You’re Fired!

Chapter 44.1 “Ji Lin, You are no longer the virtuous and thrifty person you used to be!”

The core businesses of ZhaoHui and Sheng Lin were highly overlapping, after all, they were competitors.

Bai Duanduan asked Lin Hui to meet her under the office building of Sheng Lin, because she did not want to be misunderstood as being in ZhaoHui’s camp and having the suspicion of cheating on Sheng Lin. The fact that the meeting was held in the restaurant below Sheng Lin, where the rest of the colleagues often come to eat at noon, was another way of announcing that the meeting between herself and Lin Hui did not need to avoid people’s eyes and ears. It was a behavior that does not need to be suspected at all.

However, her thoughtfulness and openness was a completely different matter in the eyes of another person.

Ji Lin was staring deadly at Bai Duanduan, who was sitting some distance away from him. Unaware of what Lin Hui is talking about, he could see her smiling brightly and brilliantly at his words.

It was a bit of an eyesore.


“Sure enough! Look at Lin Hui, he is exactly as I expected him to be. Maybe he is the real thief and is just acting as catching the thief. First, he found someone to scold Bai Duanduan on the internet, and then appeared like a savior to remove the hot search, and then used the reason of causing trouble to Bai Duanduan to have a meal, meet, and apologize, and then get back together? A natural way to get back together is now underway!” Rong Sheng sat across from Ji Lin, looking on while taking in amazement, “Look at Bai Duanduan, she’s being coaxed by this scumbag into flirting with him! She’s not very stable!”

Ji Lin pursed his lips and bowed his head to eat.

Rong Sheng was still making off-site comments like a barrage of bullets on a live stream screen, “Hey! I understand Lin Hui’s tactics now. He would invite her to have more dinner dates, watch movies together on weekends and go shopping, sit at the old dating places, reminisce about the old love, in less than a month, the two of them will be officially back together.” 

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Wasn’t it just a case of finding someone and getting back together? Does she have to be so flamboyant?


Every time Lin Hui was mentioned, Ji Lin’s heart was filled with undisguised hatred, but now with Rong Sheng’s words, he didn’t even realize that apart from this consistent hatred, there was something else burning in his heart that was getting hotter and hotter.

Ji Lin only felt irritated inside. He had just returned to his office when Bai Duanduan knocked on the door and came up to him, with a face full of smiles.

“Ji Lin, are you free tonight?”

Ji Lin frowned.

Bai Duanduan said curtly, “I’d like to invite you to have dinner.”

Ji Lin’s eyebrows were slightly stretched out. Eh, that’s more like it. This woman finally has the emotional intelligence to speak of. At least she could recognize who was her boss. Ji Lin felt that his mood was a little bit better now.

He nodded haughtily, “Well, if you really want to treat me to dinner, I can compress my evening meeting into this afternoon and squeeze in some time for a casual meal.”

Bai Duanduan was really pleased, “That’s great! Tonight then! I’m going to book a restaurant now! How about Japanese food? I’ve heard that the oysters at ‘Akira’ are particularly famous, so we can go there tonight!”

Ji Lin nodded calmly and self-consciously, “That’s fine.” 

That restaurant was quite expensive, she kind of has a heart… 

It’s a pity that Ji Lin’s happy mood didn’t last long before he heard Bai Duanduan say…

“By the way, there’s someone I’d like to introduce you to tonight…..”


Ji Lin frowned, “What? There’s someone else? Who?”

“Yes, in fact, you also know him. He is the Partner Lin Hui from ZhaoHui. I want to introduce you to him, he is my former…..”

The word “boss” had barely escaped Bai Duanduan’s lips when she was interrupted by Ji Lin, who had completely sunken his face in front of her, “I’m not available tonight.”

Bai Duanduan was stunned. She thought of Lin Hui’s words and tried to explain them for him, “I know you may have misunderstood Lin Hui. I have known him for many years. He was not a bad person in the past, but he has become a bit temperamental in the past few years and there is no one around who dares to talk back to him. Recently he started to go a bit off track and began to play it like officials, but overall, he is still a pretty reliable person…..” 

Bai Duanduan had indeed been angry with Lin Hui before, and had minor problems with him, and she also had disagreements over his work philosophy. Over the years, these almost wiped out her original full trust in Lin Hui. However, times have changed. 

Thinking of what he did for herself in the past and his heartfelt apology that day, Bai Duanduan’s warm and sincere Teacher Lin has come back to life in Bai Duanduan’s mind. Bai Duanduan felt that it was just a simple matter for her to explain for him. Public was public and private was private. Bai Duanduan thought that Lin Hui’s previous transgressions were not totally beyond correction. 

In addition, she felt that Lin Hui might have misunderstood Ji Lin. After having Ji Lin’s temperament ascertained, Bai Duanduan thinks that he was not a difficult person to get along with. She even found him to be quite nice, and her decision to facilitate their meeting was actually more in the hope that Lin Hui would change his stereotypical impression of Ji Lin.

Lin Hui was very good at conducting himself in public and has a good reputation in the industry, but Ji Lin’s business skills were obviously more capable. However, because he was too indifferent on the outside, he was always misunderstood by people who were not familiar with him. Although Ji Lin does not seem to care about how he was judged by the outside world, Bai Duanduan does care a little.

Ji Lin was quite nice, and she was not too happy when he was talked about like that.

Unfortunately, Bai Duanduan did not know that all this had changed in Ji Lin’s eyes.

Ji Lin’s heart was in a state of shock.

Was this woman that coaxable? Lin Hui didn’t do anything, but she’s almost reconciled? She can’t wait to reintroduce him to her current social circle?


And what does she mean by he wasn’t a bad person before?

Infact, he’s never been nice.

And what’s with the oysters? What was the point of eating oysters in the middle of the night?

Bai Duanduan, however, was unsure and was still struggling to ask, “Didn’t you just say you were free for the evening? Why are you suddenly unavailable?”

Ji Lin pursed his lips and looked gloomily at the ground. In the past, no matter what kind of case Lin Hui wants to take, Ji Lin would snatch it no matter what; if he wasn’t able to snatch over, then he would go to great lengths to be his opponent. In short, what Lin Hui wanted to do, he had to intervene to try to make him unable to do it, and even worse, to make him completely unhappy even if he did.

Now he wants to get back together with Bai Duanduan…..heh.

Ji Lin tugged on his tie and sneered.

Absolutely no way!

Want to go on a date after work, go shopping and watch a movie to cultivate feelings?

Such wishful thinking!

He turned his head, looked at Bai Duanduan and smiled, “I forgot to mention that not only I am not available, but you are not available tonight either.”



After the continued low pressure, Ji Lin replied happily, “We are working overtime tonight.”



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