After Transmigration, The Yandere’s Kiss Extends My Life

Chapter 47 Third Kiss

Yan Mu turned her body and lay on her stomach like a salted fish.

The teenager’s fingers were slightly trembling as he slowly lifted her undershirt from the bottom up.

The young girl’s waist was slender, and her skin was smooth, soft, and glossy. She also had two small and adorable back dimples.

Unfortunately, there was a large bruise near her spine.

Yu Yuan looked distressed.


He gently touched the bruise and said in a low voice, “Is it very painful?”

“It hurts,” Yan Mu gritted her teeth.

“I’ll apply medicine for you.” Yu Yuan retracted his hand, got off the bed, and went to get a bottle of safflower oil1There are many brands of safflower oil and here’s one of them: from his bundle.

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Her toes curled up, and afraid that Yu Yuan would keep applying medicine for her, she hid the foot that kicked the stool.


For once, Yu Yuan didn’t notice Yan Mu’s little movements. His body paused slightly, and he calmly withdrew his hand, then nodded.

He put away the safflower oil.

Yan Mu was afraid that the safflower oil would get on her underclothes, so she lay on her stomach to let it dry for a while.

She watched as Yu Yuan busied about, then suddenly realized a very serious problem.

“Yu Yuan, what’ll happen if dad finds out we’re sleeping together in the same room?” she asked worriedly.

There were only a few rooms in the inn, if he knew that she and Yu Yuan slept in the same room……

Yan Mu didn’t even dare to imagine that horrible scene.

“Uncle probably won’t find out,” Yu Yuan thought it over and said seriously. “Uncle is on the third floor, and we’re on the second floor; besides, uncle always sleeps early, so when we came back to the inn just now, I’m guessing he already went to bed.”

Yan Mu frowned.

She still felt a little worried.

“It’s alright. We’ll get up early tomorrow and check out before uncle, so he won’t know we’re sleeping together in one room.” Yu Yuan sat down beside Yan Mu.

The young girl’s hair was as dark as a black cloud. Although it had been dried, it still looked damp.


Remembering the way Yan Mu had combed his hair, Yu Yuan picked up the comb and began to comb her hair in the same way he’d just learned.

When Yan Mu was taking a bath just now, she felt uncomfortable remembering that there was a man in the room.

So, she quickly2速战速决 (sùzhàn-sùjué) – a blitzkrieg strategy (idiom); to resolve sth in the shortest time possible; act promptly; to get something done quickly bathed, washed her hair, and got out after getting dressed, without even brushing her hair.

Yu Yuan carefully combed the young girl’s hair.

Her wavy hair was like seaweed at the bottom of the ocean, tightly entangling his entire being along with his heart.

“Does it hurt?” He leaned down and asked in the young girl’s ear as he brushed her hair.

“It doesn’t,” Yan Mu said, squinting her eyes.

Yu Yuan immediately felt relieved.

While Yan Mu was closing her eyes, he secretly hid a few strands of her black hair that had fallen off into his sleeve.

“Done.” He got up and put the comb away, and incidentally transferred the few strands of hair into his bundle.

Yan Mu stretched out her hand and touched her bruise. The safflower oil seemed to be almost dry.

So she put down her lifted clothes and obediently rolled under the quilt, waiting for Yu Yuan.


The young girl revealed only half her face.

Her dark apricot eyes were clear, clean, and seemed to contain a hint of shyness.

Yu Yuan’s heart slightly fluttered. He blew out the candle and lay down beside Yan Mu.

“Hurry up and sleep, we still need to get up early tomorrow to quickly get going,” Yu Yuan whispered.

“Oh,” Yan Mu nodded.

She couldn’t sleep.

Her foot that kicked the stool was hurting, along with her bumped waist.

Yan Mu turned her body over, facing Yu Yuan.

Her night blindness had gotten severe again, since it had been too long since she’d replenished her lifespan.

