Watch You Turn Naughty

Chapter 5 You

Huo Konghe had always been an early riser. He was used to taking a jog in the morning and then heading to the library for some early reading. After that, he would have breakfast and then start his lessons for the day.

Yao Yao’s habits were a complete contrast to his. The bustle of work and social life caused her to sleep in very late. She was also too young for her position. If it weren’t for her uncle being in the board of directors having complete influence, how could she sit in the chair of president so soundly? Rumors would have sprung up everywhere and she would’ve been kicked off by the board of directors. Yao Yao understood this reasoning, which was why she would muster 120% of her energy to work diligently, prepared to take on any matter that might occur at any time. As such, to have one or two days of rest was extremely rare. Yao Yao only wanted to sleep the entire day.

Huo Konghe looked at the deeply asleep Yao Yao, her small face buried in the covers without the slightest guard. Fearing that he would wake her, Huo Konghe gently lifted the covers and got off the bed.

After dressing up, Huo Konghe stood in front of the window, looking at the blue sky that had just lit up. It looked as if hope was restored. Huo Konghe suddenly felt as if his life had gained light as well as hope.

His mother passed away early, leaving him and his father to depend on each other for survival. In his second year of university, his father suddenly developed chronic kidney disease and had to rely on dialysis to prolong his life. The medical fees were never-ending, gobbling up the already-struggling family’s capital bit by bit. Despite working three jobs, Huo Konghe was unable to fill up this hole. He then suddenly recalled someone telling him about how quickly money came in doing escort and prostitution. At the end of his rope, he could only go to B1. He was born good-looking and was also a clean university student. Perhaps because his luck was good, he wasn’t arranged into the area with the lowest consumption in wine accompaniment. Instead, he was arranged at the S VIP area on the 5th floor. The supervising manager told him, there was indeed a lot more money, but the customers there were a lot harder to please. He loathed those women who treated boys as playthings, and abhorred those who played with people’s fate.


But then he met Yao Yao and at present, he didn’t hate her, not one bit at all.

At the thought of Yao Yao, Huo Konghe retracted his faraway gaze, turning around to head towards the bedroom. He wanted to change the bedsheets and wash them clean.

After tidying up the bedroom, Huo Konghe then went to the kitchen and used up the leftover ingredients from the fridge to make shredded chicken porridge, and he couldn’t help but lament at how sumptuous Yao Yao’s house was.

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“I’m sorry for taking your book to read without your permission.” Huo Konghe shut the book, got up to go to the kitchen and said, “I made some congee. Please wait a moment and I’ll fill you a bowl.”


Yao Yao felt novel. He treated her with meticulous concern as though she was his girlfriend. She noticed that the bedsheets in the bedroom had been changed as well. In the past, the people she slept with also pampered her but Yao Yao could feel the insincerity in their actions. It was clearly just a one-night stand so there was no need for it to develop into a love story. Out of annoyance, she put them on blacklist and never looked for them again. In order not to invite such nuisances, Yao Yao never slept with the same person twice. Slowly, the people of B1 learnt of her habits and those who were discreet, immediately left after getting the money, not intending to waste any more time on her.

Yao Yao took his notes to take a look. There were all kinds of formulas scribbled over it, characteristics and uses of all sorts of materials. Seeing him push a bowl to her, she then asked.

“Are you studying this? Or is it just a simple hobby?”

“I study this.” Huo Konghe placed the congee right in front of her, and a porcelain spoon on the side, telling her with embarrassment, “Can I take the notes I took?”

Yao Yao felt very amused, “You’re the one who wrote it, so obviously you can take it away. If you like the book, you can also take it with you. I’ve already finished it back when I was still studying so I don’t read it much now.”

“You studied this?” Huo Konghe asked in surprise, feeling more as if Yao Yao was an amazing person.

“Yeah.” Yao Yao nodded. Seeing that he only filled one bowl, she furrowed her brows and inquired, “Why didn’t you fill a bowl for yourself?”

Huo Konghe thought that he had to leave and didn’t expect that Yao Yao would ask him to stay behind to eat together. As such, he did as she said and went to the kitchen to fill himself a bowl.

Yao Yao stirred the congee with a spoon, the soft rice granules accompanying the tender chicken pieces. Yao Yao held up a spoon of congee and sampled it. It had been a long time since she had a taste of homemade food. Since her stomach had finally gained comfort after being empty for a long time, Yao Yao drank continuously, taking one sip after another.

