You’re Fired!

Chapter 46.1 Caught off guard, Ji Lin suddenly felt a little nervous.

That night, a group of people stayed at the farmhouse. Bai Duanduan stayed alone in the room for a long time before seeing the large army of people finally finish cleaning up the kitchen of the farmhouse and wash the dishes, and return in a great hurry.

Bai Duanduan was waiting at the door and soon saw a sceptical and miserable looking Ji Lin at the end of the queue – the unlucky boss had cooked the food and washed the dishes with everyone and also ended up paying for it….

When everyone went back to their rooms, Bai Duanduan took advantage of the lack of attention to cover up to Ji Lin’s door, “Ji Lin! Ji Lin!”

When Ji Lin opened the door, his suit jacket was gone, his shirt was coming off, and his tie was hanging slantingly loose from the collar. His face was still handsome. This look was slightly casual and disheveled, yet it gave Bai Duanduan a stirring feeling that was hard to describe.

Bai Duan Duan did not look into Ji Lin’s eyes and coughed before saying, “That’s right, I didn’t mean to take away your credit and then not wash the dishes, you worked hard today, but look on the bright side of this, you……”


Unfortunately, before Bai Duanduan could finish, Ji Lin interrupted her, “Bai Duanduan, do you know what I’m thinking right now?”


Ji Lin said very seriously, “How come Cinderella didn’t kill her stepmother and stepsisters in the story when she was both cooking and washing dishes and mopping the floor every day?”

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Gp pssd yp Jyk Pwydewyd aykple bla blye, bla osaep tsv pvwnj.

This…this…this is too explosive, right?……


What was in front of her right then was Ji Lin’s well-defined, smooth, perfectly muscled back, buttocks and legs without any outer covering…..

Hey? She didn’t expect that this man was quite well built. His buttock was quite shapely and muscular, his legs were long and sturdy and full of muscles and his waist and back line were strong, and his skin was quite white too. 10 points, 10 points, all 10 points ……

Ji Lin was probably also completely stunned by this kind of thing. He froze for a few seconds, as if he had just found himself, and turned his head to look at Bai Duanduan with his eyes on the verge of fire. Trying his best to suppress his emotions, he gritted his teeth and said word by word, “Bai Duanduan, you, get out of here!”

Bai Duanduan didn’t dare to stay longer and quickly slipped out of the room before Ji Lin stabbed herself to death.

She spent ten minutes outside Ji Lin’s door in the cold air to calm down herself. She stood there and listened to the sound of the water in the shower in the room stop and the sound of the hairdryer come on and go away, and like this another another five minutes passed. Then she recited the employment contract law from beginning to end to distract herself but everything was in vain. Her mind was still full of the 10 points showdown just now, 10 points and 10 points again. Ji Lin’s ass was good, his shoulders were good, his legs were good, and his waist was good too…..

Bai Duanduan thought to herself in despair, “The old ancestors did not deceive me. They said to not look at anything indecent. It’s true that you should not watch, because after looking at these indecent scenes, everything will replay in your head. You can’t forget them even if you want to, making it look like you are spreading obscene pornography to yourself and poisoning yourself…..”

And just as Bai Duanduan was ruminating, the door to Ji Lin’s room opened again, and this time, before Bai Duanduan had a chance to speak, she was dragged into the room almost somewhat rudely.

— —

It was not the first time Bai Duanduan had been in the same room with Ji Lin, but this time, it was different. After the door was closed, she felt that something was wrong.

Ji Lin had already put on his clothes at the moment, but Bai Duanduan still didn’t dare to look at him. She blamed her memory for being too good. Now when she looked at Ji Lin, she immediately remembered that there were no clothes there just now.……

Ji Lin, on the other hand, looked very calm as he made himself a cup of black tea and looked coldly at Bai Duanduan, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

Bai Duanduan had not dared to look directly at Ji Lin, bowing her head like a criminal who had confessed her guilt, but when she heard this, she exploded, “Why are you making me sound like a perverted pornographer? Am I that kind of person? Why would I deliberately come to spy on you? I was just trying to explain to you about the cooking and dishwashing accident today. Obviously you didn’t close the door yourself!”


At such a time, in order to prove one’s innocence, one must take a backhanded shot, Bai Duanduan immediately said, “And who has the speed to undress like you, after only a few minutes, the result is that the clothes have gone without a trace. I reasonably suspect that this is a trap that you set for me. You deliberately left the door open for me, and then used skillful techniques to undress yourself, half revealing yourself to seduce me and then ready to blackmail me. Look at me, as soon as I realized that there was a trap, I went out, but you just opened the door and dragged me in, isn’t that why you are still annoyed and didn’t give up after your scheme was detected by me?”