She couldn’t see Yu Yuan’s face clearly. Although she opened her eyes wide, all she could see was darkness.

The night wind whistled and hit against the window with a cracking sound.

Yan Mu shrank back.


“What’s wrong?” The sound of turning over came from beside her.

“Suddenly coming to an unfamiliar place, I’m a little unused to it, so I can’t sleep,” Yan Mu said.

There was only silence beside her.

Just when Yan Mu thought Yu Yuan was asleep, an arm suddenly appeared on her waist.

His arm was properly placed on her waist, and there were no other movements that crossed the line.

He was silently enduring and restraining himself.   

“Go to sleep,” The teenager’s voice seemed softer than usual in the dark silence of the night. “Don’t be afraid, I’m here with you.”

His hand gently covered Yan Mu’s eyes.

“Okay.” Her heart warmed and she obediently closed her eyes.

Her long and thin eyelashes brushed across his palm, creating a tingling and numbing sensation.

Yu Yuan retracted that hand and softly sighed as he looked at Yan Mu’s sleeping face.

It looks like I won’t be able to sleep tonight.


Being around Yu Yuan gave Yan Mu a strong sense of security. She originally thought of stealing a kiss from Yu Yuan after he fell asleep, but in the end, she really fell asleep.

When she woke up again, the sky was already a little bright, and she guessed it was about four or five o’clock in the morning.

Yan Mu was able to see things clearly in such brightness.

Her back was facing Yu Yuan, and his arm was still resting on her waist.

She yawned and looked down at her clothes again.

Although they were slightly wrinkled, her skin wasn’t exposed and she was completely covered.

Yu Yuan was indeed not fond of women.

Yan Mu immediately felt at ease.

In the book, Yu Yuan was a man who was very dedicated to his work. He put all his energy into opening up new territory, expanding land, and governing state affairs.

Although he wasn’t that powerful minister yet, he already had the shadow of his future self.

Yan Mu felt hopeful that she could go back home, so she was delighted.

She carefully removed the arm around her waist and then gently turned her body over. 

Just now, she didn’t feel anything while she was asleep, but now that she woke up, she felt like her body hurt even more.

Yan Mu looked at Yu Yuan beside her, and was ready to secretly replenish her lifespan.

Yu Yuan was lying on his side with his face towards her.

His eyelashes hung down like raven feathers, casting a faint shadow, making the teenager in front of her look even more exquisite.

This was the first time Yan Mu had looked at him so closely.

Yu Yuan’s skin seemed to look better up close.

Yan Mu couldn’t help but reach out her wolf hand to touch him.

His skin texture was so fine and smooth that you couldn’t even see a single pore.

How jealous would other people be?

She could only say that he wasn’t the male lead for nothing. He also had the aura of a male lead.

Yan Mu softly sighed in her heart.

She wiggled towards Yu Yuan again, closing the distance between them.

The teenager’s red lips were exceptionally attractive, reminding Yan Mu of a fully ripened cherry.

Yan Mu involuntarily swallowed.

By the time she reacted to what was going on in her head, Yan Mu was shocked.

She actually had thoughts about her own ‘son’!

I’m such a beast!!!

Yan Mu felt extremely remorseful.

She took a deep breath and self-hypnotized herself in her head: this is just to replenish my lifespan, it doesn’t have any perverted meaning, I have no other way3迫不得已 (pòbùdéyǐ) – have no alternative (idiom); (do something) against one’s will.

She silently repeated this three times in her mind before she felt slightly calmer.

Then, she took a deep breath and went to kiss the teenager.


Actually, Yu Yuan had been up all night.

He was a normal man, and the young girl he admired was lying next to him, covered under the same quilt as him.

How could he possibly sleep in such a situation!

Although he’d lost a whole night of sleep, not only was Yu Yuan not angry, but he also felt exceptionally happy.

His Ah Mu was by his side, tightly held by him.

