After Transmigration, The Yandere’s Kiss Extends My Life

Chapter 48 Agitated

Yan Mu stared at Yu Yuan, so nervous that she didn’t even dare to breathe.

The teenager’s sleeping face was still so peaceful, as if that embrace just now was Yan Mu’s illusion.

But the sensation on her waist was real.

Yan Mu bit her lip as her brain worked at full speed.

With Yu Yuan’s vigilant character, he should’ve long woken up after she questioned him.


But right now, he was still sleeping soundly, without the slightest hint of waking.    

Could Yu Yuan be pretending to be asleep?

As soon as she’d had this conjecture, Yan Mu immediately panicked.

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Wait a minute, why is my head thinking about this kind of stuff!


Yan Mu shook her head, trying to shake the yellow1黄色 (huángsè) – decadent; obscene; pornographic; dirty trash out of her head.

Her action seemed to have disturbed the teenager as he slightly frowned and slowly opened his eyes.

“Ah Mu?” The teenager sounded sleepy. 

He rubbed his eyes and they seemed to look drowsy as if he’d just woken up.

“Mmm?” Yan Mu was startled.

She inexplicably felt like she was caught doing something bad, and her expression looked extremely unnatural.

“Ah Mu, what’s wrong with you, can’t sleep?” The teenager’s voice was languid and hoarse, with a rare hint of softness.

“Ah? No! I just woke up,” Yan Mu snapped back to her senses and hurriedly said.

“It’s still very early, Ah Mu can still nap for a while,” the teenager said, half-awake, then closed his eyes again.

The hand on Yan Mu’s waist wrapped around and Yu Yuan hugged her to sleep extremely naturally.

The teenager’s face was buried in the crook of Yan Mu’s neck, and his warm breath sprinkled on it, tickling her heart.

Is it possible……Yu Yuan really didn’t discover anything?


Yan Mu pretended to be calm.

But out of a woman’s sixth sense, Yan Mu kept feeling like something wasn’t right.

So, she tentatively asked, “Yu Yuan, I just had a nightmare and called you several times, but you didn’t respond.”

Yu Yuan vaguely responded, then patted Yan Mu’s back.

“Ah Mu, don’t be afraid, I’ll stay with you,” Yu Yuan coaxed Yan Mu like he was coaxing a child.

For a moment, Yan Mu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

“You didn’t respond when I called you so many times, I was afraid you were having a nightmare too,” Yan Mu half-jokingly2半真半假 (bànzhēn-bànjiǎ) – (idiom) half true and half false; half-genuine, half-sham; half in jest; half in earnest and tentatively said.

At an angle that Yan Mu couldn’t see, Yu Yuan’s eyes were clear.

His mouth curved into a vague smile, and he continued to talk in a dazed tone, “I just dreamed about when I first met Ah Mu.”

“Back then, I was in so much pain, but no one cared about me.” Yu Yuan nuzzled the crook of Yan Mu’s neck. “Only Ah Mu held your hand out to me, only Ah Mu was different.”

“Mmm……” Yan Mu remembered how Yu Yuan used to be, and her heart suddenly softened.

For a moment, she didn’t know how to continue questioning him.


The teenager quietly hugged her, Yan Mu thought it over, and in the end, she didn’t speak.

The two snuggled in each other’s arms, and with Yu Yuan still gently patting her back, Yan Mu actually fell asleep again.

Seeing that Yan Mu was relaxed, Yu Yuan sighed in relief.

He didn’t regret his actions just now.

But he regretted that he’d made Yan Mu feel apprehensive.

Remembering that Yan Mu had been staring at him for a long time without sleeping, Yu Yuan was suddenly a little distressed.

He looked at her sleeping face and sighed.

One day, he would openly kiss Yan Mu.

But now, he needed to restrain himself.

Holding a handful of her black hair, Yu Yuan lowered his head and placed a gentle kiss.

He looked sincere, like the most devout believer of the gods.



Yan Mu was woken up by Yu Yuan.

The sky was already bright when she opened her eyes.

“Hurry and get up, otherwise, uncle will find out we’re sleeping together,” Yu Yuan’s words instantly awakened Yan Mu.

She hurriedly got up to wash up.

Originally, she thought nothing of it, but once she heard Yu Yuan’s words, she immediately had the misconception that they were having a love affair.

