Watch You Turn Naughty

Chapter 1 Yao Yao

The acquisition plan that had been delayed for nearly half a year, had finally been put to rest today.

Yao Yao handed the contract to the secretary while packing up the files on the table and saying. “Since everybody has worked hard for so long, you can get off work once the meeting is finished. Make sure to take a good rest this weekend.”

Once she had said her piece, everybody sighed with relief and quickly packed up their stuff, bading her farewell “Goodbye, Director Yao” as they left, for fear that Yao Yao would take back her decision and ask them to work overtime.

Soon, Yao Yao became the only person left in the empty conference room. Yao Yao rubbed her temples with one hand and took out her mobile phone with the other to check any messages she had missed in the meantime.

Seeing the chain of messages that Jia Jia had sent her, she reckoned that Jia Jia was probably complaining about not having heard from her for a long time, thus, Yao Yao called her directly after going through her messages.


Without missing a beat, her call was picked up.

“Wow, Yao Yao? You finally know how to give a reply. Do you know you’ve been ignoring me for more than a month?” Her good friend said in a pleasantly surprised yet aggrieved tone.

“It’s my fault, it’s my fault. I have been too busy lately.” Yao Yao looked at the documents on the table while twirling a piece of her waist-length hair with her finger.

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Towards all the desires which could be fulfilled with money, she didn’t cast any of her feelings in.


I’ve been too busy recently, and it’s been a long time… Yao Yao reached towards her clit and rubbed it gently.

“Mmnn…” Yao Yao placed her legs on both edges of the bathtub, the hot water making her lust grow thicker. Yao Yao withdrew her hand.

She rarely masturbated, and usually found men to resolve her desires directly.

After drying her hair and applying makeup, Yao Yao called the driver to drop her off at B1.

B1 was a famous old brothel shop in City S who had all types of men at all types of prices with all kinds of kinks . One night could cost you as little as a few thousand dollars1Dollars here refer to renminbi or China’s currency. or as much as several million dollars. There were even celebrity wannabes who started from places like this to find connections and secure resources for themselves.

Yao Yao was a gold member here. Even the boss of B1 had to properly wait upon her. Fortunately, Yao Yao was not the kind of person who puts on airs, so the boss of B1 got along well with her, forming friendship.

Qi Qi was that boss. In fact, he was also a 20 something year old second generation kid. After returning to China, he opened up a bar. Who would’ve expected that the bar’s business would grow continuously, and finally, the brothel business had become B1’s signature business. Perhaps it was due to genetics. Qi Qi’s father made a fortune off of shady business, but Qi Qi was a bit better, he only dealt with clean businesses, and didn’t get involved with drug trafficking. This was also the reason why Yao Yao chose to only come to B1.

Qi Qi was coincidentally at the front desk when Yao Yao arrived. At the sight of Yao Yao, his eyes immediately brightened up.

“Yao Yao? Long time no see” Qi Qi walked towards her and complained, “I thought you forgot about me. I haven’t heard from you for so long.”

Yao Yao treated Qi Qi like a sister, hooking her arm around his and walking inside, “Don’t say it anymore, I’m so tired. I heard that you have some newcomers here?”

Qi Qi was not at all happy when he heard this. His tall figure of 1.8 meters shook Yao Yao back and forth, like a large dog.

“You really didn’t come for me, you don’t even miss me.”


As she was wearing heels, Yao Yao was unable to stand steadily being shaken by him. Leaning on the wall, she struggled to push him away. “Don’t make a fuss, I’m going to be spending a lot tonight.”

Qi Qi let go of her reluctantly and mumbled, “You clearly know what I want isn’t this.”

Yao Yao knew that Qi Qi liked her but she didn’t want to throw herself into a relationship.

Yao Yao pretended as if she hadn’t heard his words and entered the elevator. She swiped her card and went straight to the fifth floor. The fifth floor was only accessible by gold members. The waiters were well-trained, and everything that happened there would never be leaked out. The interior was also exceptionally gorgeous.

