Chapter 010 Medical Ghost

Fan Mohuan was the second young master of the Fan family, was an internationally renowned dermatologist, and was also a well-known ghost in the medical field.

He recently went to the United States to take part in a medical conference and just got back today. When he got off the plane, he conveniently saw his brother getting out of the car, so he wanted to ride the car home.

Due to these unexpected circumstances, they met inside the car.

After returning to the Fan family’s mansion, Li Yiyi inquired around to ask about Fan Mohuan.

“However, the second young master poured his blood, sweat, and tear in his studies, and after he was done studying in med school, he put his heart into his medical research. All these years, he didn’t have any distractions. His eyes only looked at anything medicine-related and nothing else,”  Aunt Liu meaningfully answered Li Yiyi’s questions in the kitchen.

Under Aunt Liu’s close examination, Li Yiyi’s guilty conscience grew, so she quickly ran off.

She kept quiet until she reached her small room as another self-deprecating smile emerged from her lips, “His eyes only looked at anything medicine-related and nothing else? I could see that. Even when I was in that state, he only saw the injuries I had on my skin and didn’t care about anything else. This person is too pure. I know my place, so I haven’t even thought about using him for social climbing.”

However, during the morning of the next day——

Knock knock knock.

A sudden knocking sound suddenly resounded from the door, making Li Yiyi shudder in fear.

That was fast! Fan Mohan has already returned?

But no matter how much her heart opposed, she still obediently got up and opened the door.

The person who appeared was none other than Fan Mohuan.

“Hi.” He waved his hand, “Sorry for bothering you, but I want to know how were the results of the ointment I gave you yesterday?”

“It was great. Thank you.” Li Yiyi slightly nodded her head.

“Then, may I take a look?”


Li Yiyi stared blankly at him while Fan Mohuan still showed a gentle and harmless smile, “It’s like this, the medicine from yesterday is the one I just recently developed through my research. It’s specifically made to treat small skin abrasions. After some animal testing, you are the first person to test this out, so I wanted to see the results with my own eyes.”

So this was it? Li Yiyi thought about it more and nodded. “Okay.”

He had already seen it anyway. Now that she got herself a great deal, what did she have left to lose?

“Let’s go to my room then! I have my complete tools there, which are needed for a comprehensive observation.” Fan Mohuan immediately said, pulling her as he went to his room.

Fan Mohuan’s room was on the third floor. Frankly speaking, his room didn’t look like an ordinary bedroom, instead, it looked more like a laboratory. Besides the bed inside the room, all sorts of documents and equipment filled the room, looking cold and lifeless.

Fan Mohuan directly led her to a metal chair. “Take off your underwear and sit here.”

Li Yiyi quietly lifted her skirt and took off her underwear. She then took the initiative to spread her legs and placed them on the footrests on each side.

After waiting for her to sit properly, Fan Mohuan had already grabbed a magnifying glass, grabbed a chair, positioning it in between her legs, and started meticulously examining the state of her recovered cuts.

Although she had already done it with Fan Mohan several times, it was the first time that someone was taking such good care of her intimate area.

Li Yiyi could sense Fan Mohuan’s gaze shifting towards her tender flower. He even extended his two fingers to gently push her entrance’s flesh apart for a better view.


Her body was currently nervous and in a sensitive state, so as his cold glove touched her petals, Li Yiyi couldn’t control her cave clenching and sensed a warm stream of liquid slowly flowing out of her p*ssy.

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