Wholeheartedly Willing

Chapters 3-4

Chapter 3: F*cking Her

Lin Xi’s control over some of Yu Xiucheng’s body was instinctual like a grassland herbivore who knew the hunting habits of a carnivore like the back of his hand. She spat out his c*ck before Yu Xiucheng’s hand could exert force. She licked his c*ck with relish that she drew a thin, silvery line from the head to her mouth.

Yu Xiucheng’s eyes turned as dark as night as he stared at Lin Xi who giggled at the excessive saliva from her mouth. She wanted to wipe it, but Yu Xiucheng’s hand captured hers.

Lin Xi had already half-straightened up with her hand on his leg, but Yu Xiucheng held her waist with his other hand and pinned her down with his body to the side.

There was no unnecessary movement.

The man’s warm palm intruded under her dress, and moved up the flawless, smooth lines of her thighs. The callus on his palms rubbed against her skin, creating a tingling sensation all over her that coincided with the beginning of the fourth movement of the music.


As soon as his thick stem rushed inside her, the familiar feeling of fullness climbed rapidly to her spine, and Lin Xi was so pleased. She turned her head away, bit her lower lip and said with impatience, “Hmmm…gently…”

Before she finished her words, the man’s hands were like a pair of steel jaws, jammed into the globes of her buttocks as he thrust in and out at a steady and even pace.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was accompanied by the soothing music that returned to the first movement. The sounds of pleasure and marching music seemed to collide at this moment to create a wonderful resonance.

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“Gbbbb…xxxx… esd’v es vbyv… xxxx…yb…iwknj…”

Gde Nkd Dk oyp bkp nsxrzlvl srrspkvl.

She prefered to be the receiver when it comes to sex, to have her body and mind dominated by pleasure, to be so good that her head would tingle and her body would tremble, and she didn’t have to think about anything but her org*sm.


This was why she liked to have sex with Yu Xiucheng, she didn’t need to use her brain. She just needed to be dominated by him, it was so easy and enjoyable.

“Come back to your senses.”

Noticing Lin Xi’s momentary lapse of concentration, Yu Xiucheng spoke in a cold manner, the head of his c*ck squeezed the tiny gap of her at her depths almost brutally, causing Lin Xi’s back to tense and straighten up.

Her neck stiffened, and she leaned back slightly. Her pearly-white teeth bit her red lips as she shielded her eyes with one hand  and let out a soft moan that sounded like a whimper.

It was so good.

Chapter 4: Genuine Sl*t

Yu Xiucheng didn’t plan to give her too long to pause, he just waited for her p*ssy to tremble a little less before thrusting in again, and this time, Lin Xi’s body jolted slightly as he rammed in, almost coming again.

Her eyes were red as she stared at him, a mixture of fierceness and charm in a very natural way. But when she opened her mouth, all she could say was this, “Ah…ah… what…what… ah…this…ah… is going to kill me…”

She was really happy, and her eyes were so charming that it made people numb. But Yu Xiucheng’s eyes were cold and calm. He leaned down and pulled the belt at her waist, it was the one holding the dress together. Her dress immediately fell apart and lost its shape.

Her small lingerie was struggling to hold on to Lin Xi’s full round br*asts, and it swayed like a lily in the wind as the man thrusts, creating helpless waves. He pushed the obstruction away to her collarbone, but without touching her br*asts. Then, he held her waist again.

“Touch yourself.”

This was her punishment for being distracted.


Lin Xi’s hands were weak from the f*cking. Her tearful gaze met Yu Xiucheng’s cold eyes as if it was a piece of ice on top of a snowy mountain peak, but it made her body even hotter.

Her hands were small and her tits were large, so she could only hold her br*asts up with her hands, palms over them, and her fingers clamped around the tips, exposing the cherry red tips right to him.

“Mr. Yu… mmmm…”

There was something different and exciting about being f*cked and touching herself, giving her the illusion that her pleasure was under her control and she felt shame as as she touched herself and met Yu Xiucheng’s gaze.

“I’m going to die…hahahmmm…”

Lin Xi’s groin was covered with wet, slippery juices because of Yu Xiucheng’s f*cking, and just as she mentioned that she was going to die, another batch of  water gushed out of from deep inside her, soaking Yu Xiuchen’s c*ckhead in the depths of her l*stful flesh.

Every time Yu Xiucheng withdrew, it became even more tighter to enter. The woman’s pussy was so l*stful that no matter how hard he f*cked her, he was always that much closer to physical satisfaction.

“What a sl*t,” he whispered. The music in the room came to an end of the fourth movement. Silence reigned, and the only medium of distraction for Lin Xi disappeared. At this point in time, she could only immerse herself in the pleasure that Yu Xiucheng gave her.

Lin Xi was going crazy, loving the sensation of her mind being dominated by pleasure and unable to think, her body trembling uncontrollably and a small cry squeezing out from the depths of her throat.

Her disheveled hair, damp with sweat, clung to the corners of her cheeks, and her fingers sank into her two high, snowy hills as she strained under the attack .

Her face was covered in tears, and her white dress was drenched in l*stful water in a place where she couldn’t see it. Her p*ssy was red from his f*cking and water froth from the rapid friction, but she looked like a maiden saint.

A crack in the ice under Yu Xiucheng’s eyes finally appeared.


Afterwards, Yu Xiucheng went straight into the bathroom on the ground floor of the room to sort out his clothes, while Lin Xi sat up on the sofa, disheveled.

Having sex with Yu Xiucheng was so refreshing. After each session, Lin Xi felt more exhausted than if she had just come out of the gym.

She lazily took two sheets of paper and wiped the s*men off her belly before standing up and getting ready to take a shower.

There was actually a separate bathroom on the first floor, but Lin Xi’s legs were still too weak to go upstairs, so she went straight into the one Yu Xiucheng had just entered.

Yu Xiucheng was just about to finish and was wiping his body with a towel. As Lin Xi undressed and entered, her bra, panties and dress fell all the way to the door. Then, her eyes glanced at the screen lighting up on the sink.

It was Yu Xiucheng’s mobile phone.

‘Mr. Yu, we’ve got it, tomorrow night, 9pm, C4 bar.’

“What are you looking at?”

Lin Xi paused slightly as the man’s eagle eyes swept over to her, and she smiled as she picked up his phone and handed it over. “Here, someone messaged you.”

By the time Lin Xi finished her shower, Yu Xiucheng had already left. She changed into the new clothes prepared by the waiter in advance and returned to the dressing room, where several girls who had not yet been ordered to accompany the guests were sitting around chatting.

“I’m off tomorrow…”

“I’m off tomorrow too, but I don’t know what to do now that I’m off, there’s nothing interesting to do.”


“Go shopping!”

“I’m tired of shopping, and my customers are so poor these days, they’re ordering drinks but I’m getting less and less commission every month, so there’s no money to buy…”

Lin Xi listened and sat down silently at her dressing table, taking out her mobile phone to see if there were any new messages before taking up the conversation very naturally, “I heard recently that there’s a bar that’s quite interesting…”

She rarely talked to this group of younger colleagues, and as soon as the words left her mouth, the entire dressing room fell into silence. Lin Xi put her phone down and turned around, smiling at a few pretty faces that were surprised and bewildered.

“I’m off work tomorrow, so I’m thinking of exploring the bar, want to join me?”


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