Chapter 001 Being Forced By The Young Master (H)

Late at night, in a coolly-styled room decorated in a monochromatic fashion, there laid a delicate and fine-looking body atop the pitch-black bedsheet.

There wasn’t a single piece of clothing on Li Yiyi’s fair body. Her back was firmly pressed against the bed by a powerful hand with her lower abdomen suspended in midair. This position had caused her plump rump to involuntarily arch as high as it could, allowing the thick red meat stick to lay between her two sensitive petals as it was ruthlessly smashing into her tight hole.

Her poor little honeypot was slender and narrow, and right now, it was being forced wide open by the vigorous thrusts of the hard shaft. It struggled with the stick’s thickness since it was the size of a baby’s forearm.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The energetic pillar rapidly rammed into her tight flower as its base repeatedly hammered her butt. These strong thrusts produced an echoing burst of flesh pounding together.

After sliding in and out of her sleek passage for at least half an hour, the man, who was actively shoving himself into her small hole, had suddenly increased his speed, and after a dozen more fierce thrusts, he suddenly pulled out his long pole and pressed its member’s head against her tender back.

The python’s eye finally opened and spurted out thick and creamy fluid all over her.

Immediately after, the solid palm supporting her lower abdomen quickly retreated. The support that kept Li Yiyi’s body up was now gone, making her slump weakly onto the bed.

After his climax, the man didn’t put on his trousers, but he simply went back to the headboard and sat on the chair next to it.

He grabbed a glass of whiskey and drank it all to quench his thirst, indifferently saying after, “The bedsheets are creased.”

“Please wait for a moment. I’ll make the bed once again!”

Li Yiyi immediately prompted her exploited body up and went to the bathroom with great difficulty.

She opened the shower but didn’t clean her body with the warm falling water. Instead, she cleanly wiped the essence on her back. Li Yiyi then washed her face and took out a test tube she previously hid inside the cupboard, carefully placing the essence inside.

However, as soon as she put the cork in the test tube, she suddenly heard a creaking sound. Was there someone opening the door?

In a frenzy of panic, she hurriedly shoved the test tube back into the cabinet and closed it.

When she turned around, she saw the man, who had just forcefully pressed her against the bed, walk in the bathroom.

He was still wearing the dark blue shirt he had on when he returned earlier that night, and his luxurious black tie was still properly set in his collar. It was just his hair, which was neatly combed from the start, that had become slightly disheveled from their passion.

On another note, the few stands of his raven-black hair had messily fallen on his forehead, adding a touch of sex appeal to his cold and steadfast face.

But as her eyes fell to his lower body…

She saw his red fleshy rod between his hairy legs. Li Yiyi’s shoulders shuddered while she quickly lowered her head in a shy manner, “Young master, I’ll quickly clean myself up then I will fix the sheets.”

“No need. I don’t need that for the time being.”

The man said coldly and strode over to her, lifting her shoulders and pressing her petite and exquisite body against the ice-cold wall. His life root was once again firmly pressed against her pink petals that had slightly closed, squeezing himself into the small opening.

The memory of how this man had violently and recklessly plunged himself into her resurfaced her mind, so Li Yiyi quickly stretched out her arms and pushed his chest away from sheer fear.

“Young master, I’ll fix the sheets first!”

“I already said that there’s no need. Right now, I still want to have a go with you again.”

The man icily replied. He lifted one of her thighs and pushed it wide open, quickly pushing his jade stick inside her without the slightest hesitation and thrusting into it without end.

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