Chapter 018 The Third Young Master Came In Quickly (Inviting Play 2)

Fan Moyi was unable to take his eyes away from the beautiful scenery in front of him!

Was there anything in this world that was more sexually arousing than a woman you like spreading her legs, inviting you to come and f*ck her?

Especially when this girl’s small hole was still trembling, the cave’s entrance showed a small opening because of what he did just now. From where he was standing, he could faintly see her red meat walls due to the constant rubbing from his tip.

A shadow instantaneously fell upon his eyes, while his pole started to rear its head again.

He immediately strode over and unrestrainedly aimed his cannon at her opened target, which was not yet fully closed.

“Ah, it’s so deep!”

Li Yiyi couldn’t help but let out a sharp breath while her legs subconsciously wrapped around his solid waist and both her hands grabbed the water tank behind her.

This way, her waist felt so much better.

But almost immediately, she found herself thinking that everything was going all too well.

“Third young master, please slow down… Hnnnn… Woo… Too fast… Too deep! If you keep this up, I’ll… I’ll be broken… Ah!”

Once the man’s meat stick was inserted, his torrential momentum shook her. So much so that the speed and the tenaciousness of his thrusts were far more powerful than before.

Li Yiyi’s legs couldn’t hold their place on his waist, and with her hands firmly grabbing the water tank behind, only then was she able to barely support herself from being knocked over.

After a while, her lower body started to get sore again.

The ache was even more serious than before!

Seeing her legs sliding up and down, Fan Moyi reached out his hand and grabbed a hold of her legs, pushing them further apart and revealing in front of him her most intimate area.

As long as he looked down, he could see how his pillar was squeezed by her narrow entrance. Her small cavity had a difficult time swallowing him, and the pinky flesh appeared to be almost transparent.

When he took out his root, the tender meat walls of her flower were slightly taken out, pink, soft, and trembling. The friction from his manhood almost worn her skin out.

A great sense of accomplishment suddenly arose from his heart, leading his staff to become harder and his thrust to become more spirited.

“I can’t slow down! I want to be faster and even faster… So good… You feel so good down here… I really like it!”

Amid the woman’s soft pleas, not only did he not slow down his pace, but instead, he exerted even more force in his avid pounding.

After suffering this kind of treatment, Li Yiyi’s body started to sway, her hands continuously trying to hold onto the water tank’s lid. Her yells were turning even more miserable as this went on, but in the end, she couldn’t utter a single sound. She seemed like a kitten, incessantly whimpering and groaning.

If this continues, she would surely die under this man’s body!

Li Yiyi racked her brain desperately. She bit her lip and lifted her hands, suddenly wrapping them around the man’s muscular and veiny arms.

“Third young master, I want to hug you.” She said in a small voice.

Fan Moyi quickly embraced her, his sweaty body connecting to hers tightly.

In turn, Li Yiyi swiftly wrapped her arms around the man and carefully pressed her rep lips against his. During the heated entanglement of their lips and tongues, she whispered, “I really like you as well.”

A sudden and scorching hot flame burned in Fan Moyi’s eyes!

“I like you too! Really like you! Really like you! I’ve liked you for seven years!”

He let out a low growl and snatched her sultry lips, his tongue playfully dancing with hers. He also plunged himself deeper and deeper into her hole.

Pa pa pa! Pa pa pa!

Li Yiyi wanted to cry but couldn’t muster the energy to do so. She could only hang onto him like a ball of meat, regardless of his member was wantonly inserting itself and taking advantage of her.

But all of a sudden, Fan Moyi’s body went out of control from excitement. After a few more dozen thrusts, he made a grunting sound, and his rod was deep into her womb, emitting his essence once again.

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