“I dragged you in here because you were at my door reciting the employment contract law! It hurt my brain when you were reciting it, and you got Article 57 wrong!”

This devil, at a time like this, he still doesn’t forget to pick out the mistakes she made while reciting the law!

“As for what you said about seducing you, why would I seduce you? To blackmail you? What am I blackmailing you for? I’ve seduced you and blackmailed you, am I too rich to spend my own money and must invite you to help me spend it together?”

Ji Lin has changed his usual calm and even tone of voice, and at this moment his voice is even a little bit angry.

And Bai Duanduan looked up and realized that this man’s entire face was red with anger at the moment, and was glaring at herself with a gloomy face. His expression was vivid and alert, which was a little bit cute.

But Bai Duanduan was not convinced either, “I can’t possibly have memorized it wrong! Where did I recite the article 57 wrongly?”

“You recited it as Article 58.”


Bai Duanduan does not believe in his evil words. She took out her mobile phone to check the law, then shut up, only to glare viciously at Ji Lin. What kind of man he was, she was randomly reciting the law but this man was finding her fault while dressing himself.

This was very possible.

“Okay, I memorized it wrong, I’ll go back and copy it fifty times, okay, I’m leaving!”


As a result, when Bai Duanduan turned around, Ji Lin tugged her, and when Bai Duanduan turned around, he immediately let go of Bai Duanduan’s hand as if he had been burned by a branding iron.

“You, how much did you see just now?”

Bai DuanDuan was stunned, however, just as she was about to answer, Ji Lin interrupted her. He looked a little annoyed, his tone was strong but rather unnatural, “Forget it, don’t say anything, this didn’t happen, you didn’t see anything, I haven’t seen you at all tonight.”

Ji Lin had now regained his composure, yet his face was still red, and it was only at this moment that Bai Duanduan was sure that his redness was not due to anger, but was actually shyness.

How could Ji Lin still be shy? Ji Lin could still be shy? He was quite cute when he was shy.

— —

Bai Duanduan was still reminiscing about Ji Lin’s shyness until she returned to her room. Luckily, he didn’t pursue the matter in the end, so Bai Duanduan also tacitly shut up. It was such an embarrassing thing, it was indeed better to let it pass away with the wind.

It was only at this point that Bai Duanduan realized that the red envelope she had returned to Ji Lin had never been collected by him.

After thinking about it, Bai Duanduan sent a message to Ji Lin —

“That, the red packet you sent me I returned to you, you should collect it quickly.”

Soon, Ji Lin’s account number showed that he was typing, but unfortunately, when Bai Duanduan thought that the other party would quickly collect the money, Ji Lin’s message came —

“I won’t take it.”


“It’s not about the money.”

“The psychological trauma I’ve suffered from cooking and washing dishes can’t be measured in money.”

“Don’t think you can fix everything with money.”

“This isn’t over.”



So just how much psychological damage had cooking and washing dishes done to Ji Lin this time?

Bai Duanduan frowned and thought about it, and after a moment, thought she figured it out – this must be a hint that just returning the red packet wasn’t enough, there should also be some kind of psychological compassionate fee!

After thinking about it, Bai Duanduan felt that it made sense, and she immediately sent another red packet, thinking that it really wasn’t an easy day for Ji Lin, she added another one.

It’s a pity that Ji Lin still didn’t accept it, he was probably angry and determined.

If one trick doesn’t work, try another one. You can’t do anything if the other party doesn’t receive the WeChat red envelope, but you don’t need the other party’s consent for Alipay transfers! 

Bai Duanduan opened Alipay, searched Ji Lin’s mobile phone number, and sure enough the account was the same as Ji Lin’s WeChat avatar. So after confirming it, without saying a word, Bai Duanduan transferred 666 to Ji Lin. Watching the money being transferred, Bai Duanduan finally felt refreshed.

But her refreshment didn’t last long. Not before long, the Alipay notification sound came. Bai Duanduan picked up her phone and took a look, heck, Ji Lin was steadfast this time and transferred 6662 it is a buzzword compliment back to Bai Duanduan without a word.

This was just a small incident, but because of Ji Lin’s lack of cooperation, it has aroused Bai Duanduan’s desire to win, wasn’t it just a money transfer? ! She can’t lose!

Thinking it like this, she frowned and took up the stance of a lawsuit and transferred the money back to Ji Lin again.

Not long after, it turned out that Ji Lin transferred back again, with a WeChat message attached –

“Don’t think you can insult me with money.”


What was wrong with Ji Lin? The man who charges even for a second was now saying not to insult him with money???

The person who charges so much for a second wasted a whole half hour spinning around for a red packet, and Bai Duanduan, who had watched the whole thing, said Ji Lin was really boring and childish.


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