Yun Family Father and Sons Threes*me (H)


Yun Qishan ran out of his elder son’s room. He felt baffled as he walked. How could he blush just by seeing his elder son’s smile? Although it was indeed too long since he last saw his son’s happy smile on his handsome face, he was still his own son!

Father Yun has very few desires. Mrs. Yun married into the family for the purpose of family inheritance and for strong connection. After giving birth to Bufan and Feiyang, her body became weaker and weaker, and she did not last for a few years. Eventually, she died.

Father Yun didn’t have much affection for her, but he loved his two sons very much. He used to enjoy the family, but the older his first son got, the more he didn’t understand what he was thinking, and they gradually grew apart. What he cared the most about in this world is his two sons, and no one else. Today, seeing Yun Bufan smile happily, He thought this was an opportunity to strengthen their relationship. He should seize the opportunity to get closer to his sons.

During lunch the next day, Yun Bufan came and ate with them. Father Yun was very happy since Yun Bufan rarely joins them during their meal. Yun Bufan said that he realized he was unfilial to his Father, but will no longer be. He would not avoid him anymore.Well…. If he wants to seduce his father, he should get close to him. Anyway, the very reason why he always avoids Father Yun was because he was afraid that he could not control his desires. Now that there’s a solution to his problem, then there’s no reason to hold himself back.

Yun Qishan was happy again and again. Picking vegetables for the two sons, smiling softly, cheeks flushed with excitement. He just thought he was too happy because this reunion seldomly happens and didn’t think too much about the unusual excessive joy in his heart.

….Father Yun, who was kind and affectionate, drank a few more sips of wine during the meal… A while later, he is already a little drunk, unaware of the swelling desires of his two sons under the table, nor paying attention to the fiery and l*sty eyes of his two good sons. 

Yun Feiyang’s medicine soon worked, and Yun Father only felt that the two sons’ scent and breath was particularly good, his body was a little hot, and his drunken spirit was overwhelming. He suddenly said to his eldest son, “Good son, stay close to father. Father hasn’t taken a good look at you for a long time.”

Yun Bufan immediately sat next to Father Yun, his body was so close to Father Yun, and his hands were wrapped around Father Yun’s shoulders. Sometimes he vigorously and sometimes gently rubbed his sleek shoulders, letting him lean in his strong arms, holding the burning body with his raging desire. The breath of Yun Bufan spilled onto Father Yun’s white and tender ears, “Dad, take a good look at me, I haven’t been close to Father for a long time, I’m afraid…..I can’t help it anymore…” His lips are getting closer to Father Yun’s ears, like a kiss yet not a kiss, greedily breathing in the smell of Father Yun.

“Hmm…hmm…” Yun Bufan’s strong breath rushed toward his face. Father Yun felt it, and it also smelled so good, his body was getting soft, and a strange sensation rose up, his desire stood up quietly, while letting a small moan out of his mouth.

Yun Feiyang, with his also rock hard hugeness, hung around Father Yun from behind. His d!ck slowly rubbed against Father Yun’s b*ttocks as he approached the other ear and said, “Daddy… won’t you look at me too? I miss Daddy too.” Hands dishonestly stroked Father Yun’s slender waist.

“Um… Father wants to see both sons…” Father Yun was completely enveloped by the breath of the two sons, and he looked at Yun Feiyang in a daze, trembling slightly, not knowing if he was afraid or what. Still, his spine excitedly shuddered, the deepest part in his heart unknowingly felt very pleasured.

Yun Bufan listened to Father Yun’s charming moan and couldn’t help it anymore. He licked the white and tender ears of his father, his rough tongue greedily licked inside his ears. Father Yun’s earlobes and neck were all stained with sparklingly l*wd saliva. The l*wd tongue bit the fine earlobes, then imitating a c*ck, thrust into Father Yun’s ears, and using the other hand, he placed Father Yun’s hand on his veined and hard manhood to feel it throbbing.

Not to be outdone, Yun Feiyang frantically licked his other ear, and also started to move Father Yun’s other hand to his crotch, up and down. Using his other hand, he unbuttoned Father Yun’s clothes, twisted, pulled, and lightly pinched the already erect nipples.

“Um…ah…ah…son…don’t…hmm…the nipples are so comfortable…hmm…so great…ahhhh…” Father Yun groaned unconsciously. His sensitive ears were being licked by his two sons. The two nipples on his chest were kneaded and played one by one. After a while, they started to grow bolder. The thing between his legs was so hard. A little bit of love fluid oozes, the pleasure of being toyed with nipples, ears and his meat stick makes Father Yun’s eyes bright and dazed. His back høle begins to itch, unconsciously squirming, and making senseless movements. A sense of emptiness is produced in Yun Father’s deepest part, as if needing a big thing to be stuffed into that h*le.

Father Yun was born to be a sl*t, his chrysanthemum automatically secrete obsc*ne fluid to lubricate, and he is not shy at all when he shouts obsc*nely with his small mouth. He is completely obedient to his l*stful desires.

Yun Bufan and Yun Feiyang, hearing their father’s l*stful groans, couldn’t endure it anymore, and sped up their hands. After a while, they panted heavily and shot at their father’s hand. Father Yun’s little hand that couldn’t even grasp their thick rods whole, was dripping with a lot of milky essence. When their c*cks erupted, a white light flashed in front of Father Yun’s eyes, and his desire also sprayed out. His sensitive body shot just by playing with his nipples. After the org*sm, his body was weakly leaning on Yun Bufan’s body, and the whole person was confused.

“Hah… so comfortable… Father’s little hands are really good at massaging d!cks… This time I shot really fast…” Yun Bufan gasped and sighed, looking at the l*wd body lying in his arms, Yun Father’s clothes were wide open, revealing his white chest, his nipples were swollen and flushed by playing, streams of s*men sliding down the body, especially Father’s face, that kind of absent-minded obsession after org*sm was so beautiful. His meat sword became rock hard again, licking Father Yun’s face indiscriminately, and hurriedly took off Father Yun’s clothes with his excitedly shaking hands.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that Dad would be so d*bauched. He is really suited to stay in our bed with his wanton body, really shameless sl*t!” Yun Feiyang praised it improperly, and helped Yun Bufan take off his clothes.

“Big Brother, how about we carry Daddy to the bed, we had a whole afternoon and evening to play today. Don’t worry.”

Yun Bufan hugged Father Yun, gasping for breath, “I’m going to f*ck you to death today, Father.”

“Hey, no need to rush too much, today is enough for us. Daddy’s medicine is also to replenish his energy. Coupled with Daddy’s years of martial arts maintenance, it is definitely enough to relieve our hunger for a while.”

Father Yun listened to his sons talking next to his ear to fvck him to death, not only was he not angry, but the l*st in his heart started to rise. The itching of his høle was unbearable, and a stream of l*wd fluid was constantly flowing out.

Translator’s Note: If you guys didn’t notice, Bufan calls Yun Qishan ‘Father’ while Feiyang calls him ‘Daddy’.

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