Yun Family Father and Sons Threes*me (H)


The father and sons trio only woke up when the sun was already high above the sky the next day. They slept hastily last night, or more exactly just before the sunrise, and did not freshen up before sleeping. There were s*men everywhere on the bed.

Yun Feiyang and Yun Bufan instructed their servants to prepare hot water and hug Father Yun, who’s body is so sore and soft, to take a bath.

“Daddy, you were so sl*tty that your son fvcked you so much last night, huh?” Yun Feiyang teased Daddy Yun with a smirk while washing his long hair.

“Well~ son’s big c*ck felt so good that Daddy can’t even close his hole last night~” Even if he was afraid his son will fvck him again right away, Father Yun still enticed him with words.

“Hey, Dad is really lustful. Look at these two pink n*pples, they are even bigger than women’s, sweet, big and delicious.” Yun Bufan said it as he washed Father Yun, but he played with Yun Qishan’s n*pple dishonestly, lowered his head, sucked and gnawed on it. It made Father Yun out of breath.

“And this ass, did Daddy get his fill yesterday? I can’t hold it with one hand, it’s all l*wd and meaty, and the fvck h*le is hidden between it. If you want to fvck in, you have to spread it wide. It’s really fleshy.” Yun Feiyang was also behind him. He began to knead Father Yun’s b*ttocks, still talking while playing.

“Ah~play lightly~ dad’s meat is very tender~” Daddy Yun gently shook his b*tt, his n*pples were pointed towards the elder son, and he was being glamorous and coquettish.

After the first two s*men baptisms in the morning, Father Yun’s body was getting l*wd and sensitive again. As soon as he smelled the scent of his sons, his hole would begin to twitch. As long as the son gently teases him, he will be extremely wet, and his c*ck will harden.

The three of them washed again, and they came out so hungry that they couldn’t stand it.

During the meal, the two of them asked Father Yun to kneel and eat their two huge c*cks, then let Father Yun sit on a d!ck while eating. When they were full, they again started a l*wd day.

It stands to reason that the father and sons are incestuous, and a group of subordinates would be dismissed so that they can do it. Yun Feiyang sometimes doesn’t want to, he wants to feel the kind of affair where they might get found out.

Sometimes when people don’t pay attention, he drags Yun Qishan to a dark corner to fvck, letting a servant to search for him everywhere; sometimes when Yun Qishan was talking to a servant, he would knead Daddy Yun’s b*tt and wait until he couldn’t bear it. Sometimes, they went out to hotels, teahouses, and streets, as long as people couldn’t see them, Yun Feiyang would bully Daddy Yun’s bottom using his swollen rod, and so on.

What about Bufan? You ask what Yun Bufan is doing?

Of course Yun Bufan was not to be left out. Doing the same kind of things above.

Yun Feiyang occasionally studies pills and can’t feed his Daddy. At this time, Yun Bufan will come to the rescue. Anyway, Yun Bufan’s mind is full of his Father. He only thinks of his Father’s mouth, Father’s n*pples, Father’s long and slender legs, and Father’s cute and l*wd hole. Daddy’s honey hole, oh, yes, there are especially useful pills for it.

Coupled with Yun Bufan’s super physical strength, Father Yun would faint before he even starts looking for Yun Feiyang. He would always sleep with his insides full of milky substance.

Father Yun feels that he’s too happy in this life, because the pill allows the body to absorb the essence of the sons and restore the body’s energy, he is almost wilder than his sons. When the two sons are resting, he will seduce them, because his hole will be itchy after a short time of rest. So uncomfortable without anything inside, what a complete sl*t.

So in a dark corner of Fanyun Mountain Villa, on a big bed, you can always hear this kind of sound-“Pa pa pa……” “Plop plop……” “Ahh ahh ahh” groans……”Huh… fvck daddy… huh… the sl*t’s hole is so tight…” “Ahhh…harder… the little hole is going to be fvcked…ah…the big c*ck is so good…faster.. I’m going to die…” Tsk, it’s a life full of s*x!

Later, the father and the two sons couldn’t accept that any of them would find a woman to have a child, so they had to choose a descendant of good character for the Yun family to take over the Yun Family’s head, and then the three of them left with enough money for their lifetime.

No one knows where they went, but you can believe that no matter where they are, they are in a paradise of desire. 


Translator’s Note:

Yay it’s finally done! Many thanks to those who waited for my updates and those who supported me (> w <). I am now working on my current translation titled “Sl*ve President, Master Secretary”, and yes, it is another smutty novel.

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  1. Faceslappingisalwaysgood

    Was a good read, would have liked their dad to have begged them before they started doing the deed but it was all good, that life full of s** tho sounds kind of boring honestly, I mean waking up and then doing it just after doing it before u slept?! too much., good work

  2. Mimi_dayo

    How they be having s’x so much 😭😭 I figured doing it overnught is already too exhausting, how is daddy Yun still alive 🤣. Well it was a great meaty and seasoned read so I’m really glad you finished translating this!

    1. Fluff fluff

      I mean they are cultivators(?) and have martial arts. They probably have a potion for excessive stamina too made by Yun Feiyang.