Chapter 011 What Kind of A Neat-Freak Man

A sudden burst of shame suddenly overcame her heart, making Li Yiyi can’t help but want to clamp her legs shut.

But in the next instant, Fan Mohuan held them open.

“Don’t move.”

He said softly. Since he was a bit too close for comfort, his light breaths constantly tickled her already sensitive flower, making Li Yiyi shiver and her wetness continuously leaking out to her thighs.

“Stop looking…” She was simply so embarrassed that she could cry then and there.

Fan Mohuan looked puzzled, “Why not? Your recovery is great, and among all the intimate parts I have seen, yours is the best. I really like it, and if I may, can I take a picture of it?”

“Pi…Picture?” Li Yiyi was once again stunned.

Fan Mohuan raised his head and flashed a smile at her again, “May I take it?”

Li Yiyi’s originally muddled heart instantly softened as she saw the pure and somewhat hopeful expression.

“Sure.” She nodded awkwardly.

“Thank you.” Fan Mohuan’s smile turned into a happier one.

He grabbed his phone and took several shots of her cave from different angles before letting it go. “It’s done. You can put your clothes on now! Let’s continue tomorrow.”


In the next two days, Fan Mohuan kept his word. He took the initiative to invite LI Yiyi to his room and carefully observe the cuts from the insides and outsides of her small passage, taking pictures of it right after.

Other than that, he didn’t make any other moves.

In a blink of an eye, the third day finally came. After her routine checkup, Fan Mohuan nodded his head in satisfaction, “Your cuts are almost fully healed. Since the effects of this ointment aren’t bad, I can now start on mass experimentation.”

Li Yiyi quietly stepped off the chair and put her clothes on. She then padded her courage and said, “Second young master, thank you for giving me the medicine. I want to give you a thank you gift.”

“What?” Fan Mohuan asked.

Li Yiyi promptly returned to the room and handed him a sketch.

Fan Mohuan received it and took a look, “Is this a portrait? Wow, did you draw me?”

The portrait reflected him during the first time they met. He was wearing a Western suit when he got in the car. With the dashing suit, an erudite appearance, and a corner of his mouth arched into a slight smile, he looked so handsome and elegant as if he were a gentleman from a noble family.

This was the image that was deeply engraved into her heart.

“This sketch is really good. I like it, thank you.” He thoroughly went over the drawing of himself, leading Fan Mohuan to smile and nod his head.

In turn, seeing that he liked it, Li Yiyi’s face couldn’t help but perk up into a smile as well.


At this moment, someone had suddenly opened the door, and a man energetically walked in.

“Second brother, hurry up and give me some sleeping pills. I have a performance tomorrow, so I need to get some sleep now!”

Fan Mohuan’s face immediately fell, “I’ve told you countless times. You’re too stressed to sleep. Go do some strenuous exercises or better yet, find a woman to let off some steam! You can get addicted to the drugs, and besides, you’re already taking large doses of these drugs. If you continue this, sooner or later, there will come a day when you’ll just die in your sleep!”

“You’re not taking this seriously. Isn’t my daily exercise routine already enough? As for the women… you might not know this but I am a neat-freak. I could never touch those dirty women from outside!” The man said coolly, suddenly shifting his gaze towards Li Yiyi’s body.


In a flash, his eyes grew brighter as if a strong flame was ignited within them.

When she was stared at, Li Yiyi’s heart tightened, while she unconsciously took a step back.

But the man immediately walked over to her and cornered her, step by step.

“Second young master!” Li Yiyi inadvertently cried out for Fan Mohuan’s help as the man had captured her chin.

“I’ve seen you before!” He excitedly exclaimed.

Li Yiyi was taken aback. “How? I don’t know you…ah!”

But before she could finish her words, the man had surprisingly claimed her lips!

What kind of a neat-freak man was he?

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