You’re Fired!

Chapter 41.2  “You just can’t wait to poison me?”

When Ji Lin finished, he glanced at Bai Duanduan, then quickly averted his eyes and added, “Don’t feel good about yourself thinking I’m speaking for you. I won’t waste my time talking such nonsense, and it’s none of my business how you’re scolded by them.”

He coughed and said, as if it were natural, “You, on the other hand, should reflect on your relationship with Lin Hui at the last law firm and be careful. That woman just now was not happy with you because of that.”

Bai Duanduan thought to herself, it’s fine, those people weren’t Lei Feng1model of altruism and dedication, wiki him whose good deeds would be recorded, on the contrary, they were a hypocritical group hiding under anonymity. 

Just …… What happened to the relationship between herself and Lin Hui? It was just the normal relationship between a teacher and the student when Bai Duanduan hadn’t resigned. Although Lin Hui had previously been kind to her family and had indeed guided her with patience, does the teacher-student relationship still need to avoid people’s eyes and ears? 

Lin Hui hadn’t given herself any special attention since she started practicing on her own. All her case sources, her victory, had been earned by her own efforts, not to mention the fact that Lin Hui had fallen out with her a long time ago…..Bai Duanduan did not understand why her past relationship with him would always be brought up?


Could …… could it be that Ji Lin also misunderstood something? Thinking that she and Lin Hui really did have an affair once?

He seems to be a person who has a clear logic and a clear distinction between right and wrong. Could it be that he still believes in such nefarious words? 

“No, Ji Lin, you…”

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Oh… that’s it… Bai Duanduan groaned, who told him to leave just now as if he were being chased by someone……


She remembered how protective Ji Lin was of herself and took the initiative to care, “What did you forget?”

“Forgot to buy a box lunch.”

Bai Duanduan was taken aback. She looked at Ji Lin and realised that he was still in his meticulous formal clothes with a briefcase in his hand. He looked like he had just returned from the law firm “You haven’t eaten dinner yet?” 


Ji Lin didn’t want to face Bai Duanduan at all at that moment. He felt that he was not himself if he saw Bai Duanduan for once, let alone talking to her. Even if he heard her name, he could not help but be nosy. At that time, he only wanted to get away from her as soon as possible. He looked at the ground and tried to calm down, “So I have to go back and buy a box lunch.”

It was nearly nine o’clock and Ji Lin hadn’t even eaten dinner yet!

“Don’t buy the boxed lunch from the supermarket, it’s not good, and I just happened to pass by the counter over there before I paid and it was all sold out!” Bai Duanduan said enthusiastically, “Let me treat you to dinner!” 

The neighbourhood Bai Duanduan and Ji Lin rented was located in a high-end business district. There were no fast food stalls nearby, only high-end restaurants. But unfortunately, Ji Lin was obviously not interested in Bai Duanduan’s generous treat.

“No.” When he heard that the supermarket had run out of boxed lunches, he withdrew his foot in disinterest and re-entered the lift, “I’m too hungry to wait.”

“But you don’t have any food in the fridge!”

Nowadays, as long as Ji Lin cooks, not to mention weekends, even on weekdays, Bai Duanduan would cheekily rub a meal, and in return, Bai Duanduan would help Ji Lin wash the dishes every time, so she knew exactly what ingredients were there inside the fridge very well. Ji Lin has been working a lot of overtime the past two days, and he hasn’t had the time to stock the fridge yet!



Ji Lin rubbed his brow, “I remember there is a box of frozen pizza in the freezer.”

“I ate it.”


Bai Duanduan confessed and said, “Yesterday I thought you would come home and cook, so I waited for you at your house. Later you called and said you would not come back, so I….. ate that pizza of yours….”

Recently, Ji Lin has been so busy with work that he sometimes doesn’t have time to feed the cat, and once he cooks, Bai Duanduan grows up in his house like a root, so Ji Lin simply gave her a spare key. He didn’t expect…..that to be the case of leading the wolf into the house.

Ji Lin tried to calm down and said, “It’s okay, I still have a bag of frozen dumplings.”

“….I ate that too, the pizza was not quite enough….”

“Then I still have…”

“It’s all gone, I ate it all. I saw that the stuff in your freezer has been sitting there for a while, so I helped you……to clean it all ……”


Ji Lin simply couldn’t stand it, “Bai Duanduan, how come your appetite is so big?!”

“How about this, to make up for it, I’ll personally cook and treat you to noodles tonight?”


Ji Lin’s expression was so breathless that it looked like he wanted to roll his eyes to the air, “How have I offended you recently?”


“You just can’t wait to poison me?”


