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Chapter 57.2 Bai Duanduan is many times prettier than that female Internet celebrity.

“I’m not interested in Tian Mu’s wife, does her Weibo talk about her husband and Lu Shuisheng except for these pompous selfies? If not, then it’s useless to us.”

Ji Lin finished and took another look at the woman’s selfie in Bai Duanduan’s phone. Bai Duanduan said this woman was gorgeous, where was she gorgeous? Apart from the artifice, Ji Lin really didn’t see anything beautiful about her. This level of beauty was now on the internet and has a million or so fans?

He couldn’t help but look at Bai Duanduan. If she didn’t work as a lawyer and took a few pictures and posts on the internet, she could probably make a name for herself. She was much better looking than that female internet celebrity.


Bai Duanduan persistently shoved her phone back in front of Ji Lin, “Why is this not relevant to us?” She stared at Ji Lin, “This has a lot to do with us!”

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“Rq usw oydv vs cwu kv, R nyd blzr usw ……”

As a result, before Ji Lin could finish his words, he was eagerly interrupted by Bai Duanduan, “Ji Lin, right now all I have in my head is the case, not the bracelet! I look at her Weibo not to compare and buy bracelets, but to show you that in terms of her daily routine, she’s living a very extravagant life, buying lots and lots of high luxury goods, and she really doesn’t use her Weibo to make money with her own goods.”


“But this ‘A Pear Spirit’, is actually not a rich white girl. I asked Tian Mu’s former colleagues, this girl is just a good-looking working class person. Her mother is a housekeeper and her father is a sanitation worker. In fact, her family background is not very good. She is not a rich person in the eyes of netizens. Her current expenses and luxuries are completely supported by Tian Mu.” Bai Duan Duan paused, “She started this Weibo five years ago, but in the first two years, the outfits she shared were all so-called Japanese original single style, which is not expensive, just very daily wear. It was not until the last three years that the style of dressing moved towards the high luxury of famous brands.”

“And three years ago, she met Tian Mu and started a relationship with him.”

When the words came out, Ji Lin also responded, “So what you’re saying is that she got all this spending money from Tian Mu, and since the two were married, the odds are that Tian Mu, in all probability, had Lu Shuisheng credit this money to his own wife? The cash transaction, if any, was also obtained by his wife and then deposited directly into his own account?”

At this point, Ji Lin pursed his lips, “But that’s something we would have guessed, Tian Mu doesn’t have many relatives and just a doting wife, that would have determined that the money was going to her wife’s account.”

“If it’s a direct bank transfer, it’s clear, and if it’s cash in person, then she also has to deposit it into her account every time she gets it. It is impossible to use up the money in one breath. Then she has no job but has a fixed large amount of income every month. It is perfectly reasonable to ask her to give an explanation and bear the burden of proof against her, but we don’t have reasonable evidence to ask for access to her bank details, which is the dilemma.”

The current evidence collection was still in a dead end.     


However, Bai Duanduan obviously didn’t think so, “But I feel that we have found a breakthrough. We can obtain evidence from her.”

It is very common to purposefully conceal one’s identity to get close to the subject of the deposition, and to take evidence legally through recording and videotaping, especially in non-competes, but where Tian Mu and Lu Shuisheng’s anti-surveillance skills were not strong enough in the first place, Xie Miao was exposed when he hired someone to pretend to be a courier to call the Mercury network.

“Tian Mu is obviously the same as Lu Shuisheng. He has consulted a lawyer a long time ago, and he will not show his feet easily, but his wife looks to be a much better breakthrough than him.”

Ji Lin looked at the female celebrity’s face in the phone, which was nothing but gaudy, and had to admit that this woman who didn’t look too smart and full of only name brands in her head would indeed be a much better breakthrough than Tian Mu.

