After Transmigration, The Yandere’s Kiss Extends My Life

Chapter 40.2 Revenge

So, Chu Cong smiled and leisurely1慢条斯理 (màntiáo-sīlǐ) – an idiom; leisurely/unhurriedly said, “You’re not selling? Do you think this young master won’t smash your shop?”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t,” Yan Mu was anxious, “Right now we can’t afford it.”

Her manuscript payment was spent on buying food and necessities, and she’d spent almost all of it. She really didn’t want to add on another unnecessary expense.

She wasn’t worried about Yu Yuan, since in order to protect himself, he’d played dirty tricks in secret without leaving any evidence. 

But Chu Cong was different, she knew him too well. Chu Cong’s personality was cynical2玩世不恭 (wánshì-bùgōng) – to trifle without respect (idiom); thumb one’s nose at the world; to despise worldly conventions/frivolous, hypocritical3表里不一 (biǎolǐ-bùyī) – outside appearance and inner reality differ (idiom); not what it seems; two-faced; saying one thing but meaning something different, and clever but not diligent. He was a dandy prince that wanted to see the world burn4Its meaning was mentioned in the previous footnote..


She was really afraid that Chu Cong would thrash this person’s shop.

Right now, Yan Mu felt extremely troubled. She felt like none of her kids in her novel were normal.

If time could be reversed, Yan Mu would rather have never started this book. 

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“It’s delicious, this is a pure free-range chicken, the skin of the chicken leg is smooth and chewy, it’s particularly fragrant,” Yan Mu knew that Yu Yuan was lying because he was reluctant to eat it.


Yu Yuan glanced at the chicken leg, his Adam’s apple slightly rolled, then he firmly shook his head.

Good things should be given to Ah Mu to eat. On this point, Yu Yuan was extremely aware.

Chu Cong watched the two making eyes at each other and once again felt like making trouble.

“Lady Yan, since Yu Yuan said he doesn’t like chicken legs, why don’t we share the same chicken leg?” Chu Cong said with an innocent face.

As soon as his words fell, he could feel an icy glare fall on his face.

“Although I like white meat, since Ah Mu said the chicken leg is delicious, I’ll eat it.” 

When he thought of Chu Cong sharing the same chicken leg with Yan Mu, a gloomy feeling welled up in his heart. As if to deliberately piss off Chu Cong, he quickly ate up the chicken leg that Yan Mu had split into two.

Father Yan witnessed the whole scene from the side and just thought that Chu Cong had a big appetite, “Good child, you can have uncle’s chicken leg.” 

Chu Cong looked stunned, as if he didn’t expect things to develop in this direction. Although he liked to play pranks, he still knew the basic of the four social bonds7礼义廉耻 (lǐ-yì-lián-chǐ) – sense of propriety, justice, integrity and honor (i.e. the four social bonds, sìwéi [四维]).

It was too inappropriate for him to stay in someone else’s house and snatch the head of the family’s chicken leg.

“No…….” Before he could finish his words, Father Yan had picked up his chicken leg and given it to Chu Cong. Chu Cong was just about to return it, but he saw Father Yan already holding up his bowl and starting to eat8扒饭 (páfàn) – to push food into one’s mouth using chopsticks while holding one’s bowl up to one’s mouth.

Chu Cong’s gaze slightly flickered. He knew that Father Yan did it on purpose in order to keep him from giving it back to him. He was silent for a moment, then put the chicken leg back into his bowl and took small bites of it.



In the dead of the night, Yu Yuan asked to share the bed again just like last night.

 What happened once, can happen again. Besides, Yan Mu had no resistance to Yu Yuan’s face at all. So tonight, Yu Yuan also succeeded in climbing into her bed.

Yan Mu was uncomfortable at first, but gradually became numb. It had been a while since the last time she replenished her lifespan, and her body was starting to weaken again.

So it didn’t take long for Yan Mu to fall asleep. Only after she fell asleep did Yu Yuan open his eyes.

His eyes were clear and bright, without the slightest hint of disorientation from just waking up. He gently9轻手轻脚 (qīngshǒu-qīngjiǎo) – (to move or do something) softly and quietly (idiom) got out of bed and left the room.

He changed into his outdoor clothes. Just as he pushed open the courtyard door, he heard a familiar voice ring out behind him.

“I knew you wouldn’t sleep,” Chu Cong said.

Yu Yuan looked back and saw Chu Cong also dressed, and a look of understanding instantly flashed through his eyes.

“What did you prepare?” Chu Cong leaned over and asked.

“Croton10a strong purgative,” Yu Yuan took out a packet of something, “What about you?”

Chu Cong smiled and opened the bag in his hand. It was actually a whole bag of caterpillars.


Yu Yuan raised an eyebrow and said, “It’ll be too obvious if you do that. They’ll easily guess who did it.”

“So what if they know?” Chu Cong laughed and said, “I just marked some signals nearby, so probably by tomorrow, my servants will come to me. If the villagers find out and want to cause trouble, I can just use force to suppress them.”

“Suppression?” Yu Yuan’s eyes slightly darkened and he nonchalantly asked, “Do you have servants?”

“……Not much,” Chu Cong was stunned for a moment before replying.

He was afraid that Yu Yuan would further inquire, so he hurried ahead of him.

Yu Yuan stared at Chu Cong’s back, lost in thought.

A wealthy and noble family, being chased to death, fleeing, and has many servants that can immediately suppress the villagers.

The clues were connected little by little. A bold guess suddenly appeared in his mind.

Yu Yuan silently followed behind Chu Cong. If Chu Cong was really what he thought, then everything might have a favorable turn.

He was completely fed up with this village and wanted to leave here with Ah Mu and Father Yan. And Chu Cong was a key turning point.

In his heart, Yu Yuan had decided to take a huge gamble. So, he didn’t stop Chu Cong from releasing the caterpillars.

The two climbed over the wall to the student’s home, then tacitly split up. Yu Yuan went to place the croton and Chu Cong went to release the caterpillars.


Chu Cong took the opportunity to quietly sneak into the bedroom while the male student was fast asleep. First, he poured a bunch of caterpillars into his bedding, then, spotting a pair of pants thrown on the ground, he deliberately threw a few more into the crotch of the garment.

After finishing, both of them quietly left.


The next morning, the door of Old Yan’s house rattled from all the knocking. Yan Mu opened the door with confusion, only to see a group of villagers surrounding the door.

They were all worked up, and when they saw Yan Mu, they looked even more angry and disgusted.

“Demon girl!”

Someone had picked up a stone, raised his hand, and threw it towards Yan Mu’s face.


The author has something to say:

Yu Yuan actually guessed Chu Cong’s identity, he wants to leave the village by borrowing his hand (In the next chapter, he’ll leave the village) 

Edited by: Gaze

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