After Transmigration, The Yandere’s Kiss Extends My Life

Chapter 55 Child

“Watch out!”

Yu Yuan pulled Yan Mu behind him, took out the dagger on his leg and threw it at the shadow.

The shadow was slightly stunned, seemingly not expecting these two people to not be afraid of “ghosts” at all.

While the shadow was frozen, the dagger cut past his arm.

In pain, the shadow actually fell from the tree.


“B*stard! How dare you sneak attack me!!” The shadow landed on the ground and a young voice cried out.

Yu Yuan and Yan Mu were both dumbfounded.

Carrying the lantern, Yan Mu stepped forward to light up the way ahead, and the “ghost” suddenly appeared in front of them.

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“If he won’t say, forget it.” Yu Yuan pulled Yan Mu up and sneered, “It’s already so late and he’s still sneaking around, he’s probably a thief.”


“I’m not a thief!” The boy looked like he’d been deeply offended1奇耻大辱 (qíchǐ-dàrǔ)  – extraordinary shame and humiliation (idiom); galling shame and deep humiliation, and even his eyes were red with anger.

“Alright, alright, alright, you’re not a thief.” Yan Mu was very afraid of crying children, so she patiently coaxed him, “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?”

“D-don’t think that y-you can poison this little master!” The little boy looked stern on the outside but was soft on the inside.

“Ignore him, he’ll be fine after starving for a few meals.” Yu Yuan looked at him coldly from the side without concern.

Although he looked less than ten years old, Yan Mu’s overly gentle attitude towards the child had already started to irritate Yu Yuan.

In Ah Mu’s eyes, there can only be me.

Yu Yuan coldly looked at the child, so coldly that the child shivered.

“Don’t you feel like he’s very similar to the old you?” Yan Mu smiled at Yu Yuan.

“……So, you care about this kid so much because he looks like me?” Yu Yuan asked sullenly.

“Kinda.” Yan Mu nodded and crouched down to wipe the dirt off the child’s face.

Especially the child’s gaze, it was exactly the same as Yu Yuan’s back then.

This time, Yu Yuan didn’t stop Yan Mu anymore.


The tips of his ears were a little red, and the joy in his heart couldn’t be suppressed.

The child looked at Yu Yuan with disdain, then tilted his head to avoid Yan Mu’s movements.

“This little master yields to neither persuasion nor coercion, don’t think that you can soften me up by consoling me2怀柔政策 (huáiróu zhèngcè) – policy of control through conciliation; policy of mollification,” the child spoke forcefully and confidently3振振有辞 (zhènzhènyǒucí) – an idiom; speak plausibly and volubly (in self-justification); defend oneself loudly.

Just after his fierce words, Yan Mu heard the child’s stomach growl.


Then came a second sound.

The little boy’s face turned red, and he glared at Yan Mu as if he wanted to eat her alive.  

“……Wow, you’re amazing! You even know the word ‘consoling’?” Yan Mu’s eyes curved into a smile. She was afraid that the child would be angry from embarrassment4恼羞成怒 (nǎoxiū-chéngnù) – an idiom; to fly into a rage out of humiliation; , so she deliberately skipped over the small episode just now.

“Of course, this little master, I’m……” The child started speaking, then came to his senses and angrily said, “Don’t try to get a word out of me5套话 (tàohuà) – to try to worm facts out of somebody!”

“Alright, alright.” Yan Mu laughed as she stood up and said, “This brother and I are going to have supper, is there anything you want to eat?”

“Even if this little master dies, I won’t eat a bite of your food!” The child angrily said.

Yu Yuan couldn’t bear the sight of anyone shouting at Yan Mu, even if the other party was a child.


He picked up the child and threw him into the warehouse.

“We’ll interrogate him when we get back.” Yu Yuan took out the key and locked the door.

He wasn’t really hungry, but Yan Mu said she wanted to eat supper, so he would go.

The two walked out of the bookstore together and went to a nearby restaurant.

Yu Yuan ordered a steamed egg and Yan Mu ordered plain noodles in broth6How it looks like: .

“Do you have desserts here?” Yan Mu asked, “The kind that children love to eat.”

“Yes, yes, we have them,” The waiter hurriedly said. “Lord and Madam look young, your child should still be small, right?”

“Huh?” Yan Mu was stunned for a moment.

Good god, it’s fine if others mistakenly thought that she and Yu Yuan were husband and wife in the past, but now, others thought that they even had a child. 

Yan Mu felt subtle.

She was about to open her mouth to clarify, but Yu Yuan beat her to it and explained, “The child is eight or nine years old.”

Did Yu Yuan give in?


Yan Mu stared at Yu Yuan, but his expression was extremely calm.

Yu Yuan’s probably just too lazy to explain.

Yan Mu comforted herself.

“Yes, yes,” The waiter said. “For dessert, we have pine nut goose oil rolls7How it looks like:

First version:

Another version:
, and for meat dishes, we have soy-marinated dried salted duck8How it looks like: .”

“Wrap them up,” Yan Mu said.

“Ah Mu really spoils the child,” Yu Yuan’s tone sounded a little strange.

I wonder what it’ll be like when Ah Mu and I have a child in the future?

Yu Yuan’s mind moved slightly. It was obviously something that hadn’t even begun to take shape yet9八字还没一撇 (bāzìháiméiyīpiě) – lit. there is not even the first stroke of the character bā (八) (idiom); no signs of success yet, but he inexplicably felt expectant.

“If he doesn’t eat, then we’ll eat it. Isn’t it nice to chat while having supper?” Yan Mu thought that Yu Yuan was jealous of the child again.

Yu Yuan didn’t speak and lowered his head to taste the steamed egg.