“If we can get ‘ A Pear Spirit’ to tell the fact that Lu Shuisheng’s company personnel made payments to her, and fix this recording or video information, then we have every reason to apply for access to her bank flow. Even if it’s face-to-face cash transfer, then we can also side-track the transaction location for forensics, plus just like you said, this person has a large amount of cash deposited every month, so she will have to explain the source, right? Once all the details of the information match, even if Tian Mu quibbles, the Arbitration Committee will ask Tian Mu to bear the adverse consequences based on reasonable inferences.”

“That’s a nice idea you have, but how will it work?” Ji Lin smiled a bit, “Just by following Tian Mu’s wife’s Weibo, and then pretending to be a fan and punching in every day to get her attention? Even if Tian Mu’s wife is not smart, Tian Mu will warn her about the income obtained by violating the non-competition restriction, and she will be very vigilant against those who approach her inexplicably, so how can she possibly admit to taking money from Lu Shuisheng on a regular basis?”


Bai Duanduan couldn’t resist snapping her fingers as she said with a burning gaze, “So we have to numb her! Keep her off guard! Subliminally and completely appear normally in her life!”

“Look at how much she chases after designer brands, she is definitely a VIP customer of our major brand name counters in City A. She has to go shopping a few times a month, and she loves to show off so much, she is also a little celebrity, and she will definitely go to some of the new product sharing sessions and small receptions that luxury brands conduct on a regular basis, then I, too, have VIP memberships to all these high luxury brands, and I believe that as long as I go to a few more of these events myself, I can always bump into her.”


Ji Lin didn’t expect that Bai Duanduan originally came up with this idea. No wonder she was very excited after seeing the other party posting various luxury goods on Weibo, but…     

“This idea of yours is still naive.” Ji Lin calmly and fairly said, “Even if you run into her, can you be familiar with her to the extent of setting up a conversation in a short time?” He was clearly not optimistic about Bai Duanduan’s plan, “Not to mention looking for her, now we have already filed a case with the Arbitration Commission regarding Tian Mu, although it is a pity that the previous investigation and evidence collection with the help of the Arbitration Commission was not successful, but it is the same as having alerted the snake.  Whether it is Tian Mu or his wife, they will be more vigilant about those who suddenly appear around them and take the initiative to strike up a conversation. I think that if you just offer to be friendly and try to get to know her, the other party will not pay attention to you ……”

He poured such a big basin of cold water on her, but Bai Duanduan didn’t feel cold at all, but rather became more confident and calm. She glanced at Ji Lin, and couldn’t help smiling, “How should I say, Ji Lin, naive or not?” You are naive, you don’t understand women at all, I bet you, as long as I can meet this ‘A Pear Spirit’ at a brand party, not only will I not need to take the initiative to strike up a conversation with her, believe it or not, she will come to strike up a conversation with me on her own initiative.”


Ji Lin naturally didn’t believe it, although he didn’t say anything, the expression on his face said everything.    

Bai DuanDuan was not annoyed, she just smiled, “Then let’s make a bet, if I win, you’ll take care of my meals for six months! If I lose, then I’ll give you six months of free work!”

Ji Lin agreed to the bet without any struggle, because he found that it didn’t really matter to him whether he won or not, because even if he won, the fact was that Bai Duan Duan had basically grown up in his own house lately, and as soon as he cooked, she followed the smell of the food that was wafting past, and it didn’t take her long to come over with the cat in her arms like a poor relative who had come to join him… …

As for what Bai Duanduan said about free overtime ……

“Forget about free overtime. I am in the field of labor disputes myself. I am aware of the law and I’ll not violate it intentionally to deprive you of overtime pay, lest you go to labor arbitration. After all, everyone is a professional player.”


[Small Theater]

Reader @ Zhao Qi’s 

One day after Partner Ji and Bai Duanduan got together,

Bai Duanduan suddenly remembered what someone said about first love being a mistake.

(True face-slapping madman) Partner Ji: … Is there such a thing? You remember it wrong.

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