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Daikin Dynasty is open to folk customs. Everyone practices martial arts. Usually wounds are not a problem, but diseases will fall to you over time. It is especially painful when you are old, and the medicine to nourish the body is expensive. Older people are too slow to absorb the medicine, and they can’t get five times the effect after spending ten times the money. Everyone wants a good medicine that has a strong effect and does not hurt the body.

Fanyun Mountain Villa was built during ancient times. It specializes in refining the beneficial substances in herbal medicines into pills, and supplements massage exercises. Daily adherence can greatly alleviate the damage of the human body, and the price is affordable. As a result, Fanyun Mountain Villa was striving for gold every day, and gradually gained a foothold in the south of the Yangtze River. After hundreds of years of continuous management by the Yun family, they became the medicine emperor of the southern Yangtze River.

In this generation of Yun family, the head of the family Yun Qishan, 30 years old, has fair skin, slender figure, and attractive appearance. Because of the proper maintenance of Yun family medicine, he was like a twenty-five to twenty-six year old young man in Jiangnan.

The eldest son, Yun Bufan, 17 years old, handsome and mighty, has always disliked things at home. He only likes to practice martial arts, everyday, he finds his master to learn from him.

The second son, Yun Feiyang, 16 years old, is tall and sexy. He especially loves to study medicine. Every time a new medicine appears, it will inevitably increase the reputation of Fanyun Villa.

Mrs. Yun passed away early, and Yun Qishan became both the father and mother figure to his sons. He was also very helpless as he raised his sons, but he could only hold onto them.


Yun Bufan has a concubine hiding in his room, and it’s not that Father Yun was complaining but, but…

The creaking and squeaking sounds continued from night to morning, then the violently shaking bed curtains were lifted, and the two naked bodies were still entangled to death. The muscles of the man on the top were bulging, and big beads of sweat came from his bronzed skin. Moving up and down, sliding down a series of seductive thrusts, the thick black p*nis went in and out of the white b*ttocks under him, and the heavy gasps were intertwined with seductive moans.

“Master Bufan…sl*ve…can’t take it anymore…Ah…It’s so big…It’s going to break…”

It turned out that the person above this sl*ve was Yun Bufan.

Yun Bufan looked like he didn’t hear anything, his eyes weren’t focused, when looking carefully, it’s as if he was thinking of others through the person in front of him. When the peak moment came, he suddenly accelerated, lifted the legs of the person under him and thrust harder. Finally, when he shot out, he called “Father…” and then vented like a madman.

Yun Bufan got up, asked his servant to get the person on the bed, and ordered not to send it again. The male sl*ve ignored his nakedness and pleaded: “Master, don’t send the sl*ve away. The sl*ve heard nothing. Master, please, don’t send away this sl*ve!”

Yun Bufan looked at the crying face in front of him, a face that looked like his father, and he wondered how beautiful he would be if he was fvcked crying by himself, and so his shaft swelled again.

He ignored the people behind him, turned and walked into the room, thinking about Yun Qishan’s naked body, that he had only seen once, rubbing his c*ck presumptuously, and after three full shots, he waned his lust and looked at the muddy underneath. He decided to urge his Second Brother again, no matter how bad the medicine was, he really couldn’t help it anymore.



In the quiet dead of night.

Yun Feiyang was grinding medicinal powder in the room at this time, muttering words in his mouth, and kept adding herbs to the stone mortar with both hands, paying full attention.

Yun Bufan, suffocated by the smell, pushed the door and came in, yelling, “Second Brother, have you finished the medicine? I really couldn’t wait anymore!”

Yun Feiyang didn’t even lift his eyelids when he heard that, and said, “Big Brother, don’t rush me, this kind of medicine can’t be made easily. Don’t make it difficult for me, unless you want our Dad to lust after others, then don’t blame me.”

It turned out that the two brothers collaborated on a plan to achieve a certain goal. Lustful Medicine for Yun Qishan, no wonder Yun Feiyang is so serious.