“It’s delicious.” Yao Yao licked her lips before asking, “Why do you work in this field? You don’t seem like the type.” In her mind, Huo Konghe looked like he should be doing good student things. He shouldn’t have come to a place like B1 at all.

Huo Konghe was stunned, not expecting that she would be so direct. He lowered his eyes and stared at the chicken pieces inside the congee, his hand holding the spoon tightly. His voice sounded embarrassed as he said, “My father’s sick so I needed the money.”

“Do you know? Being a prostitute isn’t easy. It’s not as easy as just sleeping with them for one night.” Yao Yao got up and sat in Huo Konghe’s lap, circling her hands around his neck, forcing him to raise his neck and look at her. She really liked doing such intimate stuff with Huo Konghe. Seeing him put on a shy and innocent expression, Yao Yao felt specially satisfied.


“If by any chance, you met a client who had particular tastes, they won’t hesitate to act it out on you. After some people experience how fast money could be earned from being a prostitute, their mouths would turn honey-sweet, seeking nothing but profit, and they would be reduced to selling their bodies their whole life. Some people even get addicted to drugs.” Yao Yao grew serious, looking into Huo Konghe’s eyes as she said this.

“O-…Once I earn enough money, I’ll leave this job.” Huo Konghe said through gritted teeth. “I won’t fall into depravity.”

“You’re too innocent” Yao Yao shook her head, cupping Huo Konghe’s face. He seemed to have grown a bit of stubble, a dark bluish hue appearing faintly on his face, making him no longer look like a young university student. His body emitted the scent of fresh soap mixed with the smell of male hormones, young yet clean. Yao Yao, who was used to smelling strong male cologne, greedily sniffed his unique scent. “What if someone took a fancy to you and grabbed a hold of your weakness, controlling you with it and giving you drugs, holding your naked photos, threatening you to never leave them.”

Huo Kong was evidently affected by her words, feeling a bit of despair. He shook off Yao Yao’s hand and bellowed lowly. “I don’t have any other choice, Yao Yao. I worked my ass off earning money but I could barely pay off one month of my dad’s medical fees. I don’t have any more avenues to earn money. My friend said I only knew how to study and work, I don’t even know how to have a relationship and live a good university life. But you know what? I don’t envy them for having a university life, because I know I don’t have the right to. I can’t give people anything. If I relax even for a day, I might not be able to pay off my dad’s next medical bills for the next month!”

Yao Yao watched him get angry at her and didn’t flare up. She merely stayed silent on his lap and looked at him.

11:30 was just when the sunshine was just right. Yao Yao’s home was lit up beautifully, the light spilling into the rooms, shining on Yao Yao’s body. She appeared to be bathed in a light of gold. Huo Konghe’s chest heaved up and down. Ever since his father was hospitalized, he had used the rest of his time working odd jobs and had no time to vent or complain. He had a lot of pent up feelings, and now, he had finally released them. After a long while, Huo Konghe calmed down.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lashed out at you.” The woman in front of him was someone who had bought him for a night. Huo Konghe should’ve remembered their relationship before he blew his fuse.

“I knew you weren’t prostitute material. Not only are you incapable of saying sweet words.” Yao Yao jumped off of him and took her phone to call someone.

“Yao Yao?” Qi Qi, who still hadn’t awoken, stared at the name displayed on the screen and uttered in disbelief.

“It’s me, Qi Qi. Do me a favor.”

“Say it. If it’s anything I can help with, you can count on me.” This was the first time Yao Yao took the initiative to look for him. Qi Qi rubbed his eyes and sat up from his bed.

“Delete Huo Konghe’s info from B1. It doesn’t matter what contract he’s signed. It doesn’t count. If there’s any penalty, I’ll cover it.” Huo Konghe was just about to say something when Yao Yao shut him up with a finger to his mouth, signaling him not to speak.


Huo Konghe watched her hang up the phone and asked in surprise, “What are you doing? Are you…”

Yao Yao shook her head, “I’ll take care of your father’s medical fees, your school fees, and your living fees.”

“No.” Huo Konghe immediately stood up and refused Yao Yao. “I can’t take your money for free.”

“Who said you’re taking it for free?” Yao Yao smiled. Huo Konghe then suddenly heard Yao Yao emphasize, “What I want is you. Huo. Kong. He.”

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