“Send the new ones in and let me take a look.” Yao Yao pushed the doors, entering the private booth. Seeing that no one was there, she then turned to Qi Qi, asking him to send her some refreshments to eat. She was starving.

“Okay, sit down.” Qi Qi caressed her bare back a few times before walking to the door. Midway, he recalled something, and turned to Yaoyao: “A newcomer who’s quite unique has just arrived today. And he looks just like your type, I’m sure you’ll like him.”

Yao Yao raised an eyebrow, “How is he unique?”

“He’s still a virgin.”

Yao Yao frowned, and parted her red lips slightly, “How do you know?”

Qi Qi sank into a trance watching her lips. He froze for a few seconds before reacting. “You’ll know when you see him.” After he walked out of the room, he pulled on his pants which had become a little tight and cursed softly, “F*ck, why is she so damn tempting.”

Yao Yao was wearing a dark green spaghetti strapped dress. A diamond necklace was perfectly settled in the midst of her chest’s deep valley. The seemingly bottomless cleavage evoked one’s desire to examine it thoroughly. A large patch of her back was exposed, revealing a beautiful waistline, and paired with her strappy nude high-heeled shoes, the curve around the delicate and white ankles added an enticing lure, the skirt was slit up to the thigh, and every time she took a step, one could faintly catch a glimpse of her thin and long legs.

Before her good friend Jia Jia and some other people she either recognized or not arrived, Yao Yao had already finished the cake Qi Qi had given her. The waiter was even specially ordered by Qi Qi to buy it for her. Yao Yao smiled and gave her thanks.


Qi Qi was quite conscientious. Yao Yao leaned back on the sofa, feeling a little distressed.

After a few rounds of drinking, the people became more relaxed. Jia Jia asked the waiters to bring the guys in.

“Yao Yao, have you heard? A particularly handsome and innocent boy came here today. I heard he was still a virgin.” Jia Jia forked a grape to feed Yao Yao.

“I heard.” Yao Yao nodded while eating the grape, wondering if this newcomer was really well-known.

“Then if I like him, will Yao Yao snatch him away from me?” Jia Jia pretended to be pitiful, staring at her with puppy eyes.

Yao Yao was amused by her appearance and stuffed several grapes into her mouth. “I won’t I won’t, let’s see who he’ll choose.”

Jia Jia, who looked like a hamster after being fed, smiled mischievously and swallowed the grapes down.

On the other side, the manager faced seven men of different looks and different styles and exhorted. “The people in room 507 are people we can’t afford to offend. Give me your best spirits and serve this group of ladies well. Go pretty yourselves up quick because we’ll be heading over there soon.” After thinking about it again, he added, “Huo Konghe, wait a minute.”

Huo Konghe stood in place and waited for everyone to leave. The manager told him, “Since you’re a newcomer, you might not understand the rules here. If they ask you to pour wine, pour wine. If they ask you to drink, drink. If they ask you to do whatever they want, do it. If you’re lucky, they’ll be willing to pay a high price to buy you for a night. Work hard and do your best to serve people and the money will start rolling in.”

Huo Konghe pursed his lips and nodded.

His father was seriously ill and despite working three jobs, he still could not afford to pay the medical expenses. In addition, he still needed to pay his school fees. Someone had told him that the money coming from working in the male brothel business came in quick and with Huo Konghe’s good looks, if he were to walk this path, he wouldn’t have to worry about spending money in the future.

However, Huo Konghe didn’t share the same beliefs. He believed that as long as he earned enough money to cover his medical and tuition fees, he would never have to have anything to with being a prostitute ever again. If he hadn’t been stuck in a tight spot, Huo Konghe wouldn’t have been willing to do such a thing. If his father knew that he was selling himself to pay off his medical expenses, he might have either killed himself or killed Huo Konghe.


Huo Konghe closed his eyes, restraining his feelings of reluctance and anger, before heading to room 507 with the manager.

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