Wholeheartedly Willing

Chapter 21 — Don’t look

Lin Xi slept in until 1 in the afternoon, then ate a simple takeout. It took her a long time to find her clothes from when she was still in university. 

She went to C4 two months ago, but she still preferred to be cautious, so she wanted to change her style this time. 

Night came, and Lin Xi styled her hair into an extremely youthful high ponytail and went to KFC that was close to C4 to meet with Luo Quan first. 

During college, she wasn’t much of a groomer, mainly, because the university didn’t allow it. She  had to learn how to put on makeup secretly. Seeing her like this, Luo Quan was stunned, then he rolled his eyes and smiled, saying, “Long time no see. I think I’ve seen this dress before. It’s familiar.” 

It was true that they hadn’t met each other for a long time now. Unexpectedly, the first thing Lu Quan did was make fun of her clothes. She snorted, “Jeans will always be on the trend. When I went to C4 last time, someone wore this style. Don’t worry, it won’t expose us.” 


“I’m not talking about this…” Luo Quan was amused and helpless. “Forget it. The bar will only open in an hour, want to eat something before going?” 

What else could the two of them eat in KFC? Ten minutes later, Lin Xi twisted the chicken bone and popped it into her mouth. She couldn’t help but sigh, “Why is this stuff so unpalatable?” 

She recalled that in the past, she loved eating this food, but now that she had grown older, it became unpalatable. Tastes really changed as one grew older. 

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Nodding, she watched Luo Quan exit the bar while Lin Xi took a glass of wine from the waiter’s hand. She took a sip when she saw a few men surrounding a small, thin woman entering the backstage. 


There was no struggle, and the men didn’t push the woman. If you look at it, nothing was amiss but when you observed, it was strange as one of the men’s back pockets had an angular budge. It was eye-catchingly odd.   

A familiar silhouette appeared, causing Lin  Xi to put her glass  down immediately. Luo Quan was still not back, so she hesitated for a few moments before deciding to follow the figure. 

The Dj went on stage, and men and women in twos and threes started to fill the dance floor, grinding and twisting their bodies. Lin Xi pretended, nonchalantly walking across the dance floor to the end of the bar, just in time to see the last man guarding the doorway turned his head and walked into the bathroom behind him. 

Glancing left and right, Lin Xi entered the bathroom without hesitation, then she heard the trembling cries of the woman and the sound of flesh hitting flesh, followed by the occasional chuckles of the men. Lin Xi likened them to a pile of fetid fish fermented next to a dirty sewer with a disgusting stench. 

Clenching her fists, Lin Xi cautiously took a glance inside with her back plastered on the tiled wall. She saw several able-bodied men surrounding the woman, and one even pulled out a black gun from the inside pocket of his jacket. 

He raised the black gun, inspecting it under the bathroom light for a while, and said, “F*ck, these new arrivals are amazing! I’m hard just looking at it.”

“F*ck, you pervert!” 

The men bursted out laughing one after another, and Lin Xi decided to retreat to look for Luo quan when a cold metal barrel was pointed on her waist. 

“Beauty, does it look good?” 

Lin Xi glanced at the person from the side of her eyes — a strange thin man. When their eyes met, the man grinned with a gloomy atmosphere. “Why did you jump and wander around alone? This isn’t good. If you see something you’re not supposed to see, what are you going to do?” 

Turns out there was another person. 

“How to describe it… it’s really not good.” 


She quickly calmed  down, the corners of her mouth curved into an unfriendly arc like the man. Taking advantage of the man’s relaxation after confirming that she was alone, she grabbed the man’s wrist and pushed her waist forward, her knee moved upward, aiming at the man’s jaw. He was dizzy, so he staggered and then fell straight to the floor. His gun slipped from his hand, sliding a meter away from him. 

Because of the commotion, the men immediately rushed out to check, making Lin Xi change her plan. Instead of her initial decision to pick up the gun, she changed her mind and ran in the opposite direction. 

“Fuck, get her!” 

“Stop for Laozi!” 

Lin Xi moved as fast as she could, fleeing like a mouse amidst the sound of screaming and broken glasses in the bar, but there were more of them than she first thought.

Several of her paths were blocked by the men, and she had no choice but to rush into the back door which was a dead end.

Tonight was a full moon, the moonlight sprinkling all over the land. As she rushed out, she noticed a tall man standing at the entrance of the alley, standing like the God of death wearing a mask of darkness. 

Even though he just stood still, he exuded a more dangerous aura than the men with guns who were chasing her. 

But Lin Xi had no choice at all as the back door was kicked open by the men who were chasing her. The barrel of the gun was just right behind her, closing the distance… 

Like a god of death, the man standing at the entrance of the alley made his move. He reached out and pulled her to him. Before Lin Xi could react, her head was already buried in his chest. The next moment, three gunshots followed, bursting in her eardrums and breaking the silence of the night. 

Her ears buzzed because of the gunshots. In disbelief, she wanted to glance back and check the situation of those men, but Yu Xiucheng’s arms tightened his hold on her, and secured her head on his chest. 

“All dead. Don’t look.” 




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