Wholeheartedly Willing

Chapter 16-17

Chapter 16: Listening to the music

Lin Xin entered the car, and it took a while before she realized that Yu Xiucheng wanted to take her back to his residence. 

 Yu Xiucheng maintained his silence as they traveled and his eyes were closed all the time. Lin Xi fiddled with her dress along the way, and then followed him without complaint to the elevator.   

“Why did you stop playing the piano?” 

The elevator closed quietly, and the number of floors rose. Lin Xi’s eyes curved as she smiled and said, “I don’t like playing it. Practicing piano is hard work, and I still love to act like a baby in your arms.”

She lied again without even using her skills like last time. Now, she only did it in a perfunctory manner. 


Yu Xiucheng didn’t ask more questions. As the elevator door opened, he led her out. 

His house was the same as last time, it seemed to be located in Star River Valley. The difference this time was Yu Xiucheng didn’t push her against the ornamental cabinet by the door, and allowed her to enter the house normally.  

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“I’m sorry, I have forgotten to ask what you want to hear. I’m being inconsiderate.” 

The song finally ended with three short and long intervals. Lin Xi removed her hands from the piano and gave her attention to Yu Xiucheng. 


“Do you want to listen to another song?” 

Yu Xiucheng leaned on the sofa in a somewhat relaxed pose, looking like a lion in its own territory. 

“There’s no need.” He moved his hand, loosening the top button of his collar and gazed at her with indulgence. “Come here.” 

Lin Xi stood up and sat next to Yu Xiucheng. His hands moved, wrapping around her waist, and fondled the knot that fastened her dress. 

The light was dim like a star outside the Milky Way Galaxy in the distant universe, moving through unknown light years with only the lightest layer of light left on its body.

Lin Xi looked up and their eyes met. He possessed her. Yu Xiucheng took another step further and faster, his hands moved and grabbed the back of her head. 

This was a rare and emotional kiss between them. 

Yu Xiucheng gave her room to breathe unlike in the past. Before, he was like a violent rain and wind. Lin Xi thought with exaggeration that tonight, he was gentler than usual.    

As the lingering kiss ended, Lin Xi lay in his arms; her ears on his chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat.  “You seemed to be very tired today.” 

It was obvious from the first moment Lin Xi saw him. Although Yu Xiucheng liked to close his eyes to calm his mind, he couldn’t hide the signs of fatigue on his face.   

“I’m okay.” 

“Okay? You have to rest early.” 


She gazed at Yu Xiucheng like white cat raising her head and stretching lazily. Then, her hands snaked along the man’s mermaid line between his legs. 


Lin Xi captured the slight bulge with her palm, covering it. But before she could exert any kind of strength, Yu Xiucheng captured her wrist and took it out. 

“Let’s do something else?”  


Chapter 17: F*ck You

Lin Xi’s hand moved back to Yu Xiucheng’s chest before she could do anything. She could feel his heartbeat. 

She gazed at Yu Xiucheng’s eyes, and as if guided by an invisible attraction, she straddled his legs. 

Lin Xi’s plump and rounded buttocks rubbed on Yu Xiucheng’s thighs. The sense of power brought out by the muscular lines of his body made her tactile sensory nerves tingle. She naturally associated it with another thick, swollen pillar that exuded aggressiveness and strength. 

And it just so happened that these two objects were owned by the same person. 

Slightly clamping her legs closer, her flesh pressed against his suit trousers. Their eyes were still locked together, and on such a lonely, desolate night, it felt as if there were countless lightning sparks exploding because of the friction.   


Lin Xi’s hand moved, silently unbuttoned his collar and covered the side of his neck. Then, her thumb rubbed Yu Xiucheng’s adam’s apple, back and forth. She was just like a pet cat scratching a ball of wool with her paws. 

 “Is it fun?” 

And Yu Xiucheng was the type of owner who kept her nails trimmed and hair fluffy, but only occasionally tolerate her running wild. 

“Not bad, I’m still waiting for your answer…” She tilted her head and smiled. “So, what do you want to do?” 

Before her voice disappeared, Yu Xiucheng’s hot palms embraced her waist like a pair of brands

“F*ck you.” 

Today, Lin Xi’s dress had an ornamental crisscross strap along her back which was actually fastened by a small button at the top. Yu Xiuchen slightly sat up straight on the sofa and moved his hand behind her. Then, there was the sound of a small, solid object hitting the marble floor behind her in the darkness. 


The poor little thing was the button on her back. Fortunately, the strap on Lin Xi’s dress was still attached, even if they had lost support, it still hung firmly.   

Yu Xiucheng’s hand traveled downwards, and he gathered her bre*sts in his direction. The soft flesh was close to his mouth, but he didn’t rush to take it. He glanced up, staring into Lin Xi’s eyes. 

“Do you want to be on top?” 

Lin Xi finally noticed that he seemed to be in a very good mood today, so she didn’t have to be very polite to him. She directly held onto his shoulders with one hand, wrapped her lips on his adam’s apple while her other hand traced downwards to his chest. 



It was good to have a change of pace once in a while. 

The destination of her hands ended between the man’s legs, and before she could even release his zipper, she could already feel the swollen outline in her palm, exuding dangerous male pheromones. 

She finally took hold of the hard, aggressive, and hot sh*ft with its tip slightly upturned, looking so fierce, it spoke for itself.  

The hemline of her dress was large enough to hide her wet p*nties, and Yu Xiucheng’s fierceness underneath. Even though her eyesight was blocked, her waist was already weak with pleasure from the touch and smell. 

Her entrance was soaking wet that it created a large circular stain on her undies. Lin Xi rubbed her head on his shoulders, and the hand that was resting on his shoulder moved under her dress —

“Raise your dress,” he ordered in a deep voice. His voice was so clear and steady, it seemed like it had nothing to do with the hard, swollen object standing under her body. 

She captured Yu Xiucheng’s c*ckhead shallowly in her p*ssy. Then, she lifted her dress, pulling it up slowly. 

The woman’s narrow, pink p*ssy under her dress was visible, it swallowed the magnificent c*ck. Her erect cl*t was half-hidden by her pubic hair, the tiny pearl looked so soft and delicate. 

Yu Xiucheng moved his hand and pressed it against the tiny n*b. Lin Xi’s hands let go of the skirt, making it fall in a flash.  

“Hmmm… hmmm.” Her body shook, and the man’s c*ckhead disappeared. Yu Xiucheng’s sudden movement disrupted Lin Xi’s breathing. Her half-closed eyes lowered, letting the warm, faint light overhead cast a dense shadow of lashes on her face. “It’s too huge… hmmm” 

Lin Xi’s head shook as she sat back, and the folds of her flesh were stretched apart as her p*ssy frothed.  Pleasure bursts inside her without mercy. She felt that she couldn’t take it anymore, but she was still desperate for it. 

Yu Xiucheng grabbed the hem of her dress, and brought it to her mouth. 

“Bite it.” 

The timbre of his voice changed, it sounded l*stful. His tone became more intense. 

“Don’t drop it.” 

Her waist was shaking, and l*stful hormones flooded her mind. She looked at Yu Xiucheng and understood what he meant…

“I’ll f*ck you to death if you drop it again.” 

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