Chapter 012 Want To Make Love To Her

While Li Yiyi was complaining in her heart, the man’s gallant tongue had already opened her once sealed lips, pushed through her pearly whites, and ferociously intruded her mouth, deeply entangling her tongue with his.

Forced to hold up her head and exchange saliva with him, Li Yiyi was scared and wanted to push him away as soon as possible.

But who knew that the man’s arms were already wrapped tightly around her waist, pulling her whole body closer to him!

The two bodies closely stuck to one another while his arms were feeling her back, securing her body against his. At first glance, the man’s figure looked frail and thin as if he were a man made out of paper, but no matter how much force she put in, she couldn’t be free from his grasps.

In an act of desperation, Li Yiyi could only open her mouth wide and readily accept his bodily fluids.

“Hey hey hey!”

Seeing the two passionately make out as though they were the only two people in the room, Fan Mohuan impatiently pulled the man aside.

“Fan Moyi, if you want to make love, do it in your own room. This is not a guest house!”

Something dropped to the pit of Li Yiyi’s stomach.

When the Fan family’s third son Fan Moyi heard this, his two eyes instantly brightened up, “Great!”

He grabbed Li Yiyi’s waist and directly dragged her out of Fan Mohuan’s room.

When they reached the staircase, they conveniently saw Uncle San on his way down. Li Yiyi quickly jumped to her last ray of hope, “Uncle San, save me!”

As expected, Uncle San stopped them on their way.

“Third young master, what are you doing?”

“Going back to my room. I want to have sex with her.” The man answered without the slightest hesitation.

Uncle San knitted his brows. “She belongs to the eldest young master and entered the Fan family to serve him. If you want to also use her, she should be paid double her compensation.”

“Then double it. You can deduct it from my pocket money!”

Uncle San shifted his gaze over to Li Yiyi, “Ms. Li, how do you feel about taking on some temporary work?”

Did she have a choice?

Li Yiyi turned her head back to glance at Fan Mohuan’s half-opened door. She turned her head back to the man holding her waist and meekly closed her eyes.


As a result, Uncle San gave him the go signal, and Fan Moyi carried her to the third-floor bedroom.

After closing the door, there wasn’t enough time to lay her on the bed, so he hurriedly pressed her against the door. His body had once again exerted some pressure as his lips kissed her soft lips again, and his energetic tongue once again tenaciously entangled itself onto her sweet tongue.

Li Yiyi passively followed his tongue and mouth’s lead. Her line of sight briefly swept through the room and saw a series of enlarged photographs hanging on his wall.

The person in the photograph was the man who was currently kissing her. She just now clearly saw the man’s face——he was beautiful. He looked like a genuine classic beauty with sword-like brows, starry eyes, a gentle face, and a head full of black combed hair as if he were a noble that came from a European fairytale.

Below the picture was a line that read, ‘2012 International Classical Dance Competition Champion.’

Oh, she just remembered, ‘Fan Moyi was the third son of the Fan family. He was an internationally renowned dancer. His dances were known for being full of power yet beauty.’

She can’t just easily push him away!

While thinking of this, the man had suddenly released her.

Those deep eyes stared at hers. The man’s eyes were filled with affection, leading Li Yiyi’s heart to tremble a little.

“I like you. I’ve liked you for quite some time now.” He said lovingly.

He must have been talking about a girl that looked like her!

That was a lucky girl.

Li Yiyi shyly bit her lip and softly said, “Then, can you treat me gently? I’m afraid of getting hurt.”

“Okay.” The man nodded, “In that case, is it ok for me to kiss you all over your body?”

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