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Chapter 56.2 Praise me.

“Xie Miao is really quite affectionate.”Bai Duanduan looked at Xie Miao’s distant walking figure with considerable emotion, “In modern society, a successful man like him can still have such a long time loving feeling and have such a simple outlook on relationships who will not be confused by the other flowers and glitz of the outside world, and still be able to hold on to his original love, is really …… “

Probably because of love, because of Xue Wen, the more Bai Duanduan looks at Xie Miao now, the better he looks, “Including the fact that although he is a businessman, he doesn’t have the greasy look of a businessman at all and he even retains the schoolish kindness and innocence in his heart, which is actually really quite rare ……”

It’s a pity that her appreciation of love between Xie Miao and Xue Wen was not recognized by Ji Lin. Obviously Xie Miao was also his friend, but this man actually showed a little displeasure at that moment.


“He’s not the only man in this world who is affectionate.” Ji Lin said in an unkind tone, “Schoolish innocence and kindness? How come I didn’t realize before that you are someone who finds merit in others so easily? A pretty good vocabulary of adjectives?”

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Many people often say that there is often a subtle comparison and jealousy between female friends beyond friendship, which Bai Duanduan has never experienced, but she found that this also applies to male friends. Look at Ji Lin’s jealousy of Xie Miao, which is almost overflowing. It can be seen that although they were very close, because they were both very good, unconsciously, Ji Lin still treats Xie Miao as an imaginary enemy and rival in comparison, which is not the case, but as soon as he heard her praise Xie Miao, he was not happy.


Really, uh, man.

Bai Duanduan couldn’t help but laugh and then quickly caught up with Ji Lin, “Hey, don’t go Ji Lin, you said to Xie Miao earlier that I was professional? Did you compliment me?”

Because of the height difference, Bai Duanduan was panting a bit as she chased after Ji Lin, but luckily, Ji Lin slowed down slightly and Bai Duanduan managed to walk alongside him, “I told you, you didn’t lose out by recruiting me, although there is still a gap compared to you, I’m not bad either.”

Ji Lin didn’t think that Xie Miao’s casual remark would be remembered by Bai Duanduan, so his face became a little unnatural. If he didn’t like to keep a straight face, he would probably be a little flustered and timid at the moment.

He didn’t dare to look at Bai Duanduan, and only replied dryly, “You’re okay, I guess.”

Unfortunately, Bai Duanduan did not relent, she stared at him with her dark and round eyes, shining brightly, and there was a lot of meaning in her eyes that made people unable to look away, but she was unaware of it.


Ji Lin was a little chagrined, he wondered when Bai Duanduan would learn and understand that she shouldn’t be looking at a member of the opposite sex with such undivided attention.

“You see, not only am I still quite professional in my business, I’m also great at handling cases with detail and rigour, right? You and Xie Miao didn’t find any suspicious points about the dog, but I discovered it through careful observation.  When we follow up with successful forensics, not only will we be able to get justice for Xie Miao and recover the damages, I’ll also be able to bring you a case with a considerable amount of money!”

She was chattering in his ear like a little sparrow, and she was proud of herself, “I think you should praise me more on this point, too. What did you say to Xie Miao about me? Did you just say I was professional? Did you say anything else about me? You should tell me in person to satisfy my desire to be praised, and then give me a material expression?”


Ji Lin simply had a headache. Bai DuanDuan was the type of person he had never dealt with before, or rather, every time he thought he knew Bai DuanDuan well enough, she would throw out something new and make himself reacquaint with her again.

It was rare for someone to ask for a compliment so boldly, but Bai Duanduan did it naturally and without distractions, straightforwardly and openly. Ji Lin clearly hated it when people came to him for credit, but when it was Bai Duanduan’s turn, he seemed to think he could accept anything she did.


Do you want to compliment her?

Yes, I would.

But how to praise her?

It seemed that when the words came to his lips, he was a bit nervous, not knowing what to say.

Ji Lin was simply baffled. Obviously he was the boss, but now it seems as if his status has changed and he was a small employee who was apprehensively waiting for his boss’s reaction ……



Bai Duanduan was only jokingly trying to ask for a compliment and did not really want Ji Lin to show something materially. But found that Ji Lin held back unnaturally for a long time with a blank face and he didn’t say a word of praise, but he was easily satisfied with material things.

“I’ll give you a salary increase next month.”

He looked at Bai Duanduan with a stern face, then threw down these words, turned and hurriedly walked away. Only the dumbfounded Bai Duanduan was left in place.

So she was somehow getting another easy pay rise? Yang Fan and Wang Fangfang always said that it was difficult to get Ji Lin to increase his salary, but she didn’t think it was very difficult, did she? Was Ji Lin a good communicator in this respect? It must be because they didn’t even try to ask for it!

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Bai Duanduan: It’s really easy to apply for a pay rise with Ji Lin!

Wang Fangfang: Because it’s you

Yang Fan: Because it’s you

 Rong Sheng: Because it’s you

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