Chapter 019 Sleep with Me


It was finally over!

She felt the meat stick buried deep in her cave throb. Fan Moyi finally laid down his weapon as Li Yiyi loosened her breathing and collapsed when she started to rest.

However, Fan Moyi’s eyebrows creased up, mumbling to himself, “I originally wanted to go for longer.”

Hasn’t he enjoyed enough of her body yet!

Because his root shot out two successive times, right now, the strong pillar was thoroughly exhausted. After his body had somewhat recovered from its euphoric state, it also began to understand that it had already consumed too much energy.

Although he was a bit reluctant, Fan Moyi slowly withdrew the python that was tightly embraced by the young girl’s walls.

Due to the deepness his member had reached, her flower stretched out wide, and a soft sound escaped her hole the moment he pulled it out.

Immediately after, a heavy stream of his essence came spilling out of Li Yiyi’s entrance, falling on the floor.

Upon seeing this, Fan Moyi’s gaze burned scorching hot.

Li Yiyi had just slightly recovered from their vigorous activity when her eyes met Fan Moyi’s, which were burning with lust again.

She was frightened of the intensity of the stare and immediately covered her passage with her hands. “I can’t do it anymore! Otherwise, this place will really end up broken!”

Both of her eyes were teary, while her voice was weak. She even released a quiet sob. This earnestly begging gaze fell onto him, effectively weakening Fan Moyi’s heart.

“Okay, I won’t do it anymore. I also need to rest now.” He nodded and helped the girl within his embrace sit on the toilet seat properly.

Li Yiyi heaved a breath of relief but didn’t expect the man to grab the showerhead, opening it and coming back to her to spread her legs.

Li Yiyi turned stiff from fear. “Didn’t we already agree…”

“I merely wanted to clean you up.” The man stared at her, his face reflecting innocence.

Li Yiyi suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Obviously, she was just mercilessly bullied by this man. He made her womb feel sore and gave her pain that was difficult to endure! But now that it’s over, he’s giving her such an innocent look, as if she were the one bullying him!

Who was the one who had bloodshot eyes right now? Who was it that was desperately pounding his thick and stiff rod up inside her?

After he took out his manhood, he seemed to have transformed into a normal person.

How could a person have such a drastic change in personality?

But, she could only say these thoughts in her head.

Seeing that she wasn’t going to say anything, Fan Moyi also acted on their agreement. He promptly helped her stand up, leading her weak and soft body to rely on him for support. He then intently used the showerhead to wash away the load that he shot in her body.

His face changed into a guilt-ridden one as he watched her miserable flower spit out his white essence, “I’m sorry. I should’ve worn a condom.”

Hot water drenched her body, and steam quickly pervaded the air in the bathroom, giving some relief to the aching body. Li Yiyi languidly loosened up and narrowed her eyes to relax, “You already came. It doesn’t matter”

Anyway, she was taking medicine that was specifically for these situations.

After Fan Moyi carefully cleaned her up, he wiped away the droplets falling from their bodies and carried her to the bedroom. The two then peacefully laid on the bed.

His arms had once again scooped up her small waist, embracing her closer to him.

Li Yiyi struggled a bit. “Third young master, I should get back now.”

“No, sleep with me.” Fan Moyi didn’t release his hold no matter what.

“Third young master…”

Li Yiyi still had more to say, but her ears heard soft and steady breaths, and the chest pressed against her back calmly rose and fell—— This person was already asleep?

This was what he called sleeping poorly all the time?

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