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  • You’re Fired!

    Chapter 57.1 Bai Duanduan is many times prettier than that female Internet celebrity.

    It’s just that since Ji Lin promised to raise her salary, she must pay more attention to the work now. Bai Duanduan returned to her desk, and began to systematically sort out all the clues in Xie Miao’s case, and sort out the ideas of evidence collection. Although she originally wanted to participate in this case out of selfish reason, since she took over at the same time, she has to be worthy of Ji Lin and Xie Miao. Bai Duanduan almost took care of all the preparation of legal documents, and went to the arbitration committee to file the case the next day. 

    Tian Mu had obviously been prepared for the case, and even had a lawyer behind him to guide the operation, so it was all the more important to make use of the Arbitration Commission’s investigation order and power.

    Without Ji Lin’s reminder, after filing the case, Bai Duanduan did a thorough background investigation on Tian Mu. With Xie Miao’s consent, she visited colleagues who were originally on the same team as Tian Mu in the YuWen game, and recorded all information related to Tian Mu, whether it was directly related to the case or not, so that she could later filter and purify it into useful details.


    Afterwards, she asked the arbitration committee to conduct an investigation. First, she went to get Tian Mu’s five social insurance and one housing fund payment information, and then went to the tax bureau to get the tax payment record. Finally, she even investigated Tian Mu’s bank statement.

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    Bai Duanduan said while taking out a pile of documents, “So I applied for access to Tian Mu’s bank flow situation and checked every single one of them, but there were no records of Lu Shuisheng’s transfers in several of his accounts.”


    Ji Lin was not surprised, “Since he was trying to avoid tracing, of course he would not have a direct transaction with Lu Shuisheng, and it is entirely possible that he could have had this money from Lu Shuisheng, transferred it with a third party, and then finally paid to him, so that on the surface would be completely flawless.”

    Bai Duanduan nodded, her expression gruff, “But here’s the problem, I checked all of his income flow overnight since he left his job with YuWen Games, and found that in addition to Xie Miao’s non-compete compensation, he had no other income at all ……occasionally, a few small sums of money were either the interest of the financial management purchased before, or a very small amount of some private transfers that don’t seem suspicious, just tens of dollars, one or two hundred.”

    This was a bit tricky, it can be seen that Tian Mu is a person with first-class anti-reconnaissance capabilities. Not only did he consult a lawyer, even eradication of evidence was also done in a seamless manner.    

    “He knew that once Xie Miao became suspicious, then his bank account would bear the brunt of the investigation, but it was absolutely impossible not to take the money, so the odds are that this large amount of money was paid by Lu Shuisheng to a relative he trusts.” Ji Lin pursed his lips, “So have you investigated all the relatives around Tian Mu? There are always trusted people around him who were used by him to receive payments from Lu Shuisheng.”

    What Ji Lin thought of, Bai Duanduan naturally thought of it too, “Tian Mu is an only child. He has no brothers or sisters. His parents have passed away. Usually because he is very homely, he does not have very close friends. He has very few relatives. The family relationship is simple. Many of them are distant relatives. They have not been in contact for a long time, but he just got married last year and has a newly married wife. I heard that he is very fond of his wife.” Bai Duanduan smiled, “I have already gone to Xie Miao’s company to do my homework and investigate in advance.”

    “So, I think our breakthrough is his new wife.”


    Bai Duan Duan finished speaking and looked at Ji Lin, her gaze was so warm and direct that Ji Lin had to turn his eyes away unnaturally once again.

    Here we go again, this woman was looking at himself again with this straightforward gaze of wanting praise. She wasn’t his own dog, so what the hell was she doing looking at him with the same gaze of a puppy yearning for praise when she retrieved a Frisbee?

    However, the more he tried to ignore it, the more Bai Duanduan’s eyes burned and made Ji Lin feel uneasy. She was like a puppy wagging its tail frantically, so well behaved that one felt as if he couldn’t even get past his heart without rubbing her head……

    It’s just that she’s not a puppy after all, and although her hair was fluffy and soft and doesn’t look too different from a fluffy puppy, it might feel good to the touch …… but ……

    Ji Lin felt that he had to stop his thoughts.

    He collected his emotions and said calmly, “It was possible to apply for an investigation order from the Arbitration Commission to retrieve Tian Mu’s bank accounts, which is the limit in the current evidence. Without reasonable grounds and suspicion to convince the Arbitration Committee, we cannot apply to investigate Tian Mu’s wife’s bank accounts, after all, we cannot ask the Arbitration Committee to investigate all the bank accounts of Tian Mu’s relatives and friends for us. It is too much over the line and too much of a drain on judicial resources, and even more so, it crosses the boundary of invasion of personal privacy and is unlikely to be upheld. What’s more, what if Tian Mu’s wife didn’t use bank transfer to help collect the money? What if his wife made a cash transaction directly with Lu Shuisheng?”


    In this way, the deposition was again at a dead end; even if it could be proven that Tian Mu and Lu Shuisheng knew each other, if there was no monetary transaction, that would simply not be enough to show that Tian Mu was in breach of the non-compete agreement.

    “Right!” Bai Duanduan nodded, but her face did not show a difficult look, on the contrary, her expression was full of eagerness, “But I asked his former colleagues in the YuWen Games. Almost everyone, whether they were barely familiar with him or not at all, knew that he had married a very beautiful wife, very petted, and responsive. His wife is an Internet celebrity with a certain reputation on Weibo, called ‘A Pear Spirit’.”

    As Bai Duanduan said, she took out her mobile phone and brought it to Ji Lin, “Look, the 1 million pink gold vlogger is really pretty, tall and good-looking, and has a pretty face. She doesn’t work and only shares her daily life every day. The frequency of posting on Weibo is very high, and it is known as the clear stream among Internet celebrities, because once other Internet celebrities have such a large fan base, they will start to open online stores to bring goods, but she is different, she spends every day posting, eating, drinking, having fun and buying. She has never used her Weibo popularity to make money. Many people say that she is a super rich and beautiful woman who owns a mine at home…”     

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