At least at this moment, Ah Mu was his alone, and no one could snatch her away from him.

Yu Yuan felt elated.

He leaned over and gently sniffed the sweet scent of the young girl’s beautiful hair.

How nice, it’s the same fragrance as mine.

Yu Yuan’s hand that was wrapped around the young girl’s waist unconsciously tightened.

Suddenly, a soft moan came from the young girl’s side.

Then, she yawned, and seemed to have woken up.

He had woken Ah Mu up.

Yu Yuan pursed his lips, feeling exceptionally remorseful inside.

The young girl’s body moved slightly, as if she was trying to turn around.

Yu Yuan felt inexplicably guilty, and he hurriedly closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

However, the young girl turned over and stared at him without speaking.

Being stared at by the person he admired, he inevitably felt a little restless4心猿意马 (xīnyuán-yìmǎ) – lit. heart like a frisky monkey, mind like a cantering horse (idiom);.

Yu Yuan’s hand hidden under the quilt tightly clenched into a fist, his fingernails digging into his palm. He seemed to almost use up the greatest amount of self-control in his life to barely keep a calm expression.

I wonder what’s on Ah Mu’s mind when she’s looking at me? Could she have found out that I’m pretending to be asleep? 

If Ah Mu found out I’m pretending to be asleep, will she misunderstand that I’m feeling guilty because I behaved dishonorably?

In an instant, many conjectures flashed through Yu Yuan’s mind.

He was apprehensive, and if Yan Mu had observed carefully enough, she would’ve noticed that a cold layer of sweat had appeared on the teenager’s forehead.

But, Yan Mu stared at him without moving for a long time.

Yu Yuan’s heart was beating faster and faster.

At last, the young girl moved.

Before Yu Yuan could fully relax, the young girl’s lips kissed his.

Yu Yuan was so shocked that he almost immediately opened his eyes.

But he held back.

He was worried that if he exposed Ah Mu secretly kissing him, she would be angry from shame5恼羞成怒 (nǎoxiū-chéngnù) – to be shamed into anger (idiom) and would never kiss him again.

Yu Yuan’s eyes were closed, his eyelashes slightly trembling.

This time, the kiss seemed different from the previous ones.

Yan Mu’s lips stayed a little longer than usual.

Their breaths blended together, and Yu Yuan’s heart was beating like a drum.

His normally clever brain had completely stopped working, and he became so stupid that he almost stopped breathing.

Finally, when Yu Yuan was about to suffocate, Yan Mu’s body slightly moved, and it seemed like she was about to leave.

His heart inexplicably felt a little lost.

Making up his mind, Yu Yuan suddenly pulled the young girl who was about to leave back into his arms.

The young girl’s warmth traveled through her thin underclothes to his palms. 

Yu Yuan’s nose was filled with Yan Mu’s smell.

He wasn’t sure whose black hair fell on his face, creating a hint of a heart trembling itch.

He closed his eyes and lay still, tightly hugging the young girl.  

Yan Mu seemed dumbfounded.

She didn’t move for a long time, actually forgetting to struggle free.

I wonder what Yan Mu’s thinking right now? Yu Yuan mischievously guessed.

But his expression remained calm, not looking any different.

How he wished time could stop right now.

At this moment, he was holding the woman he loved in his arms, and their lips were connected.

At this moment, all his worries and childhood misfortunes seemed to have vanished. 

This moment was the happiest Yu Yuan had been in sixteen years.

After a long time, the young girl in his arms finally came back to her senses.

She reached out her hand and gently pushed Yu Yuan away, gasping slightly as she turned her head to the side.

The young girl’s breath sprinkled on his ear, creating an unusual numbing sensation.

He heard her helplessly say, “Yu Yuan, are you awake?”


The author has something to say:

Ah Mu is too naive.

The terms opening up a new territory and expanding the land can also be used for women.

Edited by: Gaze

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