a blink of an eye, Fan Moyi’s root was instantly swallowed whole, even half of his eggs were taken in as well.

In the next second, Fan Moyi’s eyes darkened, letting out a low growl, “Too good!”

He carried Li Yiyi over to the center of the room, but he didn’t forget to make small jumps in his steps to make her passage eat his member bit by bit.

“Wu… It’s too deep… My stomach is about to be pierced through…”

Li Yiyi said while bearing the numbing pain. But fearing that her body might fall, she firmly wrapped her arms and legs around the man’s body, clinging onto him for dear life, and resulting in his shaft to purge in deeper and her c*nt sucking it in tightly.

“It’s so good. It’s still not enough. I want more…”

Fan Moyi said huskily. To her surprise, he was able to maintain their standing position as he slid in and out of her.

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