Yan Mu scooped up a handful of cold water to calm the nervousness3悸动 (jìdòng) – palpitate from nervousness in her heart.  

Yu Yuan had already washed up earlier and was packing his luggage on the side.

By the time Yan Mu had finished packing her things, Yu Yuan had already finished putting away his own luggage. She was about to reach out and take it, but then saw him walk out of the room carrying both their bags.

“What are you standing there for?” Yu Yuan turned around and asked.

“I-it’s nothing,” Yan Mu was stunned for a while, then chased after him.

The two of them were the first to wake up.

The lobby was quite empty. Apart from them, there was just a young couple.

In this era, folks4民风 (mínfēng) – folkways; local traits; traditional customs were open-minded5开放 (kāifàng) – outgoing; to bloom; to open; to open up; unrestrained by convention; unconstrained in one’s sexuality. The newlyweds sat together and were passionately in love6干柴烈火 (gānchái-lièhuǒ) – dry wood near a fierce fire; dry wood and a raging fire; an explosive situation, unable to keep their hands off each other.

Yan Mu had seen more than this in modern times, and was unimpressed7不以为然 (bùyǐwéirán) – not to accept as correct (idiom); to object; to disapprove; to take exception to, feeling aloof.

But when she turned around, she found Yu Yuan also staring at the couple.

Yu Yuan wouldn’t easily blush now like he did before.

He was clearly only a half-grown teenager, but he’d already learned to bury his emotions in his heart.

Sometimes, even Yan Mu didn’t know what Yu Yuan was really thinking.

A thought crossed Yan Mu’s mind and she asked Yu Yuan, “What do you think of them like this?”

“……Think of them?” Yu Yuan looked a little confused.

He subconsciously tilted his head, his beautiful face once again causing a critical hit to Yan Mu.

“Well, it’s……” Yan Mu gritted her teeth and asked, “What was your first thought when you saw them kissing each other?”

“I don’t like it.” Yu Yuan replied without hesitation. “It’s quite disgusting.”

“……” Yan Mu was dumbfounded.

So one day, if Yu Yuan discovers that I stole a kiss from him, will he feel disgusted too?

At the thought of being hated by Yu Yuan, Yan Mu didn’t feel good anymore.

Yu Yuan looked at the suddenly dispirited Yan Mu, and seemed to think of something as a hint of realization suddenly flashed in his eyes.

“Because it’s someone else, so I find it annoying,” Yu Yuan added. “But if I do it with someone I like8两情相悦 (liǎngqíngxiāngyuè) – (of a couple) to be harmonious; to be each other’s sunshine; liking each other…… I won’t dislike it.”

For example, Yan Mu. When she kissed him, not only did he not feel annoyed, he felt happy instead.

After listening to Yu Yuan’s words, Yan Mu felt even worse inside.

Two people who like each other.

She and Yu Yuan weren’t in that kind of relationship at all.

Yu Yuan is the main male lead in a no cp9cp – couple; no cp stories can also mean stories without romance shuangwen10a type/genre of novel that usually gives readers a pleased and refreshing feeling. How can she and Yu Yuan be in love with each other?

Yu Yuan’s response and his ambiguous attitude, have I been discovered or not?

Yan Mu felt a headache coming on.

Yu Yuan thought that Yan Mu was dwelling on last night’s incident and didn’t want to push her too hard, so he didn’t ask any further.

He picked up the menu and looked at it for a moment, then asked Yan Mu what she wanted to eat.

Big Boss Chu Cong had paid for both food and accommodation, so they could order whatever was on the menu.

Yan Mu was very worried right now, so she casually swept her eyes over the menu and asked for a pot of Fen Liquor11汾酒 (fénjiǔ) – sorghum-based Chinese liquor; distilled in Fenyang (汾阳), Shanxi Province.

“Drinking in the morning?” Yu Yuan’s hand that was flipping through the menu paused.

He frowned at Yan Mu, his face full of disapproval.

“Forget it, I want a pot of tea.” Yan Mu dejectedly hung her head.

“Drinking tea on an empty stomach will give you a stomach ache,” Yu Yuan said, still disapproving. 

He turned his head to the inn waiter and said, “A pot of tea, then two salted duck eggs, two bowls of white porridge, and a plate of salted vegetables.”

He looked at the noodle section again and said, “And also two baskets of xiaolongbao12小笼包 – steamed dumplings; usually with filing inside.

