Chapter 013 The Third Young Master Came In Quickly (Standing Play)


With her bare back against the door, Li Yiyi’s weak legs struggled to support her body. Her eyes stared blankly at Fan Moyi who was busy worshipping her body and piously kissing every inch of her skin.

The man’s slightly callused hands gently traced the curves of her figure, and his wet lips followed closely behind, leaving traces of this heated visit in every hidden corner of her being. Even her toes, ears, and eyes weren’t spared from this trip.

His hot breath sprayed across her raw and sensitive body, yet an indescribable sense of panic quickly spread throughout her, especially when the man’s lips and tongue slowly worked their way up to her inner thighs up until the base of her legs.

“Don’t… tickle it…”

Her uncomfortable body trembled a bit, while a pair of hands softly pushed away the man’s invading head, wanting to escape from this embarrassing situation. Her hands were immediately pushed away, and the man’s long strong hands remained. His breath, along with his broken trail of kisses, soon reached the pink petals between her legs.

Li Yiyi couldn’t help but tense up, her feet curling and twisting from the nervousness she felt.

“So beautiful.”

Fan Moyi saw the pitiful faint shivers that her sensitive flower made and let out a genuine sigh. Without the slightest hesitation, his tongue started going in.

The young petals were already too sensitive without them being touched, but now that they were completely taken by his wet lips, the rapid breathing and overheated temperature were all drilled into her body through the small stirring passage. A strange yet stimulating feeling immediately rushed forth deep within her.

Li Yiyi’s body shook violently, and a fit of buzzing sounds echoed in her mind. A stream of lascivious liquid continuously streamed out of her without her consent.

And, as soon as this lewd liquid rushed out, the man’s tongue licked her oyster clean…


Li Yiyi cried out.

Her hands grabbed the man’s hair and pulled on it as if it were a matter of life and death.

“Don’t kiss or lick it anymore. Third young master, come inside quickly. Give me some pleasure! Please!”

If he continued to kiss her like this, she won’t be herself anymore!


Truth be told, when he was kissing her, Fan Moyi’s body was already stiff and swollen. Especially the large meat stick carefully hidden away inside his pants, it showed a gallant shape inside, raising itself like a giant tent. If it wasn’t going to be released soon, it looked like it was about to explode!

Seeing how she easily took the initiative to beg for him, Fan Moyi immediately nodded his head. He quickly took off his pants, and his extremely hard staff was finally free.

Li Yiyi saw an incredible size that could maybe rival Fan Mohuan’s and sucked in a breath, closing her eyes and spreading her legs as wide as possible, “Go in!”

She felt a stabbing pain as the head entered, and also a knife-like pain when it withdrew. She recognized this feeling!

An open invitation from one’s lover was the best aphrodisiac in the world. Fan Moyi’s staff stirred in excitement. Its python’s head was closely pressed against her entrance, slowly entering as it pleased. The little cave quickly opened, wholly taking in its head as it entered.

The tight and delicate meat walls wrapped around the turtle’s head, making Fan Moyi narrow his eyes from pleasure. “So warm! So good!”

But, he wanted more than this type of comfort!

As a result, in a big spurt of energy, he thrust his entire pillar inside her.

“Ah!! It’s too deep!!” Despite already preparing for this violation, the feeling of being stretched open and filled up again made Li Yiyi feel indescribable pain. So much so that two tears fell from her eyes.

“Great! I’ve finally got you!”

Fan Moyi felt the small cavity’s deepest layers wrapping him up, making him emit a low moan. He quickly carried her again, his lips on her and his rod beginning to thrust into the body of his dreams.

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