Chapter 020 Second Young Master, Please Leave

Since early on, she simply had no strength to lift even a finger from the man’s avid torturing.

With this being the case and him wrapping his arms around her, she basically couldn’t struggle free.

Li Yiyi helplessly sighed and closed her eyes, falling into a deep slumber in Fan Moyi’s arms.

When she had finally opened her eyes in a daze, it was already noon the next day.

She was sore all over.

Not only was her excessively penetrated flower difficult to endure, but also her waist… That place was beyond comparison.

It could be said that her body was even sorer and weaker compared to the first time she did it with Fan Mohan.

That’s what happens when you spend half the night in an unnatural position with a man whose waist was far too good.

“I can’t do it with him again next time. I can’t earn this money!” Li Yiyi forced a bitter smile, mocking herself.

From getting out of bed and putting on clothes until walking out of Fan Moyi’s room, she walked to the stairs step by step. The distance was less than 50 meters, but she took at least 15 minutes to reach it. Moreover, she was still sporting a slouching posture, so she had a hand supporting her back while walking back.

She wanted to go down the stairs and return to her room. It was usually a trip that didn’t take her too much trouble, but right now, it felt like an endless journey. Li Yiyi’s heart filled with despair.


When she was engrossed in her thoughts and was walking along, Li Yiyi suddenly heard a soft call from her side.

She quickly raised her head and saw Fan Mohuan appear out of nowhere!

“Second Young Master…”

Fan Mohuan walked towards her and carried her without saying a word. He speedily went down the stairs and sent Li Yiyi to her room.

Seeing the handsome and stylish man in front of her, she wanted to ask him about the faint smell of medicine on him, but Li Yiyi’s heart stirred with mixed feelings.

The last time she and Fan Mohan finished, it was when they had met. He magnanimously helped her clean her small cave and even gave her medicine. This time, Fan Moyi outright swept her off her feet.

However, it didn’t matter whether it was the last time or this time. He was just calmly offering his help to her without any hint of extra emotion in his eyes.

You could say that he didn’t look at her with his eyes, much less his heart.

Her heart admitted defeat.

As a result, when Fan Mohuan placed her on the bed and reached his hand out between her legs, Li Yiyi closed her legs tightly out of her own volition.

Fan Mohuan frowned. “Open your legs. I’m giving you medicine.”

“No need. The medicine the second young master gave me last time is still not used up yet. And, haven’t you taken note of the entire recovery process already? There’s no need to record the healing process a second time.” Li Yiyi refused coldly.

Fan Mohuan raised a brow as he stared at her, but Li Yiyi already turned her head away. “Thank you for carrying me back today. But second young master, you are an internationally renowned doctor, so please do what you need to do and meet the people you need to meet! You don’t need to worry about me. I’m simply unworthy of your time and concern.”

Fan Mohuan’s expression slowly darkened.

“Who said something to you?”

“No one did.”

“So what’s the matter?”

“Nothing’s the matter. I just don’t want to see you! I just want to give myself up for good, okay?” Li Yiyi was at the last straw and yelled her frustrations out. “You clearly don’t like me, so don’t give me the same coldness as a central air conditioning unit would. Otherwise, if you’re a greedy person just like me, and if you keep treating me so well, I would think that you’ll actually like me and then, I’ll keep bothering you for the rest of my life!”

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