How it looks like:
, and four steamed buns13.

His worried look was just like a male mother’s.

There weren’t many customers at this time, so the food was quickly served.

The whole table was packed full with their steaming breakfast.

Yan Mu watched as Yu Yuan picked up a xiaolongbao, then put it into his mouth to taste.

The teenager’s cheeks were bulging, and he looked extremely serious as he chewed the food with his eyes down.

Yan Mu’s gaze inadvertently fell upon his red lips.

The teenager’s lips were plump, looking even glossier with a few drops of oil on them.

Yan Mu’s mind once again unconsciously recalled the scene from last night. 

Why do I keep thinking of these things today?!

Yan Mu covered her head in distress. 

“……Ah Mu, what’s wrong with you?” Yu Yuan asked worriedly.

With his pitch-black pupils and fair complexion, he was as pretty as a siren who had strayed into the mortal world.

He looked so innocent, and seemed to be oblivious about what had happened last night.

This made Yan Mu feel even more agitated.

“I’ll go outside to get some air, you eat by yourself.” Yan Mu abruptly stood up.

She felt very unhappy, but as to why she was unwell14不得劲儿 (bùdéjìnr) – awkward; embarrassed, Yan Mu couldn’t put it into words.

Yan Mu walked to the entrance of the inn and watched the koi swimming around in the inn’s pond.

She asked for a plate of fish food from the waiter and sprinkled it in to feed the fish for fun.

Next to her, a waiter was standing at the door, attracting customers.

It’s just that it was early morning now and there weren’t many people on the streets.

So, the waiter relaxed and started to casually chat with Yan Mu15有一搭没一搭 (yǒu yīdā méi yīdā) – conversing for the sake of conversing.

“Young lady, how old are you?”

“Oh, sixteen, you’re about the same age as my sister.”

“Do you know what kind of person the mister who booked the whole inn is? Oh, yesterday, I saw that he was very generous. He casually pulled out a very big silver ingot……”

Yan Mu and the waiter were laughing politely as they casually chatted.

Perhaps talking had distracted her, she felt like her heart was less agitated.

The waiter’s younger sister had just gotten married recently, and when he saw that Yan Mu was about the same age as his sister, he started to tell her interesting stories about when his sister was a child.

He said that his sister had still wet the bed when she was five, and she was afraid of being punished afterwards, so she purposely fetched water to wet the whole family’s bedding, then made an excuse that it was wet from a rain leak. 

Hearing this, Yan Mu couldn’t help but laugh as well.

Yu Yuan’s face was gloomy.

He was sitting in a position where he could perfectly see the side of Yan Mu’s face.

The inn waiter’s back was facing him, so he couldn’t see what he was talking about.

But he saw Yan Mu smiling at the inn waiter. 

Yu Yuan’s face darkened and he fiercely stabbed his chopsticks into a bun.

He lifted the bun and took a hard bite.

The bun was white and fluffy, looking extremely similar to Yan Mu.

One bite after another, the more Yu Yuan ate, the angrier he felt.

Yan Mu had obviously kissed him yesterday, but today she was smiling so happily at another man.

Yu Yuan was upset.

He put down his half-eaten bun.

Without Yan Mu to eat with him, Yu Yuan found it tasteless16索然无味 (suǒrán wú wèi) – flat and insipid (idiom).

He lowered his eyes and said to the other waiter, “Call him over for him and have him pack my xiaolongbao and steamed buns.”

After speaking, he pointed at the waiter who was chatting with Yan Mu.

The waiter in front of him had seen Chu Cong’s lavishness, and for the moment, he couldn’t figure out the identity of the person in front of him, so he didn’t dare to say much and hurriedly went to call that waiter.

Not long after, the waiter who was chatting with Yan Mu came over.

“Wrap up all the xiaolongbao and steamed buns, right, sir?” the waiter asked with a smile.

Yu Yuan frowned and stared at him, silent.

The man in front of him had a dark complexion, and was born with a square face.

No matter how he looked at him, he had the complete opposite of Yu Yuan’s appearance.

Does Yan Mu like this type of guy? Yu Yuan’s gaze that was looking at the waiter instantly turned unkind.


The author has something to say:

Our Yuanyuan is such a good actor hahahaha

PS: A certain male lead looks wanton and unrestrained, but he only dared to kiss Yan Mu’s hair while she was asleep.

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