After Transmigration, The Yandere’s Kiss Extends My Life

Chapter 51.1 Stubbornness

Yu Yuan stared at Yan Mu’s profile, his eyes both bright and gloomy.

He didn’t understand why Yan Mu suddenly wanted to stay away from him.

“Did I do something wrong?” He lowered his eyes and asked dejectedly.

“No.” Yan Mu froze, then sighed and slowly said, “You didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just that we’ve grown up.”

So because we’ve grown up, I’m going to lose Ah Mu?


Yu Yuan remembered all the matters from the past, and in the end, his mind fixated on that kiss.

If she didn’t like me, then why did she kiss me?

Causing him to have…… such high expectations.

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Yu Yuan’s gaze flickered, and he suddenly lifted his head, staring at Yan Mu for a long moment.


“I’ll do whatever Ah Mu says.” Yu Yuan’s expression looked extremely sincere. “I promise you.”

As long as I can stay by Ah Mu’s side, I can do whatever.

Even if Ah Mu asks me to keep my distance, I’ll still agree.

As long as she doesn’t throw me away, I can do anything.

Yu Yuan looked at Yan Mu seriously.

She was stunned by the teenager’s simple but fiery gaze.

Being watched by such a gaze made her inexplicably feel like she had done something bad.

But Yan Mu had to harden her heart and replied to Yu Yuan with a faint hum.

They’d come back quite early, so the others weren’t back yet.

There were only her and Yu Yuan in the carriage, so she felt a little awkward.

She thought for a moment, then said, “I’ll go see my dad.”

After speaking, without waiting for Yu Yuan’s reply, she jumped down from the carriage.


Yu Yuan’s outstretched hand froze in mid-air.

He watched as the young girl landed safely on the ground with relief, then silently retracted his hand.

The phrase “I’ll go with you” was stuck in his throat.

He sat in the carriage, silently watching Yan Mu’s back disappear.


You clearly said that you wouldn’t throw me away.


Yan Mu approached the carriage where Father Yan was like a wisp of smoke1一溜烟 (yīliùyān) – an adverb; (to disappear etc) in an instant; very quickly.

Father Yan was having an animated conversation with someone, and when he saw Yan Mu, he hurriedly asked, “The sun is scorching at noon, why are you here?”

“I came to see dad,” Yan Mu smiled and said. “This is?”

“Oh, this is Xiao Qing2庆 (qìng) – celebrate; congratulate, his father is a gardener at the residence. I’m thinking that, since I’ve planted crops for half a lifetime, and don’t know how to do anything else, I might as well learn to tend the flowers and plants in the residence. After all, this is also considered farming,” Father Yan happily said.

“Okay,” Yan Mu nodded.


Father Yan was a farmer, honest and straightforward, and he didn’t know the twists and turns of politics.

The job of a gardener was more leisurely, and far from power and wealth disputes, so it suited him.

“Lady Yan, why aren’t you with your husband today?” Xiao Qing asked.

“……Husband?” Both Yan Mu and Father Yan were stunned.

Before Yan Mu could react, Father Yan solemnly asked, “Who’s her husband? Yan Mu, did you secretly get engaged?!”

“Yu Yuan! Isn’t he Lady Yan’s husband?” Xiao Qing was also a little confused.

He’d also heard about the large bedroom incident, so he’d always assumed that Yu Yuan was Yan Mu’s husband.

However, once he saw Yan Mu and Father Yan’s shocked expressions, he was suddenly a little uncertain.

“You misunderstood, Yu Yuan is Yan Mu’s foster brother.” Father Yan’s heart eased, and he laughed and clapped his hands.

He’d thought that Yan Mu was dating behind his back, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding.

“……That’s right, I only see him as my older brother,” Yan Mu said after a moment in a muffled voice.

“I see.” After all, Xiao Qing was Chu Cong’s follower, so he quickly figured out what was going on.


Most likely, His Highness had insisted on matchmaking them on a whim.

Realizing this, Xiao Qing immediately apologized, “I’m sorry, I misunderstood and offended you two.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright,” Father Yan smiled and said. “She and Yu Yuan are close, and both of them are good looking, so it’s inevitable for people to misunderstand.”

Yan Mu listened from the side and was unusually silent.

“Daughter, isn’t that right?” Father Yan casually asked.

“……Mmm.” Yan Mu forced out a smile.

Humans were such strange creatures.

Obviously she’d suggested keeping a distance from Yu Yuan first, and she also knew from the start that she wouldn’t have a happy ending with him.

But when she was in front of everyone, admitting that she and Yu Yuan had nothing to do with each other——

Her heart felt extremely bitter.

I’m so mean.

Yan Mu let out a long sigh.

That’s enough.

All the unrealistic delusions, all the feelings that shouldn’t exist, should stop now.

Before this seed breaks through the ground and grows into a tall tree;

Before these unbreakable and tangled emotions take over my heart completely.

From now on, she wouldn’t do anything that would overstep the boundary with Yu Yuan, except for stealing kisses.

So, everything should stop here.

Yan Mu lowered her head.

No one noticed the teenager who was covering his abdomen and quietly left.

Yu Yuan clutched his abdomen.

He felt like his stomach hurt even more.

He originally thought that his heart was already as tough as steel.

But it couldn’t withstand the sentence, “I only see him as my older brother.”

At that moment, all his strength and pretense fell apart.

Yan Mu clearly didn’t do anything.

But he still threw away his armor3丢盔弃甲 (diūkuī-qìjiǎ) – an idiom; throw away everything in headlong flight route, utterly defeated4溃不成军 (kuìbùchéngjūn) – an idiom; (of troops) be utterly routed; be beaten to a mummy; break and scatter.

Yu Yuan covered his face and sat down with his back against a big tree.

His stomach was hurting terribly, but he was reluctant to spit up the chili.

Turns out, it was all my own delusion.

Such a nice girl should never have crossed paths with him.

He was still the same lowly, unlovable b*stard in the dirt.

Used to be, and still was.

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