You’re Fired!

Chapter 58.1 This is called cheap.

Although Ji Lin did not think much of Bai Duanduan’s plan to get close to Tian Mu’s wife and trap her, Bai Duanduan was very positive. The next day, Bai Duanduan received an email invitation to Tiffany&Co’s VIP private meeting

“This private meeting will be held next Tuesday. In this kind of private meeting, general VIP customers can wear and try Tiffany’s new jewelry at will. Some series will be very, very expensive, and it is generally difficult to buy them directly at the counter. You need to make an appointment. I searched ‘A Pear Spirit’, that is, Tian Mu’s wife Tang Li, Weibo with Tiffany as a keyword, and found more than 100 Weibo posts. It shows that she is very fond of Tiffany. She is very popular, and she has posted photos of participating in a private meeting before, so I shouldn’t miss this kind of event.”

Ji Lin was noncommittal about this, he didn’t think Tang Li would be any kind of breakthrough and was still trying to find the cracks in Tian Mu and Lu Shuisheng.


“So next Tuesday, do you want to come with me?” Bai Duanduan smiled up, “After all, I’m going to make you lose to see for yourself.”

“You mean Tiffany’s VIP private party?” Ji Lin thought about it, “It’s not impossible to go, after all, I also have ……”

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“Gzaktbv, yzaktbv, R tlv kv, clnywpl usw’al bsdsayczl yald’v usw?” Jyk Pwydewyd czkdjle yde zssjle yv Kk Nkd, “Rq usw’al dsv yd yppkpvydv sa y nbywqqlwa, vbld vbyv’p vbl sdzu oyu vs ts, ps usw ……”


“I also have Tiffany’s VIP.”

“Then you’ll have to pretend to be my boyfriend to accompany me.”

Ji Lin and Bai Duanduan’s voices sounded almost simultaneously, and Bai Duanduan froze before responding, “You have Tiffany’s VIP?”


Unfortunately, for some reason, Ji Lin’s expression looked stinky and a little unnatural, as if with a subtle bit of chagrin towards himself, he didn’t even seem to want to open his mouth, and only nodded reluctantly, “Eh, I used to buy it for my mum, and I became a VIP.”

“That’s great! Then no need to pretend!” Bai Duanduan was excited, “I’ll see you next Tuesday then! You’ll see!”


But while Bai Duanduan was happy, Ji Lin didn’t look too happy, as if he had sunk a bit since mentioning that he also had a Tiffany membership, and when Bai Duanduan thought about it, she thought it was because the mention of Tiffany VIP made him think of how much money he had spent on Ms. Meng Xin and was therefore very distressed.


In the meantime, the forensics programme was thwarted by the Arbitration Commission’s investigation, and Bai Duanduan and Ji Lin tried other ways to find evidence of Tian Mu’s breach of the non-compete agreement, but unfortunately all in vain. Fortunately, time flies, and the day of Tiffany’s VIP private party soon arrives.

On this day, Bai Duanduan and Ji Lin decided to meet directly at the venue of the private party. Since they were going to this kind of high luxury private party, they naturally had to dress up. Bai Duanduan carefully put on her make-up in a cool and noble style, and then almost took out her most extravagant outfit, the most expensive bag, the most aggressive and eye-catching high heels, the sexiest skirt, and all the expensive jewelry from head to toe. She tailored her outfit for the day in an almost competitive style, had her nails done and her hair serviced, making sure that every detail was flawless from head to toe and that all her clothes and jewelry were matched to perfection.

The battle between woman and woman must be won at first glance by an absolute margin.


Ji Lin didn’t know what medicine Bai Duanduan sold in the gourd. Although he and Bai Duanduan had an appointment to meet in private, in order to avoid arousing too much suspicion, the two agreed to pretend that they didn’t know each other at the party.


Ji Lin arrived at the venue first before Bai Duanduan. Although the private meeting was almost exclusively for women, there were a few precious men, mostly accompanying women, of course. A handsome and well-built man like Ji Lin, who was traveling alone, attracted the attention of the rest of the single female VIPs almost as soon as he appeared.

Ji Lin stood coldly and faintly among a group of exquisite women, his expression still dull. For the few young girls who took the initiative to strike up a conversation with him, he used his usual indifference and ruthlessness to make the other party eventually bored and left in embarrassment.

Many of the people who come to these extravagant private parties are young girls from privileged backgrounds who are well-dressed. Everyone can be said to have exquisite makeup, and their whole body is “heavily permed” from fingernails to hair, as if every pore is full of extravagance and arrogance. Clear and beautiful, with almost every kind of beauty standing around, a total dizzying feast for the eyes.

Fortunately, as Bai Duanduan expected, Tang Li really came. Ji Lin looked at her. With her pretentious airs she greeted a few familiar female guests as soon as she came in, and then you complimented me on my bag, I complimented you on your shoes. The plastic sisters were in love and blew each other for more than ten minutes, and then they started to make faces, pursed their mouths and widened their eyes to take selfies for more than ten minutes.……

This is really incomprehensible, Ji Lin objectively and calmly inwardly judged, such a standard, really far worse than Bai Duanduan.

When he thought of Bai Duanduan, Ji Lin became a little annoyed, why hadn’t she arrived yet?


However, most of the women present were from wealthy families who were keen to take care of themselves and had enough time and money to dress themselves and pack their appearance with expensive money, so the beauty level was still far above the level of passers-by. Even the Tiffany staff, who were responsible for capturing the photos to promote the brand later, were dazzled as to which of the beautiful women they should choose to photograph.

Then he saw the girl coming through the door.

Almost instantly, the staff member in charge of taking pictures of the event had no difficulty in choosing at all, and he only aimed the camera at the girl who was walking from the entrance of the private party.

She was tall, with long, curly black hair, stepping on ten-centimeter Manolo Bhnik heels. The long dress looked like it was made of black silk, with a somewhat draped texture, very high class, but such a material is almost perversely demanding on the figure, yet now on her it just felt tailor-made, her waist was slim and she looks full, the black color makes her skin even whiter than snow, and the cold white skin with the right red lip color was so glamorous and noble that it has no match.

Not only this staff member, but also the other VIP members attending the event, all of them had their eyes on each other, including Ji Lin who had been distracted earlier. He stared at her back as she signed in, looking at the beautiful butterfly bones that were visible in her backless dress.

Bai Duanduan had come to the private party dressed like this, she was simply too eye-catching. If you want to go undercover to Tang Li’s side, shouldn’t she keep a low profile? She was already a good-looking girl, but dressed like this, she would be the center of attention.

What’s more, beauty is beauty, but it’s all so beautiful that it seems that she was bullying others.

And even though it was agreed that the two of them would pretend not to know each other, she really hasn’t even looked at himself since she entered the venue, isn’t this a bit too much?

Ji Lin only felt irritable and disturbed, yet he couldn’t get angry due to the presence of Tang Li, so he could only stare coldly at Bai Duanduan’s every move.

She was usually unscrupulous in front of himself, but now that her make-up had changed, her whole aura was different. After entering the private meeting, Bai Duanduan didn’t have any special expressions throughout the whole process. Even to the staff, she didn’t smile at all, full of a sense of distance that was too beautiful, while her body was covered with good taste paved with money, and her gestures were all cold and arrogant. With a cold and arrogant nobility in every movement, she truly illustrates perfectly the four words of cold and noble, unlike mortals and excessively out of place.

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