The lift arrived at the floor where Bai Duanduan and Ji Lin lived. Bai Duanduan stepped out of the lift and dragged Ji Lin towards her home despite his objections, “Trust me for once, I’ve been training hard lately. I’m motivated and my cooking skills have made a qualitative leap. I promise you, I’ll definitely satisfy you! I’ve been wanting to treat you to my own noodles for a long time, after all, I’ve eaten your meals so many times, so I’d like to return the favor.”

In the end, Bai Duanduan pulled Ji Lin into her house, “Sit here for a while, I’ll make it for you right away! It will be ready in ten minutes!”


Bai Duanduan had indeed wanted to cook for Ji Lin herself, however she had overestimated her strength in the end. Frying an egg by herself was already her limit so she thought about it and finally decided to give up and pull out a packet of instant noodles…. 

Ten minutes later, Bai Duanduan poured the instant noodles out of the bucket and arranged them into a bowl. She deliberately found a pair of clean chopsticks and tossed the noddles, so that the curvature of the noodles in the bowl appeared to be more natural in gesture, and not as pretentious as the big rolls of instant noodles. Then she carefully placed the fried egg she had made before carrying the bowl of noodles out of the kitchen and offering it to Ji Lin like a priceless treasure.

Ji Lin frowned but he was really hungry and the aroma of junk food like instant noodles was really appetizing, so in the end, he couldn’t resist his hunger and started eating the noodles.

Bai Duanduan sat quietly on the side during the whole process and watched Ji Lin eat the noodles. She felt a sense of pride that was almost comparable to winning a case.

He finished the whole bowl of noodles.


“How’s that? Isn’t my noodles really extra delicious?” Bai Duanduan got a little carried away, “I told you my cooking skills have improved a lot!”

Ji Lin gave her a look and calmly interrupted Bai Duanduan’s self-aggrandisement, “If you can make a bowl of instant noodles hard to eat, then I really have to fire you.”

“……I didn’t! It’s not instant noodles! Do instant noodles have fried eggs in them?! And you said you wouldn’t fire me! Unless I want to leave on my own!”

“But this just totally tastes like instant noodles.” Ji Lin pursed his lips, then averted his eyes, deliberately ignoring Bai Duanduan’s later remark.

Bai Duanduan didn’t care, she just protested in a resigned whisper, “Shouldn’t you have praised me a little? Have my cooking skills at least improved? Noodles are instant noodles, yes, but look, I can even lay2 Bai Duanduan meant the action of transferring fried eggs from pan to bowl without breaking the yolk eggs! Isn’t that a qualitative leap?”

“I’ll praise you when you can chirp next time.”3 Ji Lin took the other meaning of “lay” as in laying eggs like bird so he said he will praise her when she will chirp like a bird hahahaha


Bai Duanduan thought to herself, Ji Lin, Ji Lin, why didn’t I just make up my mind to poison you to death?

You were eating quite well just now, weren’t you? Was this typical of picking up a bowl to eat and putting it down to curse? This…. 

“Fried egg was okay.”


Bai Duanduan was stunned for a second before she realized what Ji Lin said. She stared at the opponent, trying to find evidence that he had barely praised herself just now from his calm and expressionless face. 

But there was nothing.

Bai Duanduan asked persistently, “Was it just okay? I think it should be great!”

Ji Lin pursed his lips, “Tomorrow morning at seven o’clock.”


He frowned and looked away, “I’ll let you know what a great fried egg is, and show you the difference.”

After Ji Lin finished speaking, he then looked down at his watch before saying succinctly, “Off I go.”

And it wasn’t until his figure had completely disappeared outside the door that Bai Duanduan finally realised what he meant by that statement —

Tomorrow morning, Ji Lin will take care of the food, and there will be fried eggs to eat ! ! ! 

Thinking about Ji Lin’s cooking, Bai Duanduan was all of a sudden full of anticipation for the next day.

[Small Theatre]

Reader @ Favorite fried rice’

One day after being together:

Duanduan: Ji Lin, let’s compete in a fight! Come on! Let’s battle it out to see the status of the two of us at home from now on! (Ah-da~ ready for the fight)

Partner Ji: No! I haven’t bought personal accident insurance yet…I can’t bear to see you widowed in the future…

Reader @see me as big brother’

Bai Duanduan: Really? I’m angry let’s have a fight

Ji Lin: …… I think it’s better not to affect the mental health of the child

Reader @ catching fish’s

Partner Ji: I just hope you will think about today’s incident at mall when you want to have domestic violence in marriage in the future.

[Dai Qin’s case is not completely over yet~ everyone, please be patient]

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