Chapter 021 I Hate You

“A central airconditioning unit?”

Fan Mohuan quickly pulled away the golden spectacles resting on the bridge of his nose, his voice next inducing a light laugh. “This is the first time someone has described me this way.”

“Now you’ve heard it.” Li Yiyi’s tone was icy, “So, can you let me go now?”



Li Yiyi was dumbfounded, but Fan Mohuan had already moved his hand to lift her skirt by himself, while the other started to take off her undergarments.

“Second young master, did you not hear what I had just said? Take your hand off me quickly and go away!” Li Yiyi lowered her head as she yelled.

Fan Mohuan didn’t utter a word, but his slender pair of hands had already taken off her underwear from her legs.

Her lower body suddenly ran cold as Li Yiyi’s tears came tumbling down.

She did her best to kick her way free. However, her soft and weak body couldn’t manage to squeeze out any of its strength. Moreover, when she moved even a bit, her lower back and her small cave would feel a sudden surge of pain, making her legs as well as her whole body not do what she wanted.

As a result, after a few kicks, her entire body was exhausted and completely devoided of strength, causing her to stay paralyzed on top of the table and let the man do what he wanted.

Fan Mohuan acted as he did before. His face contained a serious expression when he spread her legs again, earnestly examining her entrance, and nodding his head after, “It’s good that that kid still has a conscience and cleaned you up.”

After saying this, he grabbed the ointment he gave her and slathered the inside and outside of her cave with it.

The ointment left a cooling sensation in her aching walls, letting her body feel soothe. But this time, Li Yiyi’s senses had become dull.

She just laid there motionlessly and let the man fiddle with her body, back and forth, as her the tears resting at the corners of her eyes slowly fell.

She originally thought that after her flower was covered in medicine, Fan Mohuan would simply let her go. But, she didn’t think that the man would quickly turn her body over, leading her to lie stomach down on the bed. He pulled on her zipper and also took off her skirt.

His cool fingertips touched her lower back and put a moderate amount of pressure to massage it, quickly bringing relief to her painful waist.

Li Yiyi helplessly closed her eyes as her tears flowed even harder.

“Why?” She asked softly.

Fan Mohuan didn’t answer. Rather, he carefully massaged her legs once more and pulled over a quilt to cover her up. “It’s done. You can rest now! I’ll take my leave.”

“Fan Mohuan, I hate you!” Li Yiyi growled in a fit of rage.

The man walked to the door, but upon hearing her words, he simply frowned. “Don’t be unruly. Right now, being unruly won’t do you any good.”

He walked out of the room and closed the large door with a loud ‘bang.’


Li Yiyi couldn’t help it anymore. Her body had once again collapsed as she cried out.

Her mind inadvertently recalled the days when she had met the supercilious Fan family, when Su Qing had mocked her, and when she happily ate noodles with her mother during her childhood days…

Life was already too hard on her. She was just trying to make a decent situation out of her tough circumstances, but was hope too much to ask?

Thinking of this, more tears streamed down Li Yiyi’s face.

In the end, she cried until she fell asleep.

When she woke up, she felt starving.

Her eyes were a bit sore upon rousing, but contrary to what one might expect, her body felt so much better.

Fan Mohuan’s medicine and massage helped a lot.

But, only after realizing this, Li Yiyi’s heart involuntarily felt sorrow, almost leading her to cry again.

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