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  • Yun Family Father and Sons Threes*me (H)


    Yun Qishan felt that he had a long dream. In the dream he was madly ravished by his two sons and fvcked in various positions, but he was not angry, instead he was dominated by a strong lust, and his heart was accepting it willingly. Swaying along to his sons thrusting with his fat and tender bottom, and still saying such obscene languages out of his mouth. He didn’t really feel like himself.

    Father Yun opened his eyes and found that the sky was already bright, his head hurt, his body was sore and soft, his back acupoint felt empty, and his throat was extremely dry. “Come here, give me water.”

    The servant who was waiting hurriedly brought him warm water.

    “What time is it?” Yun Qishan asked with a hoarse voice.

    “It’s almost lunch time, Master.”

    “What? Then what day is today?”

    “Reporting to Master, today is July 12.”

    “Um…” Yun Qishan clutched his aching head, “What happened yesterday? What happened after eating with A’Yang and Fan’er at noon?”

    “Answering to the Master, you were very happy to have a meal with the two Young Masters at noon yesterday, so you drank a few more glasses of wine. Master, you also know your drinking capacity, but then you still drank more. You were so drunk, the two Young Masters helped you into the house to rest and left, and ordered the servants not to disturb you. Master didn’t wake up at night, the two Young Masters came to see you again and fed you the hangover pill and the satiety pill, they said that you should have a good rest, and let the servant warm the water then wait for you to wake up.” The servant said what Yun Feiyang told him this morning.

    “…So that’s it…” Yun Qishan held the teacup and fell into deep thought. Was it really a spring dream1Wet dream last night? How can I have such debauched thoughts for my sons! Last night… I was too lascivious last night! How will I face my sons in the future!

    The naive Yun Qishan immediately believed the servant’s words, thinking that last night was really a spring dream. Remembering the contents of the dream, his whole body became hot, his breath became unstable, and his secret h*le began to squirm.

    Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrives2Equivalent to ‘Speak of the devil’ in english phrases. It is used when someone appears who has just been the subject of conversation. It might not properly apply here since Yun Qishan was just thinking of them but that’s how the author puts it., Yun Bufan and Yun Feiyang, the beasts disguised as good sons, came to see their dear father.

    The two came to him, one on his left and the other on his right, both so close to Yun Qishan, both so close to him that their breaths brushed across his ears. One stroking his shoulders and the other holding his hands, as if they were so concerned and worried about their father, but in fact they just ate him last night.

    “Dad, are you okay? You slept for a whole day, Big Brother and I didn’t sleep for a night because we’re so worried about you.”


    Lies!  You haven’t slept all night because you were eating tofu!3Taking advantage of someone, often applied in sexual way

    Father Yun was surrounded by the strong breath of his two sons, his face immediately turned red. He quickly lowered his head, his whole body was hot and soft, his little thing and back h*le down there all reacted. After hearing Yun Feiyang’s words, Father Yun, who unknowingly became delighted by his son, looked up again. Looking at the faces of his two sons, he didn’t see dark circles under their eyes, instead he was dazzled by the two handsome and sexy faces.

    Upon seeing this, Yun Feiyang smiled inwardly, brought his handsome face closer and closer, and said ‘distressingly’: “Daddy, look, I have dark circles under my eyes.”

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    “Mbyv’p y xwpv! Psd’v zssj esod yv bso xydu ulyap R byhl clld pvweukdt! Rd vbl qwvwal, Pyeeu nyd ycpsac swa p*xld vs alpvsal bkp cseu’p ldlatu, yde ol nyd yzps alnshla qasx lyvkdt Pyeeu’p lppldnl!” Zwd Wlkuydt vakwxrbydvzu pyke, bkp rakel akpkdt wr vs vbl pju.

    “Jasvbla usw’al vbl clpv!”

    “You too, Brother!” The two brothers shamelessly praised each other for their successful immoral plan.


    “Second Brother, what should I do next? Although It was so good last night, but I still want to fvck Father, you also saw the way Father looked just now, let’s just fvck him immediately.” Yun Bufan said as if he is using his ‘head’ below, all day long thinking about fvcking Father Yun.

    “What do you know!” Yun Feiyang was speechless, preaching his Elder Brother patiently, “Daddy was drunk last night and will think that it was a spring dream. If he knew it was true, he would definitely not accept it, and thus might run away. But, if we slowly get close to him, he will gradually accepts our breath, and within three days, he will definitely beg us to fvck him. We already prepared everything, if we follow it step by step, we can f*ck Dad without any restriction! Hahaha!”

    Meanwhile, Yun Qishan, inside his room, feels bothered by his lewd thoughts just now. His too honest c*ck was erect, his hole was also twitching and feels itchy. I definitely can’t be like this. Father Yun was ashamed, because he feels like he is a beast for having a shameful desire for his sons.

    “Hmm…hmm…hmm…” When he saw that he couldn’t relieve his desire, Father Yun had to recall the fragmented scenes last night, holding his c*ck in one hand and the other ramming in his f*ckhøle. His sensitive body feels like it wants someone to play wantonly with it. He continued to play with his needy body until he trembled and org*smed.

    During the meal, Yun Qishan was unknowingly teased again and again. He decided that he would not eat with his son at noon, and found a reason to hide from them.

    In the evening, one father and two sons are simultaneously m*sturbating unawarely in their respective rooms until they are exhausted.

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