Wholeheartedly Willing

Chapter 2: I want to eat

She placed her hair up today, revealing her elegant swan-like neck. The two thin halter straps of her white dress were hooked around her angular shoulders, and her collar was low. Her thin collarbones were visible, and beneath it, was a full, deep ravine. 

The dress was thin and sheer, and although Lin Xi had chosen an undergarment in the same color as the dress, it didn’t take much staring to see the white lace pattern on the dress. 

The fullness of her bosom was shaped as if it was sketched out with paint on a piece of paper. Yu Xiuchen’s eyes looked askance at her as the woman crouched down on his lap like a good little white cat, her fingers fiddling with the zipper on his cr*tch.

“Can I eat?”

She sounded like a pet begging for food.


“Go ahead.”

He opened his mouth like a gift and Lin Xi smiled again, holding his semi-erect p*nis in her hand and stroking it back and forth twice before slowly pulling the r*d out of its increasingly out-of-shape cage.

It was thick and fierce, and in her jade-like hand it looked even scarlet as if it were angry, the small slit on the tip was open like the fanged mouth of a carnivore.

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“Keep licking.”


It was still the same commanding tone of Yu Xiucheng, but the only difference was that it seemed to be  with a deeper layer of huskiness than earlier.

“As you wish.”

Lin Xi smiled again and wiggled a little before opening her mouth once more to take the man’s p*nis whole.

He was really long, so long that every time Lin Xi deep-throated him she knew she hadn’t actually taken him in completely, even though the head was already at the back of her throat, there was still a section outside that she couldn’t take in.

So every now and then, Lin Xi would use her hand to assist her a little more.

As the symphony moved into its second movement, Lin Xi wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the man’s hot root, where the blood vessels were the thickest and most unforgiving.

As soon as Lin Xi’s hand was wrapped around the man’s root, Yu Xiucheng’s hand was once again clasped around the back of her head.

In the next moment, the clamp that held her hair in place fell to the ground and the woman’s dark hair spread out, covering her red eyes. Lin Xi couldn’t move her hands behind her ear as she wanted to fix her hair. Then, the man led her to swallow him. 

She had to hold Yu Xiucheng’s leg with her other hand to keep her body from tilting sideways in an awkward manner.

As the music played in unison around her, the emotion grew, and Lin Xi’s throat was pushed against Yu Xiucheng’s c*ck, creating a wonderful sense of involvement with the orchestral sounds in the room.

At this point in time, the dividing line between so-called elegance and so-called vulgarity had been blurred.

The c*ckhead deep in her mouth and down her throat trembled slightly, as if it was about to explode and lost, but Lin Xi knew that from this moment onwards, Yu Xiucheng’s excitement was truly ignited and they were just starting.


He was going to f*ck her.


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