Even speaking like this, Yun Feiyang still knew how painful for his Eldest Brother Yun Bufan to endure. Yun Bufan liked their Father earlier than himself, his desire for their father increased daily, but he still endured it. If he hadn’t thought about his Father for a day, he wouldn’t be able to survive.

The day that the two brothers knew that they have the same thoughts, Yun Bufan couldn’t wait to immediately fvck his dad who he had wanted for many years. Yun Feiyang stopped him speechlessly, rolling his eyes, and came up with an idea.

“Big Brother, do you want to fvck Dad every day? And Dad was still willing to be fvcked by us, loves our big c*cks, and craves our s*men every day…” Yun Feiyang said that as his member became hard, and his whole body became hot. Yun Bufan even more, panting heavily, and started to stroke his d*ck directly with both hands. It was really unbearable.

Yun Feiyang suppressed the lust all over his body and continued: “I plan to study a drug for our father to take, change his physique, become very sensitive, accept our breath, as long as we touch him, his chrysanthemum will be itchy, he will take the initiative to beg us to fvck…” while, drooling….

“Well, well, you hurry up and study, I can’t take it anymore!”


“Hahaha, eldest brother! I did it!! Uh…” Yun Feiyang violently pushed open the door of Yun Bufan’s room, trying to tell him the good news, but Yun Qishan was sitting in his room.

Father Yun wore the usual white clothes, which actually made people want to defile him.

“What kind of demeanor are you making…” Father Yun said with a stern face and raised brows, but against that handsome face and soft voice, there was actually no anger at all. Of course, Father Yun was not really angry.

“Father, how could I not become happy? I have successfully made a new medicine for Big Brother to take.” Yun Feiyang walked in with a smile, and leaned affectionately on Father Yun. He was obviously half a head taller than Father Yun and he was like a large dog, sniffing greedily. About to eat a certain someone around.

Yun Bufan saw them so close and he became stiff, yet he still got close to Father Yun, but was afraid that he could not control his desire, so he could only stay at arms reach in pain.

“Really? Great! I’m trying to persuade your Elder Brother to take medicine to regulate his body. He doesn’t listen to how much he hurts his body by practicing martial arts so hard.” Father Yun complained to his younger son. Although he thinks Yun Bufan was alienating him, he was still his own son, one of the two people who he cared the most in the world.

Yun Bufan was a little moved, but he really didn’t want to take medicine. He was in good health. His Master said that he was talented and was a martial arts genius.

“Big Brother, Father is doing this for your own good.” Yun Feiyang gave Yun Bufan a wink with his back to Yun Father, “This time you try my new medicine, which has just been developed.” Yun Feiyang specifically increased the volume in the last sentence.

Yun Bufan understood immediately, his eyes were shining, that handsome face immediately became charming, and the eyes of Father Yun and Yun Fei gleamed.

“Cough cough…” Father Yun cleared his throat, “I believe that  A’Yang’s new medicine will be very useful. You have to take the medicine seriously. I will check it every day.” Father Yun’s cheeks were a little red, and he hurriedly finished speaking then went out.

Yun Bufan and Yun Feiyang reluctantly stared at Yun Qishan’s back for a while before they closed the door to discuss about the new medicine.

“Brother, the new medicine was for the three of us, one for each, our share was to replenish the body, by exuding a kind of breath, dad’s share is to make him more sensitive and unable to resist the touch of the two of us. Haha.” Yun Feiyang smiled triumphantly and gave Yun Bufan a porcelain bottle.

Yun Bufan opened his eyes wide in excitement, smiled and hurriedly asked, “When will it work?”

“It should be soon,” Yun Feiyang stroked his chin and guessed, “The key is to see how much Father cares about us. We should spend more time with Dad these days. Together, let him be familiar with our breath and show our charm, okay?”

“No problem!” Yun Bufan asked, “When should I take the medicine?”

“Tomorrow at noon, the yang energy will be the strongest. I will put the medicine in lunch. Let me feed him, and after dinner, we will go to the study to chat with him or something.” 

“Haha, that’s great!” Just wait for tomorrow!

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