“It’s not good, not as good as the one Ah Mu makes,” Yu Yuan said unhappily.

Yan Mu hadn’t cooked for him for a long time, and he missed her cooking.

“It isn’t?” Yan Mu was stunned, then casually picked up a spoon on the table and scooped a spoonful.

It was fresh, fragrant and soft, and even had the innovative10别出心裁 (biéchū-xīncái) – to hit on sth new (idiom); to display originality; to adopt an original approach addition  of dried clams, making it even more delicious than ordinary steamed eggs.

She thought it was pretty tasty.

Yan Mu held the spoon in her mouth, confused.

The young girl’s lips were pink and tender, with a glossy sheen.

Yu Yuan inexplicably remembered the kiss from last night.

“Ah Mu……” Yu Yuan’s gaze darkened, his voice a little hoarse, “That’s my spoon.”

Just now he had finished eating the steamed egg and put the spoon on the table.

He and Yan Mu were sitting at a table for two, and the table wasn’t big at all, so it was easy to get the two spoons mixed up when they were placed close together.

His words completely shocked Yan Mu, and her face flushed like a big red apple.

She was dumbfounded.

She even forgot to put the spoon down.

“Since Ah Mu used my spoon, then should I use Ah Mu’s spoon too?” Yu Yuan asked with his eyes down.

As he spoke, he reached out to take the spoon that she’d used.

“Y-you can’t!” Yan Mu almost jumped up.

She pulled the spoon out of her mouth and handed it to Yu Yuan.

“I’ll give it back to you!” Yan Mu was so anxious that her forehead broke out in a sweat.

Wait a minute……even if I return the spoon that originally belonged to Yu Yuan, isn’t it still the spoon I used?

Yan Mu was completely stunned.

She subconsciously gripped the spoon tighter.

Yu Yuan held her hand and stared at Yan Mu, then using extremely light and slow movements he opened up her fingers one by one.

Yan Mu blushed deep red from Yu Yuan’s gaze.

Her heart couldn’t stop beating wildly, and she seemed to hear the sound of her blood rushing through her veins.

Rationality had left her body, and she felt as if her entire body had been hit by an immobilizing spell.

She could only watch as Yu Yuan took the spoon and scooped up a spoonful of egg, then put it into his mouth.

“Ah Mu, it’s delicious.” The teenager looked up, his dark eyes seeming to contain a hint of flirtation.

His cold appearance gradually softened as well, and his bright red lips slightly curled up.

He did it on purpose!

Yu Yuan deliberately spoke so ambiguously.

Yan Mu saw through the teenager’s malicious behavior almost instantly.

But the teenager had a beauty like a demon that had strayed into the mortal world, and Yan Mu’s superficial dog trait flared up, so she couldn’t say a single word of blame.

The tip of her ears were bright red. She lowered her head in a fluster and finished the rest of the noodles.

Even with her head down, she could still feel the teenager’s scorching gaze looking at her.

Yu Yuan was overjoyed.

In addition to sleeping with Yan Mu last night, today was the happiest he’d been all month.

These days, because of Yan Mu’s estrangement from him, he had vented almost all of his energy during his missions.

Outside, he was the cold-faced Asura that made others tremble with fear11闻风丧胆 (wénfēng-sàngdǎn) – hear the wind and lose gall (idiom); terror-stricken at the news, but once he returned to that small courtyard, he would turn into the meek and obedient Yu Yuan again.

The Yu Yuan that only belonged to Yan Mu alone.

Even if Yan Mu wanted to leave him, it didn’t matter.

He would approach her and lock her firmly in a web of love, so that she could never escape.

Besides, he still had this face.

He had only learned last night that Yan Mu was particularly fond of his face.

He had never liked his overly bewitching and sinister looks since he was a child.

A b*stard growing up so beautiful had caused his already miserable childhood to be filled with even more finger pointed and uncalled for remarks.

It was also because of this face that he had to deliberately put on a mask when he went on missions.

But this burdensome face was also liked by Ah Mu.

So, from now on, this face wasn’t a useless waste. 

He could be proud of it.

Yu Yuan calmly finished the steamed egg and took initiative to go pay the bill.

The waiter had already packed the marinated dried salted duck and pine nut goose oil rolls, so the two took the oilpaper bag and headed back.

The night grew darker. 

The shops were closed and the lanterns hanging in front of the doors were blown out one by one.

Yan Mu had thought that she would be night blind, but surprisingly her vision didn’t turn completely black.

She could actually still see vague outlines of things.

I clearly haven’t replenished my lifespan lately!

Yan Mu felt a little strange. According to the past, she should’ve been so blind that she couldn’t see the road by now after not replenishing her lifespan for so long.

Could it be that the feng shui in the capital is so nurturing that even my night blindness has been cured?

Yan Mu muttered to herself.

Yu Yuan wasn’t aware of all this.

He thought Yan Mu was still night blind like before, so he immediately took her hand.

“Ah Mu, don’t be afraid, I’m here,” Yu Yuan softly said.

Yu Yuan was close to her, so Yan Mu could clearly see his movements and expression.

The teenager looked so gentle that even the moonlight would be intoxicated.

Yu Yuan interlocked fingers with her, and they walked down the path just the two of them.

For a moment, Yan Mu wished that time would stop and this road would never end.

The teenager was tall and he’d grown into a reliable figure.

Yan Mu’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and in the end, she pretended to still be night-blind and leaned closer to Yu Yuan’s side.

“Yeah, I can’t see, I’ll lean on you then,” she softly said.

For a moment, she saw an extremely dazzling light appear in the teenager’s eyes.

The teenager’s lips curled up a little as he silently squeezed their interlocking hands even tighter.

“Okay, I won’t let Ah Mu go,” the